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(2292) Site Goes Down Amid Big Tech Censorship 14-08-2018 12:00

Facebook Says 3D-Printed Gun Files Violate Its ‘Community Standards’ 10-08-2018 17:05

Brexit U-Turn? Poll Shows Over 100 UK MPs Switch From Leave to Remain 12-08-2018 15:34

Infowars Website Traffic Explodes After Silicon Valley Blacklists Alex Jones Empire 12-08-2018 20:44

Are you being served? DNC officially gives notice of lawsuit against WikiLeaks via Twitter 11-08-2018 14:15

As Anti-'Open Borders' Populism Spreads, Merkel & Macron's Poll Numbers Plunge 10-08-2018 05:00

"It's a F**king Bloodbath" - Emerging Markets Collapse As Turkey Tantrum Spread 10-08-2018 09:38

Google Searches for ‘Infowars’ Skyrocket After Tech Purge 09-08-2018 12:00

Is The Censorship Of Conservatives Part Of The Reason Why Facebook Is Losing Massive Amounts Of Traffic? 10-08-2018 12:00

Delingpole: Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’ 10-08-2018 00:38

Half of Brits Want Second Brexit Referendum if Talks Fail – Poll 10-08-2018 15:04

Trump doubles steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey 10-08-2018 12:59

InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor 07-08-2018 07:55

Google consumes one-third of our digital minds 07-08-2018 12:00

Midterms pose dilemma for Mueller 08-08-2018 06:00

The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director 07-08-2018 21:55

Facebook Caves to Leftist Media Mob, Permanently Bans InfoWars 06-08-2018 06:11

Here's Why 3D-Printing Guns Are A Win For World Peace And A Potential Death Blow To Tyranny 04-08-2018 22:30

In Angry Tweetstorm Trump Escalates Attack On Media: "They Can Also Cause War", Claims US Winning Trade War With China 05-08-2018 09:21

FBI Launched Investigation Two Years Ago — Still No Collusion Found 31-07-2018 13:51

Lowest level of support for Merkel in 12 years 30-07-2018 01:03

Study: YouTube Failed to Stop Jihadis from Uploading 1,348 Propaganda Videos 28-07-2018 07:20

Julian Assange's Fate Is Being Decided At The Moment 29-07-2018 23:30

Facebook, Zuck Sued By "Shocked" Shareholders As "The Truth" Emerges 30-07-2018 04:12

John McCain Backs Bill to Block Trump From Exiting NATO Without Senate's Consent 30-07-2018 09:21

EU trying to cheat UK out of Brexit, May should walk away with no deal – Salvini 29-07-2018 07:52

Support for Macron & Merkel’s coalitions plunge to record new lows – polls 29-07-2018 20:06

BOOM! Devin Nunes: We Are Looking at “Legal Remedies” to Deal with Twitter Censoring Conservatives (VIDEO) 29-07-2018 10:14

Twitter Shares Crash 17% After Users Drop, Company Warns More Declines Expected 27-07-2018 07:22

Putin: The US Is Making A Big Mistake By Weaponizing The Dollar 27-07-2018 10:07

RED ALERT: Alex Jones Calls Upon Patriots To Spread The Word About Big Tech’s Murder Of Free Speech 26-07-2018 12:00

‘Europe is facing an identity crisis fuelled by a decline in birth rates and relinquishment of culture’ 27-07-2018 01:12

Trade Deal a ‘Major Win for President Trump,’ ‘Major Concession’ by European Union 25-07-2018 13:59

Russian TV Debate: Trump Could Face Same Fate as JFK Because He is ‘Ruining the Elites’ 25-07-2018 12:00

Farage Praises Trump, Destroys May Over EU Trade Breakthrough 25-07-2018 12:00

Facebook loses $150bn in 2hrs after warning of company’s growth slowdown 26-07-2018 09:35

Trump delays 2nd Putin summit until 2019 over ‘Russia witch hunt’ – Bolton 25-07-2018 18:39

Eurosceptic parties join forces to combat ‘growing power of EU’ 24-07-2018 00:51

VIDEO: Furniture Removed From Ecuadorian Embassy Amid Reports of Handing Assange Over to UK 23-07-2018 11:42

POLL: Brits Overwhelmingly Reject Tory ‘Soft Brexit’ 23-07-2018 07:22

Twitter ‘Quality Filter’ Excludes Top Conservatives from Searches 23-07-2018 07:39

With a Little Help From the Government: How UK Media Operates 24-07-2018 02:05

German AfD Party Leader Calls West´s Anti-Russian Sanctions "Senseless" 24-07-2018 07:49

Rothschild Bank caught up in money-laundering scandal 23-07-2018 09:37

Carter Page Surveillance Documents Indicate State Department Provided Initial Info After Interacting with Hoax Dossier Author 21-07-2018 20:20

Italy, Hungary Forge Alliance Over Migration Crisis 20-07-2018 12:00

Time magazine’s ‘creepy’ Putin-Trump cover is what media subversion really looks like 19-07-2018 17:20

Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK ‘in coming weeks or days,’ own sources tell RT´s editor-in chief 20-07-2018 11:12

Rand Paul: The Only Person We Know Colluded With The Russians Is Hillary Clinton 18-07-2018 14:26

‘Threat to the world’: Hungary to pull out of ‘extreme’ UN migration pact 18-07-2018 18:43

Trump: "Russia Has Agreed To Help With North Korea" 18-07-2018 07:20

SHOCK STUDY: Facebook Has Eliminated 93% of Traffic to Top Conservative Websites Since 2016 Election 17-07-2018 13:52

Nolte: Helsinki Is One of Trump’s Finest Moments 17-07-2018 22:42

Dems, Left Wing Media Claim Russian Hacking an ‘Act of War’ 17-07-2018 18:06

Putin Bombshell: Deep State Moved $400 Million From Russia to Hillary Campaign 16-07-2018 12:00

Italy warns EU: ‘We are no longer the refugee camp of the world’ 16-07-2018 23:26

Trump can listen, but keeps his own opinion on many issues, yet US & Russia on right track - Putin 16-07-2018 19:08

LIVE UPDATES: Putin, Trump Hold First Ever One-on-One Summit in Helsinki 16-07-2018 12:34

Putin & Trump shake hands ahead of face-to-face summit in Helsinki 16-07-2018 11:12

Surprise!? Two Big "Russia! Russia! Russia!" Stories Released Days Before Trump-Putin Summit 14-07-2018 12:30

Palin: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Prank Interview ‘Mocked’ Our Values, the Disabled 13-07-2018 07:57

Facebook Admits to Shadowbanning News It Considers ‘Fake’ 13-07-2018 11:52

Trump in Scotland: President Touches Down in His Ancestral Homeland 14-07-2018 03:21

Britain, Ecuador in ‘High-Level’ Talks to Evict Julian Assange from Embassy 14-07-2018 21:14

Pirro: Peter Strzok ‘the Personification of the Deep State Itself — Where Fascism Rules’ 14-07-2018 20:42

Trump Ambassador Pressures UK To Release Tommy Robinson 14-07-2018 12:00

Theresa May Says Brexit May Not Happen At All 15-07-2018 12:00

Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Plans Drawn Up: Report 14-07-2018 08:59

Farage: Trump Truths ‘Have Hit Establishment Like a Bombshell’ 13-07-2018 10:57

#FreeTommyRobinson Demo, Welcome Trump Rally Held in London 14-07-2018 14:10

‘Creepiest person in America’: Peter Strzok’s bizarre congressional testimony goes viral 14-07-2018 11:13

Trump fails to follow royal protocol as he meets Queen (VIDEO) 14-07-2018 08:37

Trump on Russia indictment: Why didn’t Obama do something? 14-07-2018 06:27

Two-thirds of Russians believe global government exists – poll 11-07-2018 11:08

Trump Says Migration Has Changed Europe’s ‘Fabric,’ As UN Chief Calls It a ‘Positive Global Phenomenon’ 13-07-2018 12:00

Drunk or in pain? EU’s Juncker filmed stumbling at NATO summit (VIDEO) 13-07-2018 08:56

Trump accuses May of wrecking Brexit, killing any chance of vital US trade deal 13-07-2018 08:52

Trump to Touch Down in London Amid UK Turbulence, EU Strains 12-07-2018 12:07

Trump confronts NATO paradox & European allies ahead of meeting with Putin 11-07-2018 11:15

CNN Lobbies Facebook to Shut Down Infowars 12-07-2018 12:00

Trump’s ‘America First’ Economy Secures 10-Year Employment High for Manufacturing Workers 10-07-2018 16:31

Russia Should Enter NATO as Part of Alliance´s Anti-Terror Mission – Le Pen 11-07-2018 12:40

Germany is a captive of Russia – Trump 11-07-2018 07:26

Nigel Farage Warns He’ll Return As UKIP Leader If Brexit Betrayal Isn´t Reversed 10-07-2018 13:43

Sinking ship? Spate of resignations could mean game over for Theresa May government 09-07-2018 22:30

UK Media Pushes Anti-Trump Narrative with ‘How to Protest Visit’ Coverage 08-07-2018 02:08

"Give us General Election": Calls for May No Confidence Vote Amid Brexit Tatters 09-07-2018 14:10

Twitter revelation: Metadata can identify even secret users "with 96.7% accuracy" 09-07-2018 11:25

‘Their hands are all over it’: China behind N. Korea’s condemnation of US talks, Sen. Graham says 08-07-2018 21:17

Europe "Scared to Death" Due to "Unpredictable" Trump – Ex-Pentagon Chief 08-07-2018 09:30

"Law like Third Reich": Protest against extra surveillance powers for German police (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) 07-07-2018 17:08

First-Of-Its-Kind University Study Proves Without A Doubt That Your Phone Is Spying On You 06-07-2018 22:25

UK Readies for Trump’s First Official Visit 06-07-2018 12:00

Almost 80% of German Citizens Dissatisfied With Country’s Government – Poll 06-07-2018 14:31

NATO Reportedly Alarmed Over Future "Uncoordinated" Trump-Putin Agreements 07-07-2018 09:40

Twitter suspends 70mn "fake" accounts in 2 months amid pressure from Congress & media 07-07-2018 03:51

US establishment in hysterics that Trump-Putin summit might succeed 06-07-2018 12:28

Italian Interior Minister: Not one more person should arrive by boat on Italian shores 06-07-2018 00:34

Second Kim-Trump Summit May Take Place in Switzerland - Reports 06-07-2018 09:17

"We´ll do just fine:" Trump says he might end up in "good relationship" with Putin 06-07-2018 01:04

Trade war begins: China retaliates with 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of US imports 06-07-2018 08:45

Q2 Cable News Ratings: Fox News Dominates; Far-Left CNN Sinks 05-07-2018 07:30

Migration Deal Keeps Merkel in Power, For Now 04-07-2018 12:00

Austria, Hungary Join Forces Against Migrant Crisis 04-07-2018 12:00

Facebook Algorithm Flags The Declaration Of Independence As “Hate Speech” 05-07-2018 12:00

"Anti-NATO" Summit to Convene in Brussels on July 8 - Organizer 05-07-2018 17:49

‘You’re hell-bent on colliding with NATO’ – Farage slams EU defense project 05-07-2018 14:06

Italian Wikipedia goes dark in bid to save memes and remixes from new EU online copyright law 03-07-2018 18:03

EU to create first-ever joint fund to finance defense technologies development, fight inefficiency 03-07-2018 19:04

Report: 23% of White Millennial Men Moved From Dems To GOP in Last 2 Years 02-07-2018 12:00

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini calls for anti-immigration alliance across Europe 02-07-2018 23:32

Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Rating Improved During Manufactured Border Outrage 03-07-2018 04:36

UK Cabinet Encourages NATO Member States to Reach 2% Defense Spending Target 03-07-2018 14:29

Merkel reaches deal with sister party head over immigration after days of standoff 02-07-2018 20:22

EXCLUSIVE – Hungary Backs Salvini’s ‘Gamechanging’ Move to Shut Ports to Migrants, Brands EU Leaders All Talk 01-07-2018 01:40

AMLO Wins Mexican Presidential Election 01-07-2018 20:23

German standoff: "Merkel set to lose face or job as CSU won’t give in on migration" 02-07-2018 13:00

EU establishment appeases Italy & other anti-migrant govts in bid to salvage bloc’s survival 29-06-2018 14:24

EU Globalists And Chinese Communists Team Up To Protect New World Order 27-06-2018 23:50

