Video: Seth Rich investigator says he's uncovered 'possible underground organized crime corruption group'
16-05-2017 14:35 (local time)

Case 'may actually open up a can of worms as far as what’s been going on here in DC': Former DC homicide detective Rod Wheeler joined Fox 5 DC Tuesday to reveal more about his investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

Wheeler, hired as a private investigator by a third party, says in the process of investigating Seth’s murder he’s come across disturbing information which may point to evidence of a wider criminal organization.

“What’s really interesting since I’ve been looking into this case, I’ve uncovered quite a few things, but not necessarily related to Seth’s death, but related to an underground – a possible – underground corruption, organized crime corruption group that may be operating in the District,” Wheeler said.

“Cause I’ve started looking at other homicides and deaths, that were called “accidental deaths,” but could have been homicides. So this case, Allison, may actually open up a can of worms as far as what’s been going on here in DC.”

On Monday, Wheeler came forward claiming the late DNC staffer may, as speculated, actually have had contact with the anti-secrecy group Wikileaks.

“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” Wheeler said. “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the DC police or FBI headquarters.”

Seth is widely believed to have been the possible source behind the DNC email leak which Wikileaks published on July 22, 2016.

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