China Develops Software to Stop Whistleblowers From Leaking State Secrets
09-05-2017 10:14 (local time)

The Chinese military is developing software that will be able to automatically tip off authorities each time soldiers leak classified information via their smartphones, Chinese media reported

According to China News, the program can be installed and uninstalled in automatic mode, restrict access to specific websites, set limits on communication hours and keep an eye on the use of sensitive words.

The new software will automatically send out alerts about any violations of Internet use by military personnel.

The program can also track each user’s phone number and mobile phone model.

The software, which is currently being tested by China’s Rocket Forces, was developed with an eye to ensuring better enforcement of cellphone use in the military and preventing leaks of classified information.

The new platform comes in addition to the already existing system of state control over the Internet in China.

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