Why these low odds on a 2020 victory, Hillary?
03-10-2017 18:55 (local time)

Hillary Rodham Clinton will never surrender, and perhaps third time's really the charm for this Frankenstein-Amazon of the special interests

Did they pick Tim Kaine eyeing on the prospect of a sick Hillary Clinton forced to retreat - or was he just a mere nobody in the game of Vice President of the US? One thing we do know is that "Team Hillary" aimed at 8 years of dominance until January 2025 by which time she would be 77 years old.

During the election in the US in 2016 we perceived Hillary Clinton, the candidate. This is one version of her. Had she rebuted Trump, we would get to know another version of her. And during her second and last term 2021-2024, yet another version of her would emerge. The truth is that, unfortunately, Hillary Clinton was meant to be the last democratically elected American president.

The third version of Hillary Clinton - but still not the most sinister - would unite the US, China and the EU in a collective strategical move to put absolut pressure on Russia: Give up your sovereignty to the greater union - or we do intend to use nuclear weapons to hunt down the terrorists in your country. Or, using any other false flag.


However, on June 16 2015 a shadow emerged into the light. On this day, Donald Trump announced he would run to become the next American president, replacing eight years of Obama. This was part of the calculus of Team Hillary, but then again not. Since Trump did force Hillary to retreat in November of 2016. This meant that after 28 years using two puppets, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and two players, H. W. Bush and George Bush, for the purpose of controlling the White House, a man came in all the way from the blind angle.

At this point, the machine works overtime to reck Trump's victory - but orders had been given that the propaganda media should sell out and do everything to get Hillary elected, hence after November 8 the engines were running dry.

In 2017 we see that the media machine is really coming down, starting to slowly accept constant accusations about it being fake news. Therefore, it is now being attempted to impeach Trump by legal means using Mueller. Still, this is not happening because Team Hillary wants it like this and right now in this way, but simply because the opponent has gained the initiative and put tactical pressure on them.

But if all of this is true, how come today we witness a very active Hillary Clinton in the media promoting her book and everything? If they indeed expect Trump to be impeached by Mueller or politically "terminated" by other means, then why do they start framing the Hillary piece for a third 2020 election?


The fact is that they have accepted the election loss now and once again they are playing the game in the most cynical fashion. And it is also adherent that Hillary Rodham Clinton remain the absolutely best candidate of the all, recruited in cold blood back in the end of the 90s during the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Observe the story line: She runs but loses internally to the phenomenal Obama during the first half of 2008, but excellent result - and by a woman, that is! Then she becomes the Democratic front runner, but loses yet again in 2016, when she faced the phenomenal Trump. Still: Well done, Hillary! Finally, we will witness her to challenge Trump in round two in 2020. This time as the challenger, the attacker and THE PHENOMENAL HILLARY!

It is being pursued to surround Trump and politically suffocate his government in any way possible during the next three years - which will amount to one of Hillary's favourite stabbings in the TV debates of 2020: See, I told you so! You lacked the experience and for this reason you have accomplished nothing!

So they change 8 years of planned dominance down to 4 years, leading up to 2025, putting all power on the third version of Hillary. Whatever Trump can build for four years, Hillary can destroy in four years. In many ways, she is already campaigning, and will be doing this for twice and long as did Trump, but aided by the failing media machine once again. At the moment you get a 50:1 return on a Hillary victory.

Surely, Team Hillary will not ask the rude Tim Kaine to run for Vice President again. Since he was never conceived of as a great uniting force of nations against the Russian terrorists. However, it has now been integrated in the plans that even the phenomenal Hillary suffers from a potential to become sick facing severe pressure. And who do you choose to replace her? Who levels up to Hillary in the story told and in the power of symbolics? Who can unite the continental masses against the supreme terrorist kingdom of Russia, even risking nuclear war on the international scale?


The man behind your virtual social existence. The top notch "sub" for Hillary Clinton and surely a guarentee for the implementation of the shadowry geopolitical plans. Bookmakers already put him at the front 25:1 for a 2020 victory. In comparison, a Trump victory 3.5:1 - but just 4-5 other candidates thrive on the list between Trump and Zuckerberg. In the beginning of 2017, 100:1 on Mark - or more - so we certainly witness a clarification of his political ambitions.

Hillary has yet to announce she's running, waiting for better timing. Still, you get just 50:1 for a 2020 victory, impossible to most people thinking of this. Now, when she does announce she's running, the odds will decline dramatically and reach the level of Trump 3.5:1.

Team Trump does not possess the powers to stop this Clinton-Zuckerberg alliance in 2020 - even using imaginative "Hillary Zucks!" slogans - and then the next big question becomes, if Trump is too much Trump to resist to aspire for four more years. Or will he learn the limitations of his own powers, put the struggle of the people before his own and leave the candidacy for the Republican primaries?

The univocally natural Team Trump candidate for 2020, Trump aside, is Mike Pence, now incumbent Vice President. But Hillary is going to kill Mike: "Mike, why is Trump chickening out and leaving all the responsibilities to you?"

For this reason, the natural antidote is a man - or a woman - who did NOT get his "hands dirty" in the four years of the Trump government, but who can still convince Donald that this person has a better chance against Hillary than Trump himself. Alternatively, Trump will run for his second term, loses internally to this person, who has to defeat both Trump and Hillary.

We are thinking of a person who can unite the people in the name of the revolution by the support of Donald, knows the game from the inside and yields the perfect nemesis against Hillary Clinton ...



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