Blame it on (surprise) Russia: CIA, NSA launching fake Russian cyber attacks
21-11-2017 18:33 (local time)

According to intelligence sources speaking exclusively to Infowars and WikiLeaks' Vault 7 releases, the deep state is about to strengthen the 'Russian collusion' narrative

That’s the ultimate deep state false flag: control computers in Russia to attack targets in the US, then use “appeal to authority” arguments to declare that US intelligence experts have “determined” the attacks were launched by Russia.:

Imagine your computer is filled up with things you don't even know about. Things like malware and back-door vulnerabilities that subject your personal computer to easy access from foreign invaders.

Now, if anyone has any doubt: The "Russian collusion" narrative is failing - big time. But that doesn't mean that it's over and out: There is always a chance the deep state could bring it back to life again, if for example so-called authorities find 'evidence' of new attacks coming from Russia.

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