German Populist Leader Tells Breitbart: Leaving the Euro Is Italian Crisis Solution
31-05-2018 01:05 (local time)

BERLIN, Germany: Alternative for Germany (AfD) co-leader Alexander Gauland told Breitbart London that Italy’s solution to the ongoing political crisis is to leave the euro.

On Monday, Italian President Sergio Mattarella stopped the appointment of eurosceptic economist Paolo Savona, supported by the populist coalition of La Lega and the Five Star Movement (M5S) and ultimately denied the populists the opportunity to form a government earlier this week.

According to Mr. Gauland, the main issue in Italy is not the overreach of the European Union, but the euro currency.

“The, problem of Italy is that it is a totally different economy. They have a totally different economic culture that’s totally different from Germany and the Netherlands and Belgium and the northern countries,” he said.

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“You can’t have a common currency without a common economic policy, and we don’t want a common economic policy because it’s a problem of culture. The Italians, like the French, always had inflation while we in Germany have only had inflation after the First and Second World War,” he added.

Gauland noted that only by ditching the euro could Italy once again become a competitive market saying: “So you have to leave the European currency, then Italy is free to lower prices, to be more competitive.

‘Italy Should Not be a German Colony’: Salvini Slams EU Demands For €10 Billion Corrective Budget
[Twitter, Breitbart London, May 25, 2018, ed.]

“I know that before the euro was founded you went to Italy and you had to pay less than 100 lira for a twin bedroom, next year lets say you had to pay 150, but the value in German marks was the same.”

“So, it’s a problem of competitiveness of the Italian economy; but with the euro, you can’t be competitive. Italy and Greece, also France has a similar problem,” he told Breitbart London.

With the appointment of a pro-EU interim government under new Italian Prime Minister Carlo Cottarelli, fresh elections are expected later in the year. Some have suggested the possibility of La Lega and the Five Star Movement running as a coalition as many predict they would win in a landslide according to current polling.

What Italy's political map would look like if the populist 5 Star & the hard right League agreed a formal electoral alliance
Kind of puts it in perspective
Source: Istituto Cattaneo
[Twitter, Matthew Goodwin, May 28, 2018, ed.]

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