Make Or Break Time For Merkel: What To Look For In Today´s EU Summit 28-06-2018 07:39

Putin-Trump meeting set for July 16 in Helsinki, Kremlin confirms 28-06-2018 12:02

Italy’s Salvini: ‘Within a Year, We’ll See if a United Europe Exists’ 27-06-2018 08:38

CNN’s Ratings Take Another Dive, HLN Sinks Into Abyss 27-06-2018 05:46

UK population 66 million: Increase of 400,000 in one year, 59% due to migration 28-06-2018 12:00

Italian Prime Minister to Meet Trump in July 28-06-2018 06:20

Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban in Trump v. Hawaii Ruling 26-06-2018 07:40

Le Pen: Pro-Mass Migration EU Can’t Be Trusted on Borders, Migrant Boats Should Be Sent Back to Africa 26-06-2018 00:54

Europe Must Prepare For the Worst With Trump - EU Chief Tusk 27-06-2018 14:57

Thursday Deadline Looms For Merkel to Save Herself as No Deal Reached at Weekend Migrant Crisis Summit 25-06-2018 10:46

North Korea Cancels Annual ‘Victory in the Fatherland War’ Anti-American Rally 25-06-2018 14:16

Almost 60% "Dissatisfied": Emmanuel Macron´s Approval Ratings Continue to Fall 25-06-2018 18:10

"EU Loses Control":Austria to Be Tough on Migrants During EU Presidency - Report 26-06-2018 10:17

Scoop: Silicon Valley execs will meet to discuss privacy 25-06-2018 12:31

Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook 24-06-2018 04:47

Why Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Into Themselves 24-06-2018 10:35

Italy Orders Seven Boats Carrying 1,000 Migrants To Return To Libya 24-06-2018 12:00

EU to Formally Move on Creation of European Intervention Force, UK Included 25-06-2018 10:41

Erdogan proclaimed winner in Turkey presidential election 24-06-2018 08:59

Trump looks to make more history, this time with Putin 25-06-2018 06:00

Delingpole: Thirty Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Great Global Warming Scare 23-06-2018 06:22

"Tremendous Potential": Trump Says Peace Initiative with DPRK Already Paying Off 24-06-2018 08:07

"Arrogant" Macron risks becoming "enemy No. 1" on migration for Italy – Rome 23-06-2018 19:25

Italy´s Salvini: "We Need A Mass Cleansing, Street By Street, Quarter By Quarter" In The EU 22-06-2018 15:33

The "Murder" Of Julian Assange 23-06-2018 08:00

Peter Strzok Subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee 22-06-2018 16:08

Gallup Poll: 62 Percent of Americans Believe Their News Is Biased 22-06-2018 12:00

WikiLeaks Reposts ICE Employee Database Amid Separation Policy Scandal 22-06-2018 15:51

Council of Europe Urges Hungary to Repeal Part of "Stop Soros" Bill Harming NGOs 22-06-2018 21:28

Clinton Slams Putin as "Leader of Movement That Wants to Break Up EU" 23-06-2018 02:40

"Leave" Supporters Rallying in UK While Johnson Calls for “Full British Brexit” 23-06-2018 15:20

Seehofer Warns Merkel Against Firing Him, Threatens Coalition´s Collapse 22-06-2018 11:55

Anti-U.S. Propaganda Has ‘Disappeared’ From North Korea, Tour Guides Say 20-06-2018 12:00

"Refugee Is Not Forever": Ecuador FM Vows to Review Assange´s Asylum Status 21-06-2018 07:17

UK Worried NATO to be Hurt if Trump Meets Putin Before Bloc´s Summit – Reports 21-06-2018 10:02

Circle closed: Merkel, Macron want EU border states to deal with refugees after quota system failure 20-06-2018 20:19

Hungary approves ‘Stop Soros’ law criminalizing aid to illegal migrants 20-06-2018 18:59

Austria to join summit of central European Visegrad Group in Hungary 20-06-2018 11:51

House GOP headed for showdown with DOJ over key documents 19-06-2018 06:00

Drudge Warns: EU ‘Link Ban’ Could Kill Drudge Report, Internet Freedom 19-06-2018 12:00

The Rise of Right-Wing Europe 19-06-2018 12:00

Will Hillary Be Jailed? How Republicans are Weaponizing Horowitz Report 19-06-2018 18:32

US Exit From UN Human Rights Council Shows Double Standards - Foreign Ministry 20-06-2018 13:15

"Specter of Mussolini" evoked as Italy’s Salvini orders full census & expulsion of Roma ‘illegals’ 18-06-2018 22:53

‘Free Tommy’ protests: Letter urges people to ‘come together’ to defeat UK’s resurgent far-right 20-06-2018 09:33

‘Euro caused Italian economic MISERY!’ German MEP BLASTS EU for 20 years of ‘NO GROWTH’ 19-06-2018 12:00

WikiLeaks’ Assange Threatens Corporate Media’s Narrative ‘Monopoly’ 19-06-2018 03:37

Germany´s Merkel Pledges to Support Italy on Migration Issue Amid Pressure 19-06-2018 10:10

Kim Meets With Xi Amid Surprise Visit to China, Week After Singapore Summit 19-06-2018 17:17

Deadline for Merkel? Germany to start kicking out migrants if no deal with EU – interior minister 18-06-2018 16:45

Cable News: 22 Comparisons of Immigration Policy to the Holocaust, Slavery 18-06-2018 23:55

20 weeks out from midterms, Dems and GOP brace for surprises 19-06-2018 12:06

Comey Under Investigation For Handling Of Classified Information 18-06-2018 18:53

Trump: "The People Of Germany Are Turning Against Their Leadership" 18-06-2018 09:24

Supporters Prepare To Speak Out On Sixth Anniversary Of Assange’s Entrance Into Embassy 17-06-2018 12:00

Italy Rejects Two More NGO Migrant Ships; Merkel Scrambles To Keep Job As German Lawmakers Revolt 18-06-2018 04:15

UK PM Theresa May Under Threat if Government Defeated in Brexit Vote 18-06-2018 15:02

Germany´s Merkel Accepts 2-Week Ultimatum From CSU Amid Migrant Row - Reports 18-06-2018 14:44

Roger Stone’s meeting with man selling ‘dirt on Hillary’ fires up Russiagate 18-06-2018 01:43

FLASHBACK: Three Years Ago Today – Donald Announced His Historic Run for President — WATCH HOW MEDIA MOCKED HIM 16-06-2018 18:28

"Hypocritical" France Caves, Agrees To Take Shipwrecked Migrants After Macron Spat With Italy 17-06-2018 07:00

Facebook to Meet with GOP Officials to Discuss Censorship of Conservatives 15-06-2018 12:29

The End Of Merkel? CDU Lawmaker Admits Germany Could Have A New Chancellor "By The End Of Next Week" 16-06-2018 20:53

Merkel Wants to Hold Urgent Summit With EU States on Migration Issues - Reports 17-06-2018 04:51

Merkel´s EU-Wide Take on Migrant Crisis Makes Reasonable Solution Unlikely – AfD 15-06-2018 10:49

Turkey´s Presidential Candidate Says NATO Fails to Ensure Nation´s Security 15-06-2018 13:19

Even Alex Jones didn´t believe it – Tommy Robinson´s "manager" uses false stats about Muslim inmates 15-06-2018 15:56

Trump: ‘Matt Drudge Is A Great Gentleman’ 15-06-2018 12:58

President Trump unloads on Comey, "scum on top" of FBI a day after damning IG report´s release 15-06-2018 10:04

Fed Chief Jerome Powell Goes Populist 13-06-2018 18:23

Obama Directing Midterms ‘Hit List’ Through Morphed Campaign Operation 14-06-2018 05:42

Ongoing Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level Since December 1973 14-06-2018 05:55

"True Russia Will Be Showcased" During World Cup - English Football Coach 13-06-2018 17:19

Hungary Praises Italy For Rejecting Migrant Ship 13-06-2018 12:00

MEP Slams EU Globalists For “Islamic Invasion” of Europe 13-06-2018 12:00

EU ministers form ‘axis of the willing’ against illegal migration, but Merkel stands in their way 14-06-2018 10:20

Sessions defends firing Comey, warns DOJ report could prompt more terminations 13-06-2018 20:44

Tommy Robinson Fears For His Life After Being Moved to Heavily Muslim-Populated Prison 13-06-2018 12:00

Kim Agrees To Visit US, Confirms Inviting Trump To Pyongyang 12-06-2018 19:34

A Mysterious Silence Has Surrounded Julian Assange 13-06-2018 03:30

Exclusive — McCarthy: Conservatives Will Not Be Silent About Online Censorship 13-06-2018 04:00

Deranged Media Offers Nothing But NEGATIVE Coverage Of Trump-Kim Summit 12-06-2018 12:00

Non-western asylum seekers to cost Dutch society billions, study shows 12-06-2018 15:17

Pro-Trump Candidates Win Big on GOP Primary Night 13-06-2018 12:00

Italian PM Demands France´s Apology, Economy Min Cancels Visit Amid Migrant Row 13-06-2018 11:27

Anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party surges in polls amid EU’s Eurosceptic wave 13-06-2018 01:00

"If she f**ks us, she´s f**ked," Tory Remain rebel warns Theresa May after key Brexit vote 13-06-2018 11:36

NGO ‘Rescue’ Ship Carrying Over 600 Migrants BLOCKED by Italy’s New Govt 11-06-2018 00:49

Vast Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-Un 11-06-2018 15:28

Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Sign A Historic Agreement At Their Summit In Singapore – But All The Mainstream Media Can Do Is Whine And Complain 12-06-2018 12:00

Kim Commits to "Complete Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula" in Joint Document 12-06-2018 09:40

Trump announces freeze on US military drills with South Korea after summit with Kim 12-06-2018 09:32

Trump says Kim Jong-un accepted his invitation to the White House (VIDEO) 12-06-2018 08:58

North Korea sanctions to "remain in effect" – Trump 12-06-2018 08:15

Trump: "It´s my honor" to meet Kim 11-06-2018 21:22

Salvini: Italy Will No Longer Accept Refugees; It´s Now Spain´s Turn 11-06-2018 12:01

‘Islam Means Submission. Will You Submit, Or Resist?’ – Batten, Waters, Kassam at #FreeTommy Rally 10-06-2018 06:15

The Eight States that Will Determine Which Party Controls the House of Representatives 10-06-2018 04:00

North Korea summit: White House reveals who will be in the room with Trump, Kim 11-06-2018 09:07

Kremlin: Vienna May Host Trump-Putin Summit 09-06-2018 09:37

"One Step to Police State": MPs From Left to Right Slam Macron´s Fake News Bill 10-06-2018 14:16

Trump the outsider gatecrashes own party: Top takeaways from an ill-mannered G7 09-06-2018 21:51

Kim in limo? Massive convoy presumably carrying N. Korean leader rolls through Singapore (VIDEO) 10-06-2018 08:13

Let’s stop ‘babbling’ and get back to real work: Putin fires back at G7 criticism on Russia 10-06-2018 07:19

London: Massive Crowds Gather to Hear Geert Wilders Demand Tommy Robinson’s Release 09-06-2018 08:23

Poll: 71% Percent of Voters Say Economy Has Improved Under Trump 08-06-2018 14:38

Alleged Deep State Leaker James Wolfe Makes First Court Appearance 08-06-2018 18:42

Italian Official Backs Austria’s Mosque Closure 08-06-2018 12:00

No MSM Coverage at Bilderberg Despite Packed Roster of Media Figures 08-06-2018 22:03

G7 Summit Highlights: Tusk Accuses Trump of Challenging "International Order" 09-06-2018 10:36

Cutting out the US dollar: Russia & China boost national currencies trade 09-06-2018 09:05

Jeff Sessions Delivers: DOJ Nails Senate Intel Committee’s Security Chief as Deep State Leaker 07-06-2018 21:20

Return of the Euro Crisis: Italy Quakes, Rest of the World Shakes and Merkel’s Empire Breaks 07-06-2018 16:45

Fake News: Washington Post, Media Matters Post Deceptive Edit of ‘Hannity’ Quote 07-06-2018 11:54

Donald Trump to Leave G7 Summit Early, Skipping Climate Change Meeting 08-06-2018 05:19

Sweden’s left collapses: Anti-migration party becomes largest of the country, poll shows 07-06-2018 15:14

