Sequels may actually surprise you sometimes! Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a play with concepts typical for our time done by a master
28-09-2017 18:30 (local time)

EnglandĀ“s Kingsman department has suffered a devastating defeat by a malicious organisation, but with the help from a secret Amerikan Kingsman agency our heroes are back in business

Already in the first action scene of the movie you are left with the feeling that this is a bit too much. The music, our hero on a sliding door from a car, the unlimited powers of his little car and a robot arm coming to life. However, this is also the low point of the entire movie - perhaps meant as friendly teasing.

The sequel does not in any way disappoint expectations set from the first movie. You are entertained. And even the triumph of the robots amongst our criminal enemies does eventually make sense. Cannibalism, perhaps, is a bit too much for most of us, but regardless, this is the message, if you want access to The Golden Circle mafia.

In the first movie, our hero got together with the Swedish princess, but if you thought this was just a one-time thing, you'd be wrong, since in this movie they have become a happy couple - so prepare for swane, Sweden and seriously royal parents-in-law. Eggsy is actually like royalty now.

But everything is possible in this movie. If you are shot in the head, of course there is a technology that can save you, although your memory might need a kickstart. Harry thus survives his own death from the first movie, and this absolutely provides The Golden Circle with gravity - but again, we are talking about extremes here.

About extremes: Elton John is playing himself in the movie, as he has been kidnapped by Poppy, the ice queen of the cartel. Just to entertain her - and us, the audience.

What can save the world? According to Matthew Vaughn a little condom-like apparatus. Yes, you got that one right. Eggsy is forced to seduce the girlfriend of a high-ranking cartel boss (a former Kingsman candidate), in order to install this transmitter thing "biologically", let's put it that way.

Now, but the princess does not react positive to this news, but Eggsy does in fact restrain from even more fun once mission is complete and the device inserted. Poppy's broad message is that drugs must be legalized. For that reason she puts on pressure on the US President by poisoning millions of people, while she stands alone with the antidote.

You will have fun in a more decent way with this movie, and if you are ready to accept electrical lassoes, real people put into chopping machines, thousands of flying drones carrying antidote and possibly even more wild things - then this movie will not let you down.

Politically, Vaughn is playing and having fun with all the hot topics for our time. You get the feeling that he's trying to tell us something, but actually no. This is an entertaining mix of references to Trump, homosexuality, robot technology, Fox News, the royalties, Sweden, cannibalism and USA in the 60's. But done with class.

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