Laughter from hell: Hillary Clinton unmasked on hot mic seconds before speech
17-07-2018 08:55 (local time)

At the AFT Women's Rights Award, Hillary was appearantly so "great" that she burst into uncontrollable laughter resembling that of a scary witch.

Video (go to 4:10-4:22):


Hillary was sitting there, feeling more and more "warm" inside, as she was being introduced as the Queen herself to deliver her next speech, and perhaps for this very reason the "mask" was off for a split-second, exposing a very unnatural laughter - even making a woman turn away instinctively - as Hillary was being greeted onstage to go and do her speech some seconds later.

We must question the authenticity of the portrayed personality of all presidential candidates, but if you disagree, why not welcome this as an entertaining sound clip risking it will forever "rip your Democrat heart out"?

"Keep standing up for the truth, for evidence, for reason!" - HRC.

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