EU Kicks Out UK Military 07-06-2018 12:00

Assange Meets Australian Officials for First Time Since Taking Refuge 08-06-2018 11:59

We are not a ‘yes sir’ govt – Italy’s Di Maio as he defies NATO over Russia sanctions 07-06-2018 16:41

Free speech is dead: WikiLeaks´ Julian Assange deserved Nobel Peace Prize, not the loss of liberty 08-06-2018 07:50

Russia should be in G7 meeting - Trump 08-06-2018 12:16

"The Old Order Is Over": Trump To Adopt "Confrontational Tone" At G-7 As Macron Plans On "Standing Up" To US President 07-06-2018 06:26

Pamela Anderson Defends Julian Assange — ‘His Intention Was Not to Get Trump Elected, It Was to Give True Information’ 05-06-2018 21:37

Facebook to Fund News Programming, Including CNN’s Anderson Cooper 06-06-2018 11:19

CNBC: Bilderberg Cares About Truth & Objectivity – While Meeting in Secret 06-06-2018 12:00

"When are You Going to Resign?" Merkel Slammed by AfD in First Parliament Q&A 07-06-2018 11:38

NATO virus is spreading, aggressive & immune to any antibiotic of logic 06-06-2018 14:15

French, Canadian leaders support ‘strong multilateralism’ ahead of G7 summit 07-06-2018 07:23

Italy’s new prime minister backs easing Russia sanctions 06-06-2018 03:43

Breaking: Senate Releases Unredacted Strzok-Page Texts Showing FBI Initiated MULTIPLE SPIES in Trump Campaign in December 2015 04-06-2018 23:20

France’s "Fake News" Law Will Be Used To Silence Critics, Win Elections 05-06-2018 08:43

Merkel Backs Macron´s European Army Initiative 06-06-2018 02:45

Singapore’s Capella Hotel Confirmed as Trump-Kim Summit Venue 05-06-2018 12:04

‘Not a matter of censorship’: Ecuador FM defends restrictions on Assange 05-06-2018 20:16

German MPs want US ambassador expelled over his desire to "empower Europe´s conservatives" 06-06-2018 04:34

‘Either Russia is a sovereign country, or there is no Russia’ – Putin on relations with the West 06-06-2018 04:00

Bilderberg Globalists Concerned About Populist Uprising in Europe 05-06-2018 12:00

Section of Trump´s Wall Under Construction in San Diego 02-06-2018 21:04

Anti-immigration party wins Slovenia elections 04-06-2018 12:00

War Erupts Between Italy´s Government And Soros: "You Profited From The Death Of Hundreds Of People" 04-06-2018 05:22

“Teen Culture” is the New Imperialism, and it is Destroying the World 02-06-2018 13:53

EU army looms? Merkel backs Macron’s European Defense Force initiative 04-06-2018 14:09

HERE IT IS=> Complete List of President Trump’s Historic Accomplishments After First 500 Days in Office 04-06-2018 07:14

Giuliani: Even if Trump had shot Comey he couldn´t be prosecuted 03-06-2018 18:28

White House Planning Summit Between Trump And Putin 02-06-2018 10:05

Stop ‘Bashing’ Trump, Hungary Warns EU 02-06-2018 03:45

Bilderberg Meeting Next Week In Italy 02-06-2018 12:00

Will June be the end of May? Leadership challenges & Brexit votes could sink PM within weeks 01-06-2018 14:04

Italy Awaits Decision On Last-Ditch Deal to Avoid Snap Elections 31-05-2018 12:00

Trump expects letter from Kim Jong Un as summit date nears 31-05-2018 09:34

Why The Eurozone And The Euro Are Both Doomed 30-05-2018 11:11

"Clinton & Obama conspired to weaponize US intelligence agencies for years" – RT´s Crosstalk debates 30-05-2018 14:13

7 Reasons Why European Banks Are In Trouble 22-05-2018 05:00

This Is The "Depressing" Chart Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want You To See 22-05-2018 11:15

‘SPYGATE’: Trump blasts ‘Criminal Deep State’ amid reports of FBI informant spying on campaign 23-05-2018 09:24

Nolte: Imagine How the Russia Probe Would Have Gone Under President Hillary 22-05-2018 07:35

Pence: A “Great Mistake” If Kim Jong-un Thinks He Can “Play” Trump 22-05-2018 12:00

Poland Backs US on Iran Deal, Drifts Away From EU’s United Criticism 23-05-2018 12:41

Italy’s emerging Euroskeptic coalition of M5S & Lega Nord announces its choice for PM 21-05-2018 17:17

Surveillance state? Amazon selling facial recognition technology to govt ‘threatens freedom’ 22-05-2018 18:58

NYT Columnist Worries Mueller Investigation Actually Helping Trump 22-05-2018 20:30

Big Blue Bellyflop: Dem Advantage in Generic Ballot Hits New Low 17-05-2018 10:01

EU Commission: ‘Europe Will Never Be a Fortress’, Mass Migration ‘Here to Stay’ 17-05-2018 01:13

EU Banks in Trouble 17-05-2018 12:00

Propaganda instead of truth: Lawyer tells RT how fake news becomes fake evidence in court 17-05-2018 17:26

Back to ‘normal’? Ecuador withdraws Assange’s extra security at London embassy 18-05-2018 04:43

Trump vows to ‘deal with’ Germany & other NATO allies ‘not contributing enough’ 17-05-2018 22:38

Giuliani Puts the Corrupt Mueller Team on Notice: “We’re Ready to Rip Them Apart if that’s What They Want!” 17-05-2018 07:15

George Soros’ Open Society foundation ends operations in Hungary 15-05-2018 05:14

Twitter Officially Admits to ‘Shadowbanning’ Users in All but Name 15-05-2018 10:34

YouTube Deletes Alternative for Sweden´s Video, Threatens to Take Down Account 16-05-2018 11:12

Isolation of Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy "Violation of Human Rights" - Expert 16-05-2018 13:24

EU to Switch From Dollar to Euro in Payments for Iranian Oil Supplies – Source 16-05-2018 11:07

‘One year is enough’: Thousands of anti-Macron protesters march in Paris (VIDEO) 13-05-2018 13:35

UK-Russian relations won’t improve with May in power – Russian upper house chair 16-05-2018 09:12

"Our country is not Libya or Iraq": N. Korea may reconsider Trump-Kim summit if guaranteed safety 16-05-2018 02:53

‘They’re trying to kill him’: Pamela Anderson wants Kanye’s help to free Assange 12-05-2018 00:56

Italian Coalition Takes Shape: Platform Includes Parallel Currency 12-05-2018 11:20

Orban’s Hungary Blocks Macron-led EU Motion Condemning Trump’s Jerusalem Decision 12-05-2018 04:56

Art of the Deal: Pompeo Reveals N. Korea Will Be Rewarded if Nuke Program Is Dismantled 12-05-2018 06:58

Fall of "Jupiter"? Macron's popularity down, as hopes for the "political wonderboy" seem to vanish 13-05-2018 09:43

"Goodbye Europe!" Der Spiegel depicts Trump as middle finger flipping off EU amid Iran deal tensions 12-05-2018 12:09

Robinhood App Raises $363 Mln To Expand Its Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Platform US-Wide 10-05-2018 19:01

AMAZING INTERVIEW: Sarah Palin Goes All In Supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange (VIDEO) 10-05-2018 19:57

Putin: The Whole World Sees The "Dangerous Dollar Monopoly" 10-05-2018 18:45

How To Silence RT Forever 10-05-2018 19:45

Kim Jong-Un Finally Mentions Trump Meeting in North Korean Press 10-05-2018 13:39

US Senate Rushes to Restore Net Neutrality as FCC Announces Death Date 10-05-2018 22:06

Yeezy Does It? Pamela Anderson Asks Kanye West to Help Save Julian Assange 11-05-2018 02:36

Ecuador’s new rules ban Assange from taking visitors and phone calls – WikiLeaks 10-05-2018 19:18

Will Trump Pay The Price For What He Wants From Iran? 09-05-2018 18:15

Another Step Towards Collapse Of The Petrodollar 09-05-2018 23:45

Italian Party Leaders Forming Anti-EU Coalition 09-05-2018 12:00

More Countries Want to Leave EU 09-05-2018 09:00

Poll: More than three-quarters of Americans approve of Trump-Kim meeting 10-05-2018 08:10

WikiLeaks Founder Remains Cut Off from Internet Access at Ecuador Embassy 10-05-2018 04:32

Removal of Set Brexit Date Is Attempt to Reverse Referendum Outcome – UKIP Head 10-05-2018 16:16

30,000 protest as German police granted powers to open mail under new laws 10-05-2018 12:28

Singapore most likely spot of Trump-Kim summit – US officials 10-05-2018 04:00

Time to ‘take fate into its own hands’: Europe can’t rely on US protection anymore, says Merkel 10-05-2018 12:33

Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for FISA Court Transcripts Tied to Clinton-DNC Dossier 08-05-2018 03:00

Election Day Round One: Establishment Forces Face MAGA Candidates in Tuesday Primaries 07-05-2018 20:44

The NSA Continues to Abuse Americans by Intercepting Their Telephone Calls 07-05-2018 12:50

Dem presidential hopefuls flock to Trump country 05-05-2018 06:03

Puigdemont to Be Once Again Nominated as Candidate for Catalan Presidency 06-05-2018 07:33

Money Talks: Why EU is Increasingly Buying Russia´s Gas Despite Sanctions 07-05-2018 19:11

McCain Under Fire for His Personal Moves Against Trump and Palin 08-05-2018 13:47

EU slams police "violence" at Russian rally, yet sides with authorities in Catalonia crackdown 06-05-2018 18:39

‘Facts are now seen as hate’: Tommy Robinson vows to take Twitter to court 08-05-2018 02:57

Winning: Private Sector Employment Exceeds Expectations – Again 02-05-2018 17:46

Study: ‘Collective Narcissism’ Drives Liberal Belief in Fake News 04-05-2018 00:52

Eurozone Growth Slows Down as EU Unveils Post-Brexit Budget Plan 03-05-2018 04:56

Assange Hated Because of Clinton Monopoly on Media – Pamela Anderson 03-05-2018 11:24

Reuters Poll: Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week 02-05-2018 16:24

Moscow welcomes Trump’s desire to meet Putin, mend ties & curb arms race – Lavrov 03-05-2018 17:08

Farage: “Days of EU Are Over” 03-05-2018 12:28

Tories Avoid Defeat in Local Elections As Key Brexit Test Looms 04-05-2018 09:12

Firm position: Kim Jong-un reiterates will to denuke Korean peninsula to Chinese FM 03-05-2018 12:29

‘Change your password!’ Twitter urges 330 million users after ‘internal glitch’ 03-05-2018 23:08

Nolte – Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Rating Average Hits Year-Long High 01-05-2018 07:38

CIA Can ‘Selectively’ Share Secrets With Pet Reporters Without Challenge 02-05-2018 01:35

Scandinavians are done with cash 01-05-2018 12:14

Zuckerberg’s Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day 01-05-2018 20:18

Facebook´s Censorship In Germany 30-04-2018 03:00

Italian Yields Spike After Five Star Calls For Fresh Elections 30-04-2018 07:39

Watch: Alex Jones Invades Whole Foods/Amazon HQ To Confront Bezos Machine 29-04-2018 12:00

Putin, Moon Discuss Results of Inter-Korean Dialogue by Phone - Kremlin 29-04-2018 14:48

Seoul to Start Removing Propaganda Loudspeakers From Korean Border Tuesday 30-04-2018 06:47

European Union Advocates For Soros-Funded ‘Independent Fact Checkers’ to Combat ‘Fake News’ 28-04-2018 02:14

Future Uncertain For Assange In Wake Of US-Ecuador Military Deal 28-04-2018 02:17

How The Internet Turned Bad 26-04-2018 22:55

Donald Trump Celebrates End of House Intelligence Investigation: We Should ‘Get On with Our Lives’ 27-04-2018 10:35

Poll: Nearly 2 Out of 3 Voters Support Reducing Legal Immigration to U.S. 27-04-2018 16:27

Trump Kept Huge Campaign Promise During Macron Visit, MSM Totally Ignores 27-04-2018 10:49

Burger, Old Map and Body Language: Merkel-Trump Gems You May Have Missed (VIDEO) 28-04-2018 16:32

Kim Jong Un Makes History, Crosses Border to Meet with South Korean President 26-04-2018 17:56

