Negative følelser om immigration spreder sig i Italien op til valget

Negative følelser om immigration spreder sig i Italien op til valget 19-02-2018 12:02

Italienernes valg bliver afholdt den 4. marts 2018, og det er en kamp mellem "Democratic Party" som er mod etablissementet, "Forza Italia" centralt til højre og "Five Star Movement" (M5S) for at forme den næste regering.

Gå til forsidenDenmark Vamps Up Navy, Prepares to Hunt Submarines
For the first time in 14 years, Denmark is getting ready for submarine hunts. The nation´s capacity will be upped in both the Baltic and the Artic. 22-02-2018 11:43
Gå til forsidenCannabis Cul-de-Sac: Medicinal Marijuana Off to a Bad Start in Denmark
Although it has become perfectly legal to treat certain diseases with "green relief" in Denmark, doctors have been reluctant to avail themselves of this opportunity, forcing patients to revert to street pushers to procure the much sought-after drug. 21-02-2018 14:35
Gå til forsiden'Don't Want Denmark to Become Like Middle East': MP Roasts Swedish Politics
"Our goal is that Denmark does not end up like Sweden," a Danish Liberal politician said in an interview with Swedish television, warning of a neighbor nation that is beginning to resemble the Middle East. 19-02-2018 10:00
Gå til forsidenDenmark Reluctant to 'Reclaim' Its Jailed Daesh Jihadists
Several hundred Daesh fighters are currently imprisoned in Syria, where the terrorist movement has gradually been subdued in recent years. A group of them are Danish and may be taken back for prosecution, despite that fact that the Danish Defense Minister would rather have them tried in the Middle East. 19-02-2018 14:17
Publishing platform Medium suspends far-right figures
The online publishing platform Medium has suspended the accounts of prominent far-right figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer. 21-02-2018 14:48 via Drudge
DHS to Publish Proof of Massive Dem Voter Fraud in 2016 – QAnon
Reported: several million illegals voted, while legitimate ballots were thrown away: WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) together with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI are planning to publish in March a study of the 2016 elections that will demonstrate massive Democratic Party voter fraud of a magnitude sufficient to have influenced election outcomes. 20-02-2018 10:01
House Republicans launch 'Phase 2' of Trump dossier probe
House Intelligence Committee Republicans have launched “Phase 2” of their probe into the origins of the unverified anti-Trump dossier, firing off an inquiry to a host of current and former officials -- including former FBI Director James Comey. 20-02-2018 05:10
Newcomer Euroskeptic, anti-migrant party jumps to 2nd spot in Dutch polls
The support for the Forum for Democracy (FVD) has increased more than 8 percent since last year’s election in the Netherlands, with the new party that wants an EU membership referendum now sharing second spot in the polls. 20-02-2018 15:42
‘Mass censorship’ v ‘bot purge’: Twitterati split over alleged crackdown on conservative voices
Conservative Twitter users across the platform are, metaphorically at least, setting their hair on fire amid claims their accounts were locked in a reported “purge” of right-wing voices. 21-02-2018 09:58
Sarah Palin: Andrew Breitbart Helped Me Defend Myself When Fox News Wouldn’t Let Me on Air After Giffords Shooting
The late Andrew Breitbart helped Sarah Palin defend herself when Fox News Channel’s former Chairman Roger Ailes denied her the opportunity to respond on air to the media’s false accusations framing her for inciting the attempted assassination of former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords (D-AZ) in the days immediately following the 2011 Tucson mass shooting incident. 18-02-2018 10:41
Vice President Tours Border with Sen. Ted Cruz and DHS Secretary: ‘Build the Wall’
Vice President Mike Pence renewed the call to build a border wall after touring the U.S. southern border in Texas and meeting with border patrol and customs officials. 19-02-2018 00:46
US must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov
US troops must immediately shut down their zone of control in southern Syria in the area of Al-Tanf, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested when asked what should be done to help the Syrian peace settlement. 19-02-2018 07:32
Projected Right-Wing Rise in Italy Challenges Eurozone Unity
Despite the fact that last year French National Front Marine Le Pen’s plan to pull out of the Eurozone cost her votes in the presidential election, the leader of the Italian Northern League party Matteo Salvini still prefers to play the “no single currency” card, reiterating his opposition to the euro. 20-02-2018 12:41
CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally
One of the revelations in Friday’s indictment handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was that alleged Russian attempts to sow disunity in 2016 included the organization of both pro- and anti-Trump rallies in New York City on the Saturday after Election Day. 19-02-2018 13:09 via Drudge
AfD Leader Calls on Party Supporters to Reject Violence
Jörg Meuthen´s statement came after his publication received several comments advocating the need for violent action to achieve "positive" changes in Germany. 19-02-2018 15:20
‘Wicked practice’: EU pushes Balkans to choose either West or Russia, says Lavrov
EU’s demands for the Balkan states to choose between the West or Russia are counterproductive and only increase tensions on the European continent, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Serbia’s Beta news agency. 19-02-2018 07:05

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Steven Seagal Becomes 'Ambassador' of Shady Cryptocurrency Project
Hollywood star Steven Seagal is endorsing a questionable Bitcoin sound-alike cryptocurrency “Bitcoiin” which is launching its initial coin offering. 21-02-2018 06:49

Here's Why Banks Hate Cryptocurrencies
Banks like to pretend that they´re so much more established and secure than the world of cryptocurrencies, but as anybody who pays close attention to the headlines would know... that´s just not the case... 19-02-2018 02:45

