Is Bitcoin ready to start a family?
28-02-2018 19:01 (local time)

Bitcoin has always been the leading cryptocurrency in the world, but maybe it's time for a new brainchild.

What it all comes down to is what you think is going to happen to the existing banking system in the future.

Sure, there is a probability that we are all using Bitcoin for our payments in the future, but Bitcoin has this problem that it takes too long to verify, i.e. conduct the transactions. This way, Bitcoin is better suited for longterm storage, like gold.

However, Bitcoin can certainly lead the way for mass adoption of other cryptocurrencies that are better suited for peer-to-peer payments. The question is: Which cryptocurrency is the best choice?


Since March 2017 the total market dominance of Bitcoin has dropped from 80-90 percent down to 40-65 percent. Mid-January at 33 percent (all time low), but since then up to 40 percent. So it looks like Bitcoin is ready to give up its dominance once and for all for the right coin, but so far none is out there and Bitcoin is gaining dominance.

Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, NEO: They all show potential somewhat, but the fact is that: the category "other coins" has gained dominance steadily since March 2017 from 4 percent to 20-25 percent. This shows that the market is ready for a fresh coin.

However, it is hard to compete with Bitcoin, so what do you do? You create a coin that is no different from Bitcoin, just better. And how do you deal with transaction times that take too long? You build the coin on the Ethereum blockchain. And what name should you choose?


You got it. It's spelled with to i's to indicate this is version 2 of the original Bitcoin.

Plenty of people are by now traumatized by Bitcoin's extreme dump from almost $20,000 per coin to below $6,000 - the decline took place from mid-December to the beginning of February - a long, long time. Psychologically, it didn't help that this massive implosion took place just around Christmas and New Year's Eve.

These people are interested to win back what they lost. However, Bitcoin is not the answer for them any longer. They still like the Bitcoin concept, but they are too afraid how the markets will manipulate the price of Bitcoin.

So, perhaps they are ready for the second version of Bitcoin! A fresh start, a complete coin, but still with the original DNA and Ethereum as a new friend. Not to mention the fact that right now they can buy Bitcoiin extremely cheap: $5 per B2G.


To spot Bitcoin's potential back in the early days required special skills. But today we know that the blockchain and the cryptos are here to stay. However, the new challenge is to spot the right coin among thousands, many of which are scams, pump-and-dump vehicles and without a future. Yes, you can invest in many at the same time, but to invest heavily in just the right coin takes special skills.

We believe that Bitcoiin will become the standard for digital payments in the future. The name is brilliant, the concept is very strong, and you know that this coin will have real power to go up against the banking system when somebody like Steven Seagal is ready to gamble his whole image on this.


During our daily news scans on selected media outlets we have found just three articles about Bitcoiin in total so far, which is a testimony to the fact that you need to be very, very alert to even discover this opportunity:

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But remember: Tick tock, tick tock.. Deadline for buying at $5 per coin is March 25.

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