Photos of Mike Pompeo’s Top Secret Meeting With Kim Jong Un Released 26-04-2018 23:43

Kim Jong-un Hopes For Unification as Koreas Agree to Discuss Peace Treaty 27-04-2018 06:49

New era, no more war: Two Koreas agree on complete denuclearization 27-04-2018 09:05

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump´s 2020 Reelection Bid 25-04-2018 15:10

Kassam: Macron Humiliated Trump and His MAGA Base While Congress Cheered Him On 25-04-2018 19:11

WATCH: Congress Holds Hearing on Online Censorship 26-04-2018 07:03

Outdated Financial Model: Why Russia Refuses to Give Money to the World Bank 25-04-2018 21:35

Moscow and Beijing Should Ditch Dollar, Euro in Trade – Chinese Businessman 26-04-2018 09:25

Shuttle Diplomacy: What´s Behind Macron´s Three-Day Visit to Washington 26-04-2018 17:20

German pensioners live in poverty while Islamists receive thousands of euros. What is wrong with our country? – AfD 24-04-2018 21:12

Trump: "Honorable" Kim Jong Un Wants To Hold Historic Summit "As Soon As Possible" 24-04-2018 12:58

The Road To 2025 (Part 4) – A Very Bright Future If We Demand It 24-04-2018 21:35

Comcast Launches Bidding War Against Fox With Rival £22BN Takeover Bid For Sky 25-04-2018 06:17

EXCLUSIVE — Research: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters 24-04-2018 21:00

Sessions Is Back: Issues Huge Announcement on Trump-Cohen Investigation 24-04-2018 15:13

NYT Forced to Make a Correction After Flubbing ‘Fake News’ Hit Piece 24-04-2018 16:15

Moscow: US ever-expanding missile shield creates illusion of impunity, leads to dangerous escalation 25-04-2018 00:02

Dutch mainstream media hostile to Hungary 24-04-2018 12:13

O’Keefe Fires Warning Shot to Corrupt Officials ‘Update Your Resumés Because We Are Releasing Videos Next Week’ 23-04-2018 12:00

Ex-Facebook Executive: "You Don't Realize It But You Are Being Programmed" 23-04-2018 18:35

How High Is The Risk Of A Currency Crisis? 23-04-2018 20:35

Hillary Clinton, not on ballot, is star of GOP midterm plan 22-04-2018 12:00

Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before 24-04-2018 02:08

U.S. On Pace to Receive Fewest Refugees Since 1977 23-04-2018 10:20

Pompeo´s Nomination as US Secretary of State Approved by Senate Committee 24-04-2018 00:59

US, EU States Agree on Conditions to Preserve Iranian Nuclear Deal - Reports 24-04-2018 02:33

"Unfit Member": WikiLeaks Calls for Global Blockade of Major Crypto Trader 24-04-2018 10:08

Oil Exporters Ditching Dollar, Switching to Other Currencies 24-04-2018 11:14

Former MSNBC journalists expose the channel’s ‘pro-establishment bias’ 23-04-2018 12:30

Roger Stone To Use DNC Lawsuit Discovery To Probe Servers, Hacking Evidence 23-04-2018 14:55

Hungarian PM happy with Soros’s Open Society Foundations leaving the country 22-04-2018 20:06

Russia´s New Energy Gamble 23-04-2018 03:30

Report: Google Collects Enough Info On You To Make an 8 Foot Paper Pile Every Two Weeks 21-04-2018 16:32

California To Ban the Sale of Bibles? 19-04-2018 16:53

Allen West: Facebook, Google and Twitter are at war with conservatives online -- it's time to fight back 22-04-2018 06:06

MI5 vetted thousands of BBC staff to keep ‘evil’ and ‘subversive’ lefties out 23-04-2018 09:26

German MPs want Moscow back in G8, say peace in Europe possible ‘only with Russia’ 22-04-2018 18:45

Assange Twitter account back tweeting as #ReconnectJulian campaign takes over 23-04-2018 09:23

Iran dumps dollar for euro in foreign trade transactions 23-04-2018 09:35

Giuliani Just Revealed His Game-Changing Plan to Deal With Mueller, Russia Investigation 20-04-2018 06:59

North Korea announces end to missile testing as Trump cites "big progress" 20-04-2018 08:03

Poland to fight unequal treatment of right-wing Facebook users 21-04-2018 11:39

ISIS Threatens ‘Satanic’ CNN and American Media in New Poster Campaign 21-04-2018 12:00

Visualizing The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Makes Its Living From Your Data 20-04-2018 22:05

Democrats´ Lawsuit Against Russia "Attempt to Justify Their Own Defeat" - Moscow 21-04-2018 17:43

Power of Gold: Why Countries Pull Out Their Bullion From the US 21-04-2018 16:17

WikiLeaks calls for Coinbase boycott after ban from cryptocurrency exchange 21-04-2018 09:26

Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team: ‘I Have High Regard for the President and for Bob Mueller’ 19-04-2018 14:40

Soros’s Open Society Foundations Announces Exit from Hungary 20-04-2018 04:16

Putin & Trump will not allow armed confrontation between Russia, US – Lavrov 20-04-2018 06:14

Italy election: Right-wing leader Salvini sees new developments in forming coalition with 5-Star Movement 20-04-2018 00:47

Deutsche Bank "Mistakenly" Sends $35 Billion Out The Door 19-04-2018 19:44

The Dollar´s 70-Year Dominance Slowly Coming To An End 19-04-2018 22:55

Sen. Mitch McConnell Kills President Trump’s Plan to Cut $60 Billion in Spending 19-04-2018 10:17

Majority of France Unhappy With Macron 19-04-2018 17:13

Smartphone Addiction Increases Loneliness, Isolation 19-04-2018 17:59

Germans Want Government to Protect Them From Globalization - Poll 19-04-2018 21:15

No matter how hard George Soros & Brussels try, no illegal migrants will be admitted to Hungary – FM 19-04-2018 19:40

Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman 20-04-2018 01:01

Poll Shows Dem Candidates Supporting Trump’s Impeachment Could Help GOP in Midterms 18-04-2018 17:25

Social Media Now Being Used By Police And Intelligence Agencies To Collect Biometrics 18-04-2018 22:25

Farage Confirms Soros’ Attempt to Force Second Brexit Vote Failed 18-04-2018 12:19

Finally: GOP Demands Criminal Investigation into Clinton, Lynch, Comey 18-04-2018 13:51

Japan Hopes US-N Korea Summit to Pave Way for Settlement of Nuclear Issue – Abe 19-04-2018 10:03

Here´s the Country That May Host Long-Awaited Kim-Trump Talks 19-04-2018 11:30

Embarrassment for May as House of Lords votes for Britain to stay in customs union 18-04-2018 17:44

"I'll leave the meeting": Trump says he´ll walk out on Kim if talks aren´t "fruitful" 18-04-2018 22:41

Russia & Iran drop dollar trade by extending oil-for-goods supply agreement 19-04-2018 04:28

North & South Korea may announce official end to war – local media 17-04-2018 12:14

Shinzo Abe: Upcoming North Korea Summit a Result of Donald Trump’s ‘Unwavering Conviction’ 17-04-2018 16:16

‘Julian Assange could die in Ecuadorian embassy’ – Pamela Anderson 17-04-2018 13:21

Trader: Why Trump Is On Track To Win The "Currency Devaluation Game" 17-04-2018 06:14

Assad Begins Final Assault to Regain Complete Control of Damascus 17-04-2018 12:05

‘I’m Happy The Witch Is Dead’ — Lefty Trolls Celebrate Barbara Bush’s Death, Mock Her As ‘White Supremacy’ 18-04-2018 10:22

Trump to host German chancellor 18-04-2018 09:20

"European Nation as Such Doesn´t Exist": Who Wants to Leave EU and Why 16-04-2018 18:49

Trump Still Willing to Meet Putin Despite Rising US-Russia Tension - White House 16-04-2018 20:29

Western Information Flow Subdues Global Mass Media – Russian Foreign Ministry 17-04-2018 14:36

House of Lords to Strike Down Key Element of May’s Brexit Plan 17-04-2018 19:51

George Soros Isn’t Prepared to Accept Outcome of Hungarian Election – Official 18-04-2018 16:20

How Much Longer Can The American Empire Run On Fake Money? 15-04-2018 23:35

Attkisson: Trump Was Right To Fire Comey; Here Are 12 Reasons Why 16-04-2018 08:23

Trump Got Angry After EU Announced Number of Expelled Russian Diplomats - Report 16-04-2018 07:16

Hundreds of thousands demand release of independence leaders in Barcelona 15-04-2018 20:50

‘We cannot declare Russia, the country and its people, to be an enemy’ – German president 15-04-2018 23:30

Death by a thousand cuts: China’s yuan-priced crude benchmark chips away at petrodollar 16-04-2018 08:02

Several Thousand People Rally in Marseilles Against Macron Policy (PHOTO, VIDEO) 14-04-2018 19:47

10% Of US Facebook Users Deleted Their Accounts Over Data-Privacy Scandal, Survey Shows 13-04-2018 15:15

ALEX JONES Breaks Down Crying on Air After Trump Bombs Syria (VIDEO) 13-04-2018 22:23

Trump: Meeting with North Korea’s Kim Will Be ‘Terrific’ 13-04-2018 10:59

None of US & allied missiles entered Russian anti-air defense zones – Defense Ministry 14-04-2018 04:05

Pentagon says Syria strikes are "one time shot" to send strong message to Assad 14-04-2018 02:09

Google Is Listening: Tech Giant Will Soon be Able to Single Out Voices from a Crowd 13-04-2018 09:39

Trump´s Threats to Attack Syria Nothing but Mere Bluff – Academic 13-04-2018 20:18

Protests erupt after detention of Catalan independence activist charged with ‘terrorism’ 11-04-2018 16:27

"Time for warnings has passed": EU committee demands sanctions against Viktor Orban's Hungary 13-04-2018 03:01

Italy: Second round of government consultations kick off 12-04-2018 15:01

US Corporations Expect Best 1st Quarter Profits Ever! — Net Income After Taxes Expected to Increase 14% An Unheard of Number! 12-04-2018 07:50

Crypto-mania Returns: Bitcoin Soars $1000 In Minutes, Most Since 2017; Back Above $8000 12-04-2018 08:03

Surprise Zuckerberg Admission to Senator Opens FB to TRILLIONS in Losses 11-04-2018 09:32

EU Officials Raid Rupert Murdoch´s London Fox Office 11-04-2018 18:06

Fear of ‘Blue Wave’ Behind US House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement 12-04-2018 02:57

West´s double standards on Catalonia: Political justice OK for enemies, bad for friends 12-04-2018 14:13

Facebook CEO Promises to Take More Responsibility for Privacy, Accuracy on Site 11-04-2018 00:54

Report: Biggest Black Lives Matter Facebook Page Is Fake, Run by Australian Union Organizer 10-04-2018 02:43

Globalists Defiant in Face of Nationalist Uprising 10-04-2018 17:08

‘No United States of Europe’: Hungary’s Orban vows to strengthen his sovereign policies 10-04-2018 21:14

Moscow to Trump: Are ‘smart’ missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chem attack evidence in Syria? 11-04-2018 11:43

MUST SEE VIDEO=> TGP’s Lucian Wintrich, Alex Jones, Roger Stone & More Speak In Washington, D.C. 9AM EDT 10-04-2018 08:22

Sarah Palin Calls Out Zuckerberg for Suppressing Conservative Media: ‘What the Zuck, Facebook?’ 10-04-2018 06:17

Rod Rosenstein Personally Approved FBI Raid On Trump's Lawyer: NYT 10-04-2018 12:02

Trump Says He Will Meet With N Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in May or Early June 09-04-2018 20:59

Brits Apologize to Russian Embassy for London´s Political Offensive on Moscow 10-04-2018 16:51

Orban´s win speaks to growing tide of anti-EU feeling 09-04-2018 18:24

Three More Countries Join Planned Lawsuit Against Internet Giants For Banning Crypto Ads 09-04-2018 04:07

Italian Coalition Talks Stall Over Ego 09-04-2018 05:00

New Republican Strategy for 2018: Stop Impeachment 08-04-2018 11:49

Facebook Threatens ‘Voice of Europe’ Page For Criticizing Migration 09-04-2018 06:14

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Latest to Ditch Facebook 09-04-2018 09:14