Polish Central Bank Secretly Funds Anti-Crypto Youtube Propaganda Videos
The social media campaign against crypto was carried out by Central Bank of Poland in conjunction with Polish Youtube partner network Gamellon... 19-02-2018 05:00

64% Of Germans Aware Of Bitcoin, Says IT Association Bitkom
A survey published Feb. 15 by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom), found that almost two thirds of Germans are aware of Bitcoin (BTC). 18-02-2018 03:35

A Dazzling History of Bitcoin’s Ups and Downs
One of the most popular memes on the cryptocurrency subreddit r/bitcoin, arguably the largest concentration of Bitcoin enthusiasts on the internet, depicts a cartoon coin riding a roller coaster with its hands waving wildly in the air. 16-02-2018 23:51


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Optimismen blandt mindre erhvervsdrivende er rekordstor efter skattereform 20-02-2018 09:17

CNBC/SurveyMonkey-meningsmålingen interviewede 2080 personer der identificerer sig selv som mindre erhvervsdrivende: Deres optimisme og tro på økonomien slår tidligere rekorder efter skattereformen blev gennemført sent i 2017, ifølge en ny måling.

Det tyske højreorienterede parti, AfD, overhaler Socialdemokraterne og bliver det næststørste parti - meningsmåling 20-02-2018 04:22

Det populistiske og højreorienterede "Alternative for Germany" (AfD)-parti har høstet rekord støtte ifølge de seneste målinger. For første gang er anti-immigrant-partiet mere populært end Socialdemokraterne (SPD).

Nolte - træt af had: CNN's seertal kollapser med 30% 15-02-2018 07:52

Omfattende fyringer, en kræftlignende fake news-krise, og den ydmygende (og kostbare) implosion af nyhedsmediets digitale platorm er tydeligvis det mindste af CNN's problemer. Fordi oven på alt dette har den radikale venstreorienterede TV-kanal tabt 30 procent af seerne i den bedste sendetid og 23 procent af det samlede antal daglige seere, sammenlignet med sidste år.

Farage advarer mod Brexit-krise, hvis "Theresa the Appeaser" bøjer sig for etablissementet og Soros 12-02-2018 09:55

Storbritannien kommer til at havne nede i sin mest akutte konstitutionelle krise siden 2. Verdenskrig, hvis Theresa May tillader at Brexit bliver forhindret eller udvandet, siger den tidligere leder af UKIP, Nigel Farage.

Donald Trump bombarderer drænende krige i Mellemøsten og lancerer sin infrastrukturplan til en værdi af 1,5 Trillion Dollars 12-02-2018 10:09

Præsident Donald Trump afslørede sin 1,5 Trillion Dollar-infrastrukturplan i mandags i Det Hvide Hus og kritiserede de kolossale beløb som blev spildt i Mellemøsten før han blev præsident.

Hvorfor er Europas regeringer så bange for 'fake news'? 12-02-2018 17:00

Den svenske regerings innovations-agentur, Vinnova, er i gang med at finansiere et projekt, som skal ledes af de svenske etablerede mediers kombinerede kræfter, og skal (citat fra Vinnova) "forhindre at fake news og grundløse udsagn spreder sig og ender med at spille en afgørende rolle i det svenske valg i 2018".

Kinesisk politi begynder at anvende solbriller med ansigtsgenkendelse i jagten på mistænkte 09-02-2018 09:46

Flere end 30 blev arresteret på en enkelt kinesisk togstation siden i torsdags, ifølge statslige medier: Politiet i Kina er begyndt at bruge solbriller udstyret med ansigtsgenkendelses-teknologi i lokaliseringen af eftersøgte personer.

Håb nu - eller aldrig 08-02-2018 15:50

Er det en konspirationsteori at mørke kræfter i den amerikanske regering, i justitsministeriet og i FBI forsøgte og stadig forsøger at stoppe Trump's præsidentembede? I så fald, hvad kan vi tabe ved at undersøge det eller ignorere det?

George Soros støtter hemmeligt plot der skal forpurre Brexit 08-02-2018 08:55

Den liberale USA-ungarske milliardær, George Soros, er atter anklaget for at blande sig i britisk politik efter det blev offentliggjort, at han havde doneret næsten en halv million britiske pund til en kampagne, som forsøger at omstøde Brexit.

Voksende modvilje over for sanktioner mod Rusland blandt tyskerne ifølge AfD-politiker 07-02-2018 08:05

SIMFEROPOL (Sputnik) - Almindelige tyskere begynder i tiltagende grad at se kritisk på EU-sanktionerne mod Rusland, sagde Christian Blex, et medlem af parlamentet i Nordrhein-Westfalen, i tirsdags.

Berlusconi peger på, at "600,000 immigranter der ingen ret har til at blive" 05-02-2018 16:27

Spørgsmålet om immigration er gået hen og blevet et varmt emne for de italienske politikere frem mod valget i marts, mens spændingerne i landet er taget til efter en italiensk radikal med ekstreme højreorienterede holdninger skød og sårede seks afrikanske immigranter i lørdags.

Tidligere medarbejdere hos Facebook og Google retter angreb mod de sociale mediers giganter 05-02-2018 11:35

"Verdens største supercomputere findes hos to virksomheder... og vi retter dem mod folks hjerner og mod børn": Tidligere ansatte hos Facebook og Google taler åbent om, hvad de siger, er samfundsmæssige trusler fra de sociale medier og smartphones.

Tysk politiker: Immigranterne her er skyld i "sammenstød mellem civilisationer" 02-02-2018 14:17

Politikeren Björn Höcke forklarer, hvorfor nogle immigranter slår ihjel og skaber problemer i Tyskland. Han siger, at deres levemåde og æreskultur leder til Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations".


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