Trump Playing Geopolitical Chess Like Kasparov
12-04-2018 00:33 (local time)

Same rhetorics as in 2013, but Trump has no intention to intervene militarily in Syria as the world is overwhelmed by tweets and fear of world war.

Compare Donald Trump´s geopolitical playing style to Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov, and there is no doubt that Trump is a tactical player, enjoying the initiative and putting immense psychological pressure on the opponent - like the former world champion, Kasparov.

We all know what a US military intervention in Syria will lead to as Russia has pointed out exactly what´s going to happen to US ships detonating the missiles. Meaning: World War 3.

And so why would Trump even risk this scenario? He has been against US intervention in Syria right from the beginning, talking about "getting along" with Putin, and U-turns like this don´t sit well with his base - except if he decides never to act on his words.

Which is exactly what´s going to happen. This is a bluff. He was clever to show one year ago that he is willing to go to military lengths when it comes to the situation in Syria, but that doesn´t mean he will do it this time. However, his tweet is meant to scare you and make you believe that he will repeat it and that we are on track to a real global crisis like the one we almost had back in 2013 under Obama.

No final decision has been made yet as to how the US will intervene. Granted, he will look more weak if he does nothing, but will probably look stronger if he does something militarily that Putin will accept.

Assad probably was responsible for the chemical attack. Not deep state actors. They have no reason to initiate a false flag operation, because why risk world war now? Are the globalists really in that much trouble that they need to achieve their goals "by conquest" (and not "by consent") and start relocating to underground facilities and set up camp for the nuclear winter?

Trump is using the element of surprise. He is shaking the tree to see what falls to the ground. What nations will support an intervention? What people close to him will? Don´t be surprised if Putin is in on all this. But it´s not "Russian collusion" - it´s a common interest to drain the swamp in Washington.

And why tweet that missiles are coming "fast and smart"? Sounds ridiculous unless you spot the hidden message, "smart". Yes, prominent people like Alex Jones are in red alert mode right now, and he even included his wife and child on a recent video shot in an airport, which is a very rare thing indeed, but he has an interest to "play along" with Trump´s rhetorics: To build on the momentum Trump is yielding and thus yielding a political advantage, and so now you understand the game behind the scenes, how to control the narrative.

It´s not pretty, but it´s working, and unfortunately, it´s necessary for multiple reasons. Look at, so many big headlines.. Mueller, Comey, Syria, Zuckerberg.. White to move.. Rxd4!! Trump is once again in full control of the narrative, we are reminded how powerful he actually is, even the deep state is taken by surprise and is wondering what he will do next.

Still having doubts? Think about the rhetorics between the North Korean leader and Trump last year. Very aggressive and injected lots of fear into millions of people. But by now we are looking forward to a real meeting between the two coming up in May or June. The narrative has changed completely. But for some reason it was necessary for Trump to bluff back then - like he´s bluffing now.

This is the art of the geopolitical deal.

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