Leaders of 3 Major Hungarian Parties Step Down After Elections - Reports 09-04-2018 09:53

Poland Hails Orban´s Victory as Sign of Central Europe´s "Emancipation" 09-04-2018 13:22

FBI to Produce Documents Congress Wants About Clinton Email Case - Justice Dept. 09-04-2018 16:45

Hungary PM Orban declares victory as ruling party projected to take 67% of parliament seats 08-04-2018 22:13

Rockefellers join Rothschilds & Soros in cryptocurrency investing 09-04-2018 09:47

Viktor Orban wants more respect for Poland and Hungary 07-04-2018 01:17

As Skripal-Gate Collapses, Will May's Government Be Next? 07-04-2018 22:08

GOP Rep Meadows: If Rosenstein Doesn’t Turn Over Docs, We Will Move to Impeach 07-04-2018 19:59

Trump Tees Off On FBI And DOJ For Missing Clinton, Russia Document Deadline 08-04-2018 05:18

US, N Korea Hold Talks Via CIA Channels Ahead of Trump-Kim Meeting - Reports 07-04-2018 17:14

"A Lot to Lose": Tony Blair Wants Germany’s Merkel to Block Brexit 08-04-2018 10:38

‘No comment, google it’: Stoltenberg on who is in NATO’s controversial nuke program 06-04-2018 08:45

"France is abetting terrorism" – Erdogan blasts French support for Syrian Kurds 08-04-2018 09:56

Oceania, ´Tis For Thee: The World Of "1984" Is Forming Now 06-04-2018 22:25

Soros Organisations Seeking to ‘Break Hungary’ Ahead of Sunday Election, Says Government 07-04-2018 04:36

UNHRC Has Sided With George Soros Against Hungarian People – Foreign Minister 06-04-2018 16:42

Almost 65% of Germans Not Satisfied With New Government's Work – Poll 06-04-2018 17:49

#ReconnectJulian: Fmr intelligence officers & whistleblowers urge Ecuador to end Assange isolation 07-04-2018 02:11

Maher: Calling for Boycott of Ingraham’s Sponsors Is ‘Bullying’ – Boycotts ‘the Modern Way of Cutting off Free Speech’ 06-04-2018 20:26

What’ll Be Zuckerberg’s Most Problematic Question From The Senate Hearings 05-04-2018 16:30

Epstein at Masters of the Universe Town Hall: Everything that Goes Through Gmail Is Monitored by Google 05-04-2018 19:02

Ann Coulter on Masters of the Universe Controlling Speech: ‘It Is Actual Censorship and It Is Terrifying’ 05-04-2018 19:32

Zuckerberg: ‘Three-Year Project’ to ‘Fix’ Elections, Fake News, Misinformation – Just in Time for 2020 05-04-2018 11:24

French Rail Staff Stage Protests Against Tyrannical President Emmanuel Macron 05-04-2018 03:30

Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stories ‘Intentionally Misleading’ with Wikipedia Pop-Up 04-04-2018 13:30

Associated Press Pushes Soros Propaganda as News, Days Before Hungarian Election 04-04-2018 05:44

Pro-Soros Candidates Will Damage Economy, Make Hungary Unsafe - Official 04-04-2018 16:30

Italian President Begins Talks on Forming New Cabinet 04-04-2018 17:22

Trump: I Want to Bring Troops Back From Syria, Have "Great Dialogue" With Russia 03-04-2018 21:11

Islamic State in Syria completely defeated – Putin 04-04-2018 06:50

EU, Like USSR, Will Not Outlast a Human Lifespan – British Academic 02-04-2018 14:39

Facebook Purges Pro-Trump Pages After Creator Criticized Zuckerberg 02-04-2018 10:39

Trump’s Not Alone: Most Americans Think Mainstream Media Publishes ‘Fake News’ 02-04-2018 22:42

Merkel’s party bought voter data from Deutsche Post during 2017 election race – report 01-04-2018 18:39

Trump suggested meeting with Putin in Washington, DC 02-04-2018 13:14

‘I’m not a criminal’: Catalonia's independence leader Puigdemont breaks prison silence 02-04-2018 15:36

‘All-inclusive’ Europe weakened by leftists promoting mass migration – Czech ex-president 02-04-2018 18:48

Assange works for the people – now we need to save him 02-04-2018 17:24

UK tried to ‘step up the Cold War’: Ex-ambassador reveals flaws in ‘NATO’ anti-Russia plan (VIDEO) 03-04-2018 17:25

Trump: We Will Guard Our Border With Our Military 03-04-2018 12:51

The Death Of The Liberal World Order 30-03-2018 22:45

Gold And 2018: A Perfect Storm? 31-03-2018 14:30

Spot The Real Bubble 02-04-2018 05:45

Zuckerberg’s congressional survival guide: Tips from experts 01-04-2018 12:00

Gowdy: ‘Congress has proven itself incapable of conducting serious investigations’ 01-04-2018 10:39

Marine Le Pen: I respect Orban because he had the strength to face the EU that threatened and blackmailed him 01-04-2018 00:17

In Unprecedented Move, China Plans To Pay For Oil Imports With Yuan Instead Of Dollars 31-03-2018 12:40

‘We’re Not Consumers, We’re the Products’: Free Our Internet’s Christie-Lee McNally on Google, Facebook 30-03-2018 13:04

Christians Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter as the World Debates Its Meaning 31-03-2018 22:54

Trump turns up the heat on Jeff Bezos in furious two-pronged Twitter attack 01-04-2018 06:26

May Signed UK Up to Be "Vassal State for Next 2 Years" - MEP on PM´s Brexit Plan 01-04-2018 16:27

The new normal: Madrid ratchets up Catalonia independence crackdown (PHOTOS) 28-03-2018 16:14

North & South Korea set April 27 as date for leaders’ summit in breakthrough move 29-03-2018 06:23

Dutch vote to reject 'Big Brother’ legislation expanding surveillance powers of security agencies 29-03-2018 19:12

Silencing of Assange Sparks Historic Ten-Hour Online Vigil To #ReconnectJulian 30-03-2018 01:24

Brexit Supporters Worry Over Deal With EU After Year of Talks 31-03-2018 04:49

A Majority Of Americans No Longer Trust Facebook 29-03-2018 23:10

Poll: Facebook’s popularity plummets 29-03-2018 16:34

Study: 70% of Europeans see rapid population growth of Muslims as a serious threat 29-03-2018 15:36

The IRS is auditing fewest Americans since 2002 29-03-2018 08:30

CNN Admits Dems’ Lead in 2018 Midterm Election Polls Evaporating 29-03-2018 12:20

In Five Years Euro Will Become a Thing of the Past – German Financial Analyst 30-03-2018 09:26

Brussels, Paris & Berlin want to get rid of nation states in EU, German ex-MP tells RT 29-03-2018 14:22

Fakebook On Its Way To Zero 28-03-2018 13:12

Inspector General Launches Probe on Alleged DOJ, FBI Abuse of Surveillance Law 28-03-2018 14:19

Survey: 78 Percent of Europeans Want Tighter Control of Borders 29-03-2018 03:38

Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ & Monitor Your Private Account 27-03-2018 15:01

How The Left Turned Tech Giants Into Their Speech Police 27-03-2018 23:00

Assange Loses Internet, Visitor Privileges at Ecuadorian Embassy 28-03-2018 12:03

Nigel Farage Marks Brexit Countdown Saying, Calling It Historic Whatever Happens 29-03-2018 13:50


Tech Giants Under Attack For Violations of Privacy 28-03-2018 10:51

Nearly 160 countries outside "Western bloc" want to see proof in Skripal case – Russia’s UK embassy 28-03-2018 04:01

Gold breaking out with bigger rally ahead – analyst 28-03-2018 12:31

‘Kim looks forward to meeting me’ – Trump 28-03-2018 12:26

Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook 28-03-2018 16:44

Hungarian Prime Minister: Migration is the number one election issue 27-03-2018 13:49

FTC Announces Facebook Investigation Citing ‘Substantial Concerns’ About Privacy Practices 26-03-2018 09:41

Stone Targeted to Rescue Mueller’s Failing Investigation 26-03-2018 11:23

Stone: Daily Beast Recycles Fake News 26-03-2018 14:39

Neocons Are Back With a Big War Budget and Big War Plans 26-03-2018 17:25

It Begins. Democrat Candidate for Sheriff Suggests Killing People to Take Their Guns 25-03-2018 15:37

"Rothschilds & Rockefellers Need To Go Down To Free America..." 25-03-2018 17:01

UK Thought Police: Detaining Opponents "For The Public Good" 26-03-2018 05:00

Trump: "Economy is looking really good" 26-03-2018 07:19

Social Media Users Catch Facebook Gathering Their Call & Text Metadata 26-03-2018 14:23

The West´s ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mantra is wrecking lives & international relations 24-03-2018 08:21

Globalists Admit Defeat, Russia and China Facilitate Rise of Multipolar World 24-03-2018 19:26

Circular firing squad: Germany’s long-awaited government might yet prove to have critical weaknesses 24-03-2018 13:26

Presidents of Hungary and Poland mark Day of Hungarian-Polish Friendship 24-03-2018 13:56

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees 24-03-2018 09:45

GOP Chair Sends Brutal Message to Clinton by Opening Probe Into Mishandled Email Server 23-03-2018 21:03

European Union Wages Cold War Against Russia - Marine Le Pen 23-03-2018 15:39

Manipulative media monopoly: Kremlin spokesman says US & UK press has ruled world for decades 23-03-2018 15:38

Catalonia’s rebels: The jailed, exiled & persecuted independence leaders 23-03-2018 16:59

#DeleteFacebook? Assange never had account with ‘giant intel database controlled by megalomaniac’ 24-03-2018 04:45

Growing questions about CNN's airport monopoly as network veers left 23-03-2018 09:30

‘Enough Is Enough’: 3,000 UK Advertisers Threaten to Leave Facebook 22-03-2018 09:24

Momentum for a Second Special Counsel Builds as Two House Leaders Voice Support 21-03-2018 14:05

Berlusconi Proposes Coalition Between Right-Wingers and 5-Star Which Could ‘Pierce Brussels Through the Heart’ 22-03-2018 11:06

Mozilla stops Facebook ads amid data privacy concerns 22-03-2018 09:44

No sign of relief for Facebook shares after Zuckerberg apology 22-03-2018 09:44

Dutch Right-Wing Freedom Party Wins Seats in 30 Municipalities – Party´s Head 22-03-2018 17:35

HR McMaster Out as White House National Security Adviser 23-03-2018 01:29

Hungarian Gov´t: Soros Has Employed 2,000 People to Meddle in Our Elections 23-03-2018 15:00

Lawsuits Pile Up As #DeleteFacebook Movement Spreads 21-03-2018 13:50

"The New World Order Is Targeting American Freedom..." 21-03-2018 21:25

In France, Free-Speech Is On Trial 22-03-2018 05:00

Zuckerberg Admits Facebook´s Mistakes After Cambridge Analytica Breach 22-03-2018 00:37

WATCH Thousands Take to Paris Streets in Mass Strike Against Macron´s Reforms 22-03-2018 13:03

Russia leak raises questions about staff undermining Trump 21-03-2018 17:02

Lawmakers zero in on Zuckerberg 21-03-2018 06:00

After Stock Disaster, Facebook Still Worth More than Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s Combined 20-03-2018 16:20

Deutsche Bank Plunges To 16-Month Lows, Bank Credit Risk Spikes 21-03-2018 08:59

Donald Trump to Republicans: We Have to Go ‘Further Right’ as Democrats Go Further Left 21-03-2018 05:58

"We Need Your Help, America": New Swedish Right-Wing Party Issues Call for Help 21-03-2018 09:00

Skripals poisoning is terrorist attack on Russian citizens – Moscow 21-03-2018 12:34

It´s Time To Protect Yourself (And Your Friends) From Facebook 19-03-2018 21:20

Big Brother Arrives: China Bans People With "Bad Social Credit" From Planes, Trains 19-03-2018 23:00

Politico: Democrats Reject White House Bid for Wall Funds 19-03-2018 10:01

Alert: Dems Just Got 5 Congressional Seats Courtesy of the SCOTUS 19-03-2018 16:27

How Soros is Trying to Influence Political Situation in Czech Republic, Slovakia 19-03-2018 21:47

Merkel Claims Russia Must Prove Non-Involvement in Skripal Poisoning Case 20-03-2018 07:50

AfD is Only German Party Trying to Improve Relations With Russia - Lawmaker 20-03-2018 08:00

‘Any actions & tricks to split China are doomed to failure’ – Xi 20-03-2018 03:04

Why The Police Are Quietly Turning To Google To Find Criminals 18-03-2018 18:50

German Interior Minister Calls For Suspension Of Schengen, National Border Controls 19-03-2018 02:45

Majority in new poll: ‘Deep state’ manipulating policy 19-03-2018 07:28

GOP pushes for "phase two" of tax cuts 18-03-2018 06:00

Russiagate Collusion Theory Takes Blow as House Intelligence Committee Probe Ends 17-03-2018 13:07

John Brennan Tweet Confirms Donald Trump’s Concerns About Politicized Intelligence 18-03-2018 07:22

LIVE UPDATES: Russians Cast Ballots in 2018 Presidential Election 17-03-2018 22:49

Senate Judiciary Dem calls on Zuckerberg to testify before committee 17-03-2018 20:50

Lobbying? Google funds EU academics and research groups, says report 16-03-2018 13:01

Merkel's New Interior Minister: "Islam Does Not Belong To Germany" 16-03-2018 08:05

Delingpole: Kudlow; Pompeo…Trump’s Picks Just Get Better and Better… 16-03-2018 07:25

All the Lonely People: Report Finds Social Media "Makes Teen Brains Sad" 16-03-2018 17:15

US Attorney General Sessions fires ex-FBI deputy director McCabe 17-03-2018 02:10

Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018 16-03-2018 09:43

Grassley, Graham, Cornyn, Tillis Request Second Special Counsel to Examine DOJ and FBI Actions on Trump-Russia Probe 15-03-2018 20:23

Historian: Silicon Valley Will Decide Future Election Winners Unless Conservatives Do Something 15-03-2018 07:54

EU Pushes More Censorship... To "Protect" You 15-03-2018 05:00

Russia Vows Response to 'Hostile Actions' by UK Over Skripal Case 15-03-2018 10:58

‘May’s crackdown on Russia aimed at boosting poor ratings at home’ – ex-London mayor to RT 14-03-2018 19:19

Trump Fires “Establishment” Tillerson, Replaces Him With Pompeo 13-03-2018 08:11

“Internet Bill of Rights” Gains Momentum 13-03-2018 10:27

Small Business Optimism Jumps to Highest Since 1983 13-03-2018 05:16

Italy´s Right-Wing Leader Says "EU Policies Robbed Us of Future & Hope" 13-03-2018 17:43

Assange: UK Foreign Office Gears Up for Propaganda War Against Russia 14-03-2018 16:54

Facebook bans Britain First as free speech row erupts on Twitter 14-03-2018 17:31

West launches massive campaign to kick ‘inconvenient’ Russia out of UN Security Council – Senator 14-03-2018 18:53

In Startling Reversal, Scientific American Counsels People to ‘Chill Out’ over Global Warming 12-03-2018 04:36

Snowden “On the Move” – QAnon 12-03-2018 10:18

FLASHBACK: EU Chief Juncker Called For Breakup of US – Now Vowing Trade War 12-03-2018 10:48

Who Dis? Smartphones Switch Off Our Brain, Make Us Do 'Stupid Things', Doc Warns 11-03-2018 18:15

Obama Cronies Form Anti-Trump National Security Think Tank 12-03-2018 17:21

EU Network of Think Tanks to Coordinate Search for Fake News Sources 13-03-2018 03:13

Biggest Tech Deal Ever Failed: Trump Blocks Broadcom's $117 Billion Merger Bid 13-03-2018 05:04

WATCH ‘Merkel Must Go’ Demo Faces Counter-Protesters in Hamburg 13-03-2018 12:53

‘What about freedom of speech?’ Twitter fury over MPs’ calls to ban RT 13-03-2018 10:25

Nets Give Less than a Minute to House Committee’s ‘No Collusion’ Findings 12-03-2018 23:36

Six in 10 Britons think Theresa May will fail to get good Brexit deal, exclusive new poll finds 12-03-2018 14:08

Conservative Activist, Journalist Lauren Southern Detained at Calais, Banned From Entering UK 12-03-2018 04:34

Documents Link Putin’s ‘Favorite’ Oligarch and Obama Official Who Aided Author of Anti-Trump Dossier 12-03-2018 07:37

Twitter Censors Drudge Tweet of Trump 2020 Slogan as ‘Sensitive Material’ 12-03-2018 07:09

Nigel Farage attacks EU as Donald Trump ‘stands up’ to Brussels 11-03-2018 16:26

Assange Warns: CIA Flooding Into Democratic Party For 2018 Midterms 10-03-2018 11:27

February Jobs Report Comes in Huge: 313,000 Jobs Added 09-03-2018 05:31

The FBI Now Admits It Could Have Prevented The Florida High School Shooting 09-03-2018 21:00

EXCLUSIVE: Left-wing Google Employees Urge Company to Disavow CPAC Over ‘Ethno Nationalism,’ ‘Hate’ 09-03-2018 09:11

China: ‘We Fully Commend and Support’ Trump Summit with Kim Jong-un 09-03-2018 09:57

Stephen K. Bannon To Speak At Major Front National Conference Rumoured To Rebrand Party 09-03-2018 14:12

Breaking! Trump to Big Tech: Stop Censoring Conservatives 08-03-2018 08:25

Confiscation: State Congress Orders Once Legal Owners to Turn in Guns 08-03-2018 15:59

US-EU 'Spiral of Protectionism' Must Be Prevented - German Industry Groups 09-03-2018 13:13

Trump’s Twitter is not on Putin’s radar, he uses ‘other means’ to express himself 10-03-2018 07:38

Europe awakens! Now young Belgians stand up to protect their culture and go viral 08-03-2018 15:09

Confirmed: Conservative Publishers Hit Hard By Facebook Algorithm Changes – Gateway Pundit Hit the Hardest 08-03-2018 07:59

Red Wave: Poll Shows Five Senate Democrats In Serious Trouble 08-03-2018 05:56

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Aiding Zionist Group’s Push to Oust McMaster 08-03-2018 03:52

AfD MPs in Damascus: Media Coverage of Syrian Conflict is Fundamentally Untrue 08-03-2018 16:51

This Is The Worst Purge Of Conservative Voices In The History Of The Internet 07-03-2018 11:30

Putin Says "US Political System Eating Itself Up", Explains Preparation For Nuclear War 07-03-2018 12:21

New patriotic Swedish party wants full immigration stop and active return policy 07-03-2018 13:34

6 Times Globalist Gary Cohn Tried to Derail Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda 06-03-2018 16:39

Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist 07-03-2018 01:59

Will Your AR-15 Protect You Against a Tyrannical Government? Yes, It Will 06-03-2018 16:51

Germans Will Have to Pay for 'Macron's Great Power Fantasies' - AfD Lawmaker 06-03-2018 20:16

Guide to the right: Where and how the right wing is rising in Europe 06-03-2018 22:18

Hungary Challenges United Nations Plan to Facilitate Global Mass Migration 05-03-2018 01:32

Salvini ‘Ready to Govern’ Italy, No Deal with 5-Star Movement 05-03-2018 09:08

Le Pen Piles Praise on Italian Lega Party's Leading Position After Elections 05-03-2018 18:44

'Merkel Must Go': WATCH Violent Demonstrations in Germany Enter Fifth Week 06-03-2018 09:56

Is Italy Headed for Its Own EU-Membership Vote? 05-03-2018 17:14

Euro Was and Remains a Mistake - Italian League Party's Salvini 05-03-2018 13:31

Italy: What Happens Next, And Why Goldman Just Soured On "European And Market Stability" 05-03-2018 09:31

Germany and YouTube try to censor increasing anti-Merkel protests in the country 04-03-2018 18:39

FASCISM IN ACTION: Here is the Tech Giant Purge List of Prominent Conservative Websites 04-03-2018 23:59

Ratings Collapse: Early Numbers Show Oscar Telecast Hit All-Time Low 05-03-2018 06:34

Infowars Under Attack… Major Brands Cut Ties With Alex Jones 04-03-2018 14:26

YouTube to Delete Alex Jones’ Channel Within 24 Hours **Updated** 03-03-2018 21:47

Putin's Ultimatum Is The Next Stage Of The War 02-03-2018 23:10

GOP Rep. Gaetz: ‘If Jeff Sessions Does Not Appoint a Second Special Counsel, Then We Need a New Attorney General’ 02-03-2018 21:49

LIVE UPDATES: The Winding Road to Rome: Italy Votes to Elect New Parliament 04-03-2018 08:55

Italy's election day: Eurosceptics, nativists & Berlusconi look to replace socialist coalition 04-03-2018 06:01

Social Democrat members approve ‘grand coalition’ with Merkel, pave way for her 4th term 04-03-2018 08:20

Czech Prime Minister: The EU will not dictate who should live in our country 03-03-2018 11:22

Flake: There Will Be a Republican Challenger to Trump in 2020 02-03-2018 14:35

French President Macron’s Disapproval Rating Hits 58% 02-03-2018 08:13

Paul Joseph Watson: YouTube Censors Conservatives Because the Left Can’t ‘Compete with Us’ 02-03-2018 15:39

‘US eyes encircling Russia with 400 anti-ballistic missiles’ – Russian deputy defense minister 03-03-2018 08:17

The Purge: YouTube Mass-Censors Conservatives, New Right, Classical Liberals 01-03-2018 10:26

Winning: American Manufacturing Soars at Fastest Rate Since 2004 01-03-2018 10:26

Conservative GOP Faction in Utah Affirms Rule that Could Disqualify Mitt Romney’s Senate Campaign 01-03-2018 11:54

Hard-Left Actively Driving Trump Supporters From Internet 01-03-2018 11:34

Marine Le Pen Charged Over Sharing Images of ISIS Brutality 01-03-2018 13:26

CONFIRMED: Algorithm Change Causes POTUS Trump’s Facebook Traffic to Plummet 45% – Sanders, Warren Traffic UNCHANGED! 28-02-2018 21:34

Delingpole: The Shocking True Story of How Global Warming Became the Biggest #FakeNews Scare of All Time (Pt 1) 28-02-2018 00:48

Italian election: Swing to the right & EU exit, or business as usual? 28-02-2018 15:38

Social media bow to pressure and censor dissident voices 27-02-2018 16:30

YouTube says it ‘accidentally’ shut down conservative channels 01-03-2018 08:08

Merkel's Party Backs Coalition Deal With Social Democrats 26-02-2018 17:45

Hungary's FM Says UN Rights Chief Must Resign Over Orban Racism Accusations 26-02-2018 22:01

Moldovan President: We Are Unlikely to Join EU 27-02-2018 02:08

Monica Lewinsky Opens Up on Affair With Clinton Causing Twitter Meltdown 27-02-2018 14:56

Gold Rush Vol. 2: Why is Russia Buying More Gold? 27-02-2018 15:29

85% of Americans unhappy with Congress, most think it serves lobbyists, not the people 27-02-2018 04:17

Right warns GOP agenda can’t stop at Trump’s tax law 27-02-2018 06:00

Trump Hits 50%! 25-02-2018 16:08

Blockchain will fuel next oil boom – here’s why 24-02-2018 05:23

‘Free Speech’ Suit Aims to End Twitter’s Political Censorship 23-02-2018 23:10

Video: James O’Keefe Tells C-SPAN Why MSM Is Dying 24-02-2018 13:46

Farage in the USA: ‘In the UK, people are beginning to get the Trump message’ 23-02-2018 15:13

German AfD leader: It’s a big mistake to punish Britain for Brexit, they shouldn’t be treated that way 24-02-2018 11:20

Republican 2018 Midterm Prospects Getting Brighter, Analysts Say at CPAC 23-02-2018 15:20

Tusk Mercilessly Roasted on Twitter for His 'Brexit is Pure Illusion' Remark 24-02-2018 12:07

‘Get ISIS and go home’: Trump bucks Pentagon & State Dept. on ultimate US goal in Syria 24-02-2018 01:24

Watch: These Infowars Videos Were Banned By YouTube 23-02-2018 17:43

Bulgaria and Hungary want secure EU borders and control of the migrant crisis 22-02-2018 13:32

Moscow Begins Crypto-Elections Testing: Thumbs Nose At U.S. 22-02-2018 20:35

Transatlantic Bromance: Farage to Praise Trump in Front of US Conservatives 22-02-2018 14:51

Merkel walks out of parliament after AfD leader lambasts her support for migrant quota system 22-02-2018 19:05

Italy's Lega Nord Leader Slams Merkel for 'Causing Damage' to the Country 21-02-2018 18:30

‘Big Bird Is Watching You’: Twitter Bans Bot Accounts Who Are Actually People 22-02-2018 02:26

Populists unite: Maréchal-Le Pen, Farage join the Trump show at CPAC 22-02-2018 11:31

REGULATING FAKE NEWS: Curing A Cold With Cyanide 22-02-2018 01:18

UK: Wages rise as influx of cheap foreign labour falls 21-02-2018 14:07

Exposing The UK's Hidden Role In Julian Assange's Detention 22-02-2018 05:00

Publishing platform Medium suspends far-right figures 21-02-2018 14:48

DHS to Publish Proof of Massive Dem Voter Fraud in 2016 – QAnon 20-02-2018 10:01

House Republicans launch 'Phase 2' of Trump dossier probe 20-02-2018 05:10

Newcomer Euroskeptic, anti-migrant party jumps to 2nd spot in Dutch polls 20-02-2018 15:42

‘Mass censorship’ v ‘bot purge’: Twitterati split over alleged crackdown on conservative voices 21-02-2018 09:58

Sarah Palin: Andrew Breitbart Helped Me Defend Myself When Fox News Wouldn’t Let Me on Air After Giffords Shooting 18-02-2018 10:41

Vice President Tours Border with Sen. Ted Cruz and DHS Secretary: ‘Build the Wall’ 19-02-2018 00:46

US must immediately leave area it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov 19-02-2018 07:32

Projected Right-Wing Rise in Italy Challenges Eurozone Unity 20-02-2018 12:41

CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally 19-02-2018 13:09

AfD Leader Calls on Party Supporters to Reject Violence 19-02-2018 15:20

‘Wicked practice’: EU pushes Balkans to choose either West or Russia, says Lavrov 19-02-2018 07:05

Trump retweet backlash hits Facebook's political strategy 19-02-2018 11:53

Sessions: FBI’s Handling Of The Dossier ‘Will Be Investigated’ [VIDEO] 18-02-2018 12:14

Sarah Palin on Florida School Shooting: ‘We Need to Discuss the Failure of the FBI,’ Not Second Amendment 17-02-2018 12:36

Schulz Stepping Down as SPD Leader Unlikely to Impact German Politics - Lawmaker 19-02-2018 13:07

Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack" 19-02-2018 07:51

Poll: 63% of UK business leaders support Brexit 17-02-2018 20:25

BOOM! President Trump Publicly Rips FBI and National Security Advisor McMaster Over Russia Investigation 17-02-2018 22:50

Angela Merkel’s longevity masks the disintegration of Germany’s political center 17-02-2018 14:27

Looming Italexit? Political Scientist Outlines Scenarios of March Italian Vote 16-02-2018 21:08

Belgian Court Orders Facebook to Stop Secret Tracking of Users Without Accounts 17-02-2018 01:27

FEC Democrats Waging "Underground" War On Drudge, Conservative Media 16-02-2018 20:55

Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls 16-02-2018 12:00

Russia ‘no threat,’ NATO expansion ‘dilutes effectiveness’ of bloc – ex-US defense secretary to RT 17-02-2018 04:26

White House Calls For Unity To Protect Democracy Following Mueller Indictment 16-02-2018 15:39

Donald Trump Addresses Florida School Shooting: ‘Answer Hate with Love, Answer Cruelty with Kindness’ 15-02-2018 08:57

Op-Ed: Et Tu, The Intercept? Smear Of Assange Murderously Timed 14-02-2018 12:00

Sharyl Attkisson: The “Fake News” Campaign Was a Pre-Planned Political Operation By Google’s Schmidt and Democrats 15-02-2018 23:33

Average Monthly Paycheck Rises $131 After Trump Tax Cut 15-02-2018 13:15

With Traffic Sliding, Facebook Unveils Its Latest Dirty Trick To Juice Engagement 15-02-2018 20:05

Assange Advocates Ask the Support of President Trump 15-02-2018 11:14

Deadlock Ends? Two Thirds of German Social Democrats Back Coalition – Poll 16-02-2018 07:08

Rise of Populism In Italy: Regional Vote Predicts Anti-EU Lega Nord to Win 15-02-2018 06:21

Google Extends War on by Demonetizing QAnon Videos 14-02-2018 10:38

Exclusive: ESPN Admits to Watching YOU Through Your TV 14-02-2018 12:30

Hillary Clinton Advisor: New World Order Will Survive Trump 14-02-2018 13:05

Shock Poll Finds Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Has Turned Into a Drought 14-02-2018 13:22

Gowdy says he's leaving Congress because he likes jobs 'where facts matter' 14-02-2018 10:42

Right on Cue: Liberals Demand Gun Control After Florida School Shooting 14-02-2018 18:33

Italy's anti-corruption Five Star Movement facing allegations of... corruption 14-02-2018 15:07

Will Israeli PM be indicted? ‘Netanyahu uses Trumpian tactics against opponents’ 14-02-2018 16:29

Russophobia a futile bid to conceal US, European decline 13-02-2018 15:47

Assange Compares Letter Sent To Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife To Similar Package Delivered To Embassy 12-02-2018 12:00

'Stop Soros' Anti-Immigration Bill Submitted to Hungarian Parliament 14-02-2018 15:20

Germany's 'Hate Speech' Law May Evolve Into Wide Censorship - Watchdog 14-02-2018 14:50

Whistleblower: Stock Market ‘Fear Gauge’ Is Being Manipulated 13-02-2018 18:02

Your Facebook Data Is Creepy As Hell... 13-02-2018 20:50

Exclusive: Leftist Google Employees Conspire To Undermine Breitbart’s Ad Revenue 13-02-2018 10:05

Trump, Putin talk Palestinian peace efforts, North Korea's nukes 12-02-2018 06:47

Magistrate in UK Denies Assange Freedom to Leave Embassy 13-02-2018 10:51

We Did the Math: Democrats Have Slim Chances in Midterms 13-02-2018 09:23

‘This Was a Horrible Decision’: UK Judge Upholds Assange Arrest Warrant 14-02-2018 03:51

I'm Against European Super-State - EU's Juncker 14-02-2018 14:55

'France will strike' if proof found chemical weapons used in Syria - president 13-02-2018 20:01

In a surprise, global CEOs favor tech protectionism 13-02-2018 12:46

Google’s Monopoly Threatens Economic And Political Competitors 13-02-2018 02:57

Deutsche Bank Turns To Millennials To Save Its Flagging Equities Business 13-02-2018 02:05

Former Defense Minister: Illuminati Is Real & Secretly Running World 12-02-2018 14:55

One Of The Largest Consumer Brands In The World Threatens To Ditch Google, Facebook 12-02-2018 16:04

Wife of Trump's Son Hospitalized - Reports 12-02-2018 21:31

Facial recognition software discriminates against those with darker skin – study 12-02-2018 16:53

UK court to rule on Assange arrest warrant... again 13-02-2018 08:03

Ignoring Human Rights Abuses, Mainstream Media Gush Over North Korea’s ‘Charm’ 12-02-2018 02:26

New Name, Bigger Plans: Le Pen Announces Plan to 'Rebrand' National Front Party 12-02-2018 14:04

World Needs to Wake Up to Who Soros Really Is – Nigel Farage 12-02-2018 13:59

Not all Russia’s fault! Meet the foreign billionaires pulling Britain’s political strings 12-02-2018 14:06

Assange mocks Newsweek journalist duped by fake Twitter account 11-02-2018 16:15

Soros ‘proud supporter’ of plans to scupper Brexit 11-02-2018 13:03

James O’Keefe Slams Mainstream Media For ‘Mercilessly And Viciously’ Attacking Conservatives [VIDEO] 10-02-2018 22:48

9/11 and The Very Deep State 08-02-2018 10:57

Drain It: Trump Announces Brutal Changes to Gov’t Worker Pay 10-02-2018 08:18

Putin urges Netanyahu to avoid dangerous escalation following Syria raids 10-02-2018 23:23

Martin Armstrong Asks "Is George Soros One Of The Greatest Threats Against Society?" 10-02-2018 11:05

Geert Wilders: Our cabinet is selling out our country to Brussels and to Islam 10-02-2018 10:49

Farage: Money Soros Gave to Anti-Brexit Campaign Is ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’ 09-02-2018 06:21

Fox News Caves to Leftist Pressure, Pulls Their Own Editor’s Op-Ed Decrying Identity Politics at Olympics 09-02-2018 19:33

News Corp CEO Admits He Wants Internet Censored So News Corp Can Make More Money 09-02-2018 10:53

Numbers Don’t Lie, People Love Trump’s Economy Way More Than Obama’s 09-02-2018 17:07

French Left Opposition Leader Melenchon Urges Paris to Grant Assange Asylum 09-02-2018 16:39

German AfD Party to Set Up Newsroom in Spring to Bypass 'Fake News' 09-02-2018 16:54

Social media giants ‘just don’t get it’: UK ‘fake news’ committee has no success in the US 09-02-2018 16:00

World’s biggest franchise: Who profits from the Olympic Games? 09-02-2018 12:55

Uranium One: Nuclear scandal fallout hits FBI & Clintons 08-02-2018 21:29

ROGER STONE: Free Julian Assange, Mr. President 09-02-2018 01:53

Yale Researchers Accidentally Expose Facebook’s Bias Against Conservative Media 08-02-2018 13:18

Smoking Gun: Obama’s Name Edited Out of FBI Statement Clearing Hillary 08-02-2018 13:06

Justin Trudeau’s Chief Adviser Triggered by Infowars Video 08-02-2018 11:50

Martin Schulz wants to be Germany’s FM, but can the EU dinosaur reinvent himself? 08-02-2018 17:32

WaPo Casts Doubt on Democratic Prospects in 2018 Midterms 08-02-2018 10:37

Bombshell: DOJ, FBI Continued to Spy on Trump in White House 08-02-2018 10:08

Washington Post Upset That Trump Immigration Plan Will Keep Whites a Majority For a Few More Years 08-02-2018 06:33

Vast Majority of Under-35 Italians Now Oppose Mass Migration 08-02-2018 02:15

‘Hungary First’: Orbán Vows to ‘Fight Those Who Want to Change the Christian Identity of Europe’ 08-02-2018 01:57

Trump’s Approval Rating Is Starting To Really Go Up 08-02-2018 05:35

Surge in support for president Trump’s visit to the UK 08-02-2018 00:08

FBI texts suggest Comey could have lied under oath, staffers used Gmail for official business 07-02-2018 18:40

Report: Evidence Exists to Charge Schiff With Treason – QAnon 07-02-2018 10:10

Over 2,000 Germans March Against Mass Migration in City Experiencing Wave of Migrant Crime 07-02-2018 02:10

Latest FBI Texts: ‘Hillbillys,’ ‘OUR Task,’ Obama ‘Wants to Know Everything’ 07-02-2018 05:24

Germany Takes the Lead in Breaking EU Rules 06-02-2018 21:49

Poll: 73% of Republicans Believe FBI & DOJ Working to ‘Delegitimize’ Trump 06-02-2018 12:59

Report: Booming Foreign-Born Population Handing Over Electoral Dominance to Democrats 06-02-2018 20:11

Report: Bill Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia’s Seat During Tarmac Meeting – QAnon 06-02-2018 11:03

Execute Order 666: Stock Market Plunge Globalist Signal To Trump? 06-02-2018 13:33

Assange: Claims UK Court Arrest Warrant Upheld 'Fake News', Hearing Is Underway 06-02-2018 17:19

'Grand coalition' deal reached, new German government awaits ratification - reports 07-02-2018 09:33

Arrest warrant upheld in Julian Assange case 06-02-2018 14:18

German Politicians ‘Alarmed’ at Scale of Anti-Christian Hate Attacks 05-02-2018 01:15

Trump Attorneys Approve Second Special Counsel To Probe FBI and DOJ 05-02-2018 14:58

Deep State Mobile: Google Helps Lead the Charge For Socialized 5G That Would Eliminate Internet Privacy 05-02-2018 18:09

Michael Savage Thinks Stock Market Plunge is a Deep State Plot to Destroy Trump 06-02-2018 06:39

'Great Information War' Against Russia Begins to Crumble – Politician 05-02-2018 20:55

Court Hearing on Assange's Appeal Against UK Arrest Warrant to Be Held Feb. 6 06-02-2018 08:33

Is political pressure behind YouTube’s video labeling? 06-02-2018 01:24

Tony Blair warned of ‘deep state’ conspiracy in UK civil service – ex-Cameron aide 06-02-2018 12:17

Netanyahu vs Soros: Billionaire accused of trying to thwart Israel's migrant-deportation plan 06-02-2018 08:31

Nightmare on Wall Street: US markets suffer worst single-day decline in history 06-02-2018 10:05

Global Smart Phone Sales Suffer Biggest-Ever Quarterly Drop 05-02-2018 02:45

IREXIT: The Irish Answer to Leaving the EU 04-02-2018 01:54

ASSANGE: Twitter bots boosting McCain attacks on FISA memo release, Trump 04-02-2018 07:57

‘Tough Hours Ahead’ as Merkel Struggles to Pin Down 4th Term Gov’t Coalition 04-02-2018 22:53

Secret Masonic Lodges for politicians and journalists operating at Westminster 05-02-2018 09:48

House GOP: More memos to come 04-02-2018 22:15

Canada Changing National Anthem to Remove Male Pronouns to Make Lyrics ‘Gender Neutral’ 02-02-2018 19:07

Germany's Coalition-Forming Marathon Enters Final Stretch 04-02-2018 09:58

The 1% Gets A Scare - More To Come? 03-02-2018 18:40

Nunes: FISA Memo Just "Phase One," Now Targeting State Department In "Phase Two" 03-02-2018 18:55

16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo the Media Do Not Want You to Know About 03-02-2018 07:25

Gregg Jarrett: Criminal Acts by Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein, etc. Could Get 10 Years in Prison #FISAmemo (VIDEO) 02-02-2018 19:06

WATERGATE X1000: What The MSM Is Hoping YOU Ignore About FISA MEMO Is More Than Dangerous, It’s TERRIFYING 02-02-2018 19:32

Former Judge: Ohr, Comey Could Be Held In Contempt Of Court For Misrepresentations 02-02-2018 17:22

GOP Reps Seek Criminal Prosecution Of FBI, DOJ Officials For "Full Throated" Illegal Misconduct And "Treason" 02-02-2018 21:30

Hillary Clinton Email Archive 02-02-2018 12:00

Rex Tillerson Warns Latin America: Don’t Trust ‘Predatory’ China 02-02-2018 11:26

Hannity: Manafort, Flynn charges 'need to be dropped' 02-02-2018 22:12

Making Freedom a Bit Tighter: YouTube Starts Labeling State-Sponsored Videos 03-02-2018 03:32

Turkish 'Olive Branch': General Staff on Results of Offensive in Afrin 03-02-2018 15:10

FISA Memo Released: Here's What It Says 02-02-2018 12:02

Republican memo: What you need to know about alleged FBI & DOJ abuses 02-02-2018 17:38

The Nunes memo has been released 02-02-2018 19:34

Speaker Ryan Backs Trump Decision To Release FISA Memo Friday, Congress "Doing Its Job Of Oversight" 02-02-2018 04:44

Europe's "Fake News" Crusade to "Protect" You From Free Speech 02-02-2018 05:00

Five of the Best Examples of Left-wing Bias on Wikipedia in 2017 01-02-2018 14:18

Congressman: FISA Memo Will ‘Shake FBI to its Core’ 01-02-2018 14:02

More Germans Scramble to Buy Weapons as They Feel 'Very Unsafe' - Reports 02-02-2018 11:13

US Media Publications Ranking Q4 2017 30-01-2018 13:53

Delingpole: It’s Over. Now Even Democrats Give up on ‘Climate Change’ 31-01-2018 05:23

Facebook Tumbles After Daily Users Miss, Zuck Warns Users Spending Less Time On Site 31-01-2018 16:16

Google Senior VP Urs Hölzle Threatens to ‘Identify’ Whistleblowers 30-01-2018 13:36

WATCH: German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Increased Violence Against Women as a Result of Mass Migration 01-02-2018 01:13

Dumbing Down: Swedish Brain Researcher Blames IQ Drop on Tablets, TV 31-01-2018 11:45

Germany's CDU-SPD Deal on Migrants Family Reunion Freeze Insufficient - AfD 31-01-2018 19:14

Whistleblower: Democrats Oppose Nunes Memo Release on Partisan Grounds 01-02-2018 03:44

Trump forced to talk about Russia in negative terms, ‘deep state’ is to blame – Senator Black to RT 01-02-2018 07:20

Facebook Bans Bitcoin, ICO Ads 30-01-2018 14:26

Facebook Plans to Prioritize Local News to ‘Build Community’ 30-01-2018 09:56

State Media: Human Rights ‘Has Completely Failed to Appeal to Chinese People’ 30-01-2018 10:54

Trump Supporting Italian Populist Leader: Islam Endangers Italy, Vows to Fortify Borders 31-01-2018 01:38

Trump Says He Will “100 Per Cent” Release the FISA Memo 31-01-2018 06:47

Is television heading for ‘dump on Trump’ overload? 31-01-2018 06:00

'Brilliant Idea' on Assange, Ecuador and Britain: Is the Matter Headed to ICJ? 31-01-2018 13:24

Apple faces US govt probe over performance-destroying iPhone update – reports 31-01-2018 11:01

Breaking down Trump's 1st State of the Union address 31-01-2018 01:32

Aussie PM Applauds Trump Leadership, Says Economic Reforms Benefiting the World 29-01-2018 02:56

Farage: The EU’s Goal is Assimilation 29-01-2018 13:01

FAKE NEWS: Public Broadcaster Admits To Increasing Booing Sounds During Trump Davos Speech 29-01-2018 15:02

House Intel votes to release controversial surveillance memo to the public 29-01-2018 09:14

House Intel meets Monday and could vote on memo release 29-01-2018 09:56

Gowdy Drops Big Hints About FISA Memo: Dossier Funding, FBI Misuse, And Hillary's Relationship To Chris Steele 28-01-2018 17:00

Monday’s Scheduled Committee Vote on FISA Memo Opens Door for Trump Readout at SOTU 28-01-2018 18:09

‘Can’t Get Rid of Me That Easy’: Sean Hannity Responds After Twitter Account Is Mysteriously ‘Compromised’ 28-01-2018 15:35

Meet Europe's Latest Threat: She Is A Blue-Eyed Blonde Who Wants "Finland First" 28-01-2018 18:05

Major Swedish Newspapers Set to Editorially Collaborate to Fight ‘Fake News’ Ahead of Election 28-01-2018 07:22

Trump on Appeaser Theresa’s Brexit Negotiations: ‘I Would Have Taken a Tougher Stand’ 28-01-2018 05:21

EXCLUSIVE – Jackie Mason: Grammys A Competition ‘About Who Hates Trump More’ 28-01-2018 11:04

Trump Ignores DOJ Warning, Notifies Sessions He Wants FISA Memo Released 27-01-2018 23:24

Farage: Businesses Will Invest In U.S. Despite Globalists Mocking ‘America First’ 27-01-2018 12:30

Right-Wingers Want an End to Anti-Russian Sanctions Ahead of Italian Elections 27-01-2018 12:47

Franklin Graham warns of deep state coup against President Trump 25-01-2018 09:41

Assange May Be Free to Leave London Feb. 6 26-01-2018 10:35

Google Looking to Control Local Newspapers 26-01-2018 15:49

Deep state takedown? Fan fury after Sean Hannity’s Twitter account disappears 27-01-2018 09:48

US promises Turkey to stop arming Syrian Kurds – media 27-01-2018 12:49

Russian economy under Putin: Quality of life tripled, foreign debt fell 75% 27-01-2018 05:55

George Soros Brands Trump 'A Danger to the World' at Davos, Sets Twitter Afire 26-01-2018 09:06

Assange ‘hypothetically’ free if he wins arrest warrant appeal – British Prosecution Service 26-01-2018 08:57

Donald Trump: It’s Not About Globalism in Davos; It’s About Business 25-01-2018 13:04

‘Addictive’ social media should be regulated like tobacco industry – tech CEO Benioff 26-01-2018 00:29

DOJ recovers missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Strzok and Page 25-01-2018 02:05

Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, According To First Leak 25-01-2018 00:32

DOJ Finally Acts, Opens Huge Investigation Into FBI 24-01-2018 10:50

Globalists Unite: Elites Target Trump, Nationalism At Davos 24-01-2018 12:06

Ankara Believes Too Early to Discuss US Proposal on Security Zone in Syria 25-01-2018 12:45

Hannity: DOJ has started recovering missing FBI texts, DOJ sources say 25-01-2018 10:15

Faith in FBI Plummets as 49 Percent Plurality Demands Special Prosecutor 24-01-2018 08:35

Republicans On House Intel ‘Moving Strongly’ Toward Releasing Nunes FISA Memo 23-01-2018 14:16

The American Stake In The Czech Elections 24-01-2018 03:30

Facebook Employee Says New ‘Trust’ Algorithm Will Prevent Infowars & Breitbart ‘Gaming’ the System 23-01-2018 08:44

O’Keefe Tears into Twitter Censorship 23-01-2018 10:16

Drudge: ‘Time To Call Out Wolff On His Bulls**t’ About Trump 23-01-2018 11:20

New TPP Pact May Be Signed in March Without US Participation - Reports 23-01-2018 16:02

US Attorney General Interviewed by Mueller in Russia Investigation - Reports 23-01-2018 22:30

Turkish, Russian Presidents Discuss Recent Developments in Syria in Phone Talks 23-01-2018 22:45

Berlusconi, Italeave, & How To Checkmate Germany 23-01-2018 03:30

Total and Complete Surrender: Democrats’ Schumer Shutdown Cave Endangers Leftists, Emboldens GOP Walking into Midterm Elections 22-01-2018 16:10

Rupert Murdoch Wants Facebook to Pay Him and Squash Alternative Media 22-01-2018 20:23

Treason: QAnon Exposes Obama/Hillary 16-year Coup d’état Plan 22-01-2018 15:26

Davos 2018: Elites to save the world at cocktail party schmooze-fest 23-01-2018 05:18

BREAKING: Thousands of New Strzok-Page Text Messages Reference “SECRET SOCIETY” Within DOJ and FBI WORKING AGAINST TRUMP (VIDEO) 22-01-2018 19:52

Chairmen Devin Nunes & Trey Gowdy Plot “Never-Before-Used Procedure” To #ReleaseTheMemo 21-01-2018 14:18

Ministry of Truth: UK Govt to Set up ‘Rapid Response’ Fake News Unit 21-01-2018 11:42

Italian Election Favourite Blasts Brussels: ‘The EU Can Go F*ck Itself’ 20-01-2018 03:41

German Social Democrats Say 'Yes' to Coalition Talks With Merkel 21-01-2018 20:00

'Netherlands is our country’: Right-wing Wilders leads march ‘against Islamisation’ (VIDEO) 21-01-2018 19:00

Degeneration App: Never being offline is a double-edged sword 21-01-2018 14:45

GOP bouncing back in 2018 polls after tax cuts 21-01-2018 15:20

Republicans Have Four Easy Ways To #ReleaseTheMemo...Not Doing So Will Prove Them Shameless Frauds 20-01-2018 22:25

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton: Russia Collusion Probe Is FBI ‘Corruption’ at Its Worst 20-01-2018 17:03

Now That The Government Has Shut Down, Here's What Actually "Shuts Down" 20-01-2018 09:12

Turkey to Create 30-Km Security Zone in Syria, PM Confirms Start of Ground Op 21-01-2018 12:01

Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police 19-01-2018 22:45

The #Resistance Trump ignited will shape politics for a generation 20-01-2018 05:00

'Your Password Please': US Border Guards Will Search Your Smartphone 19-01-2018 13:36

President Trump Snubs Meeting Britain’s May at Davos, Yet Finds Time for France’s Macron 19-01-2018 04:08

‘Data on Everybody’: Whistleblower Warns of Massive Scope of US Surveillance 20-01-2018 03:29

HERE IT IS=> Complete List of President Trump’s Historic Accomplishments His First Year in Office! 20-01-2018 07:48

Congressman Confident Bombshell FISA Abuse Memo Will Be Released Soon 19-01-2018 09:31

WikiLeaks on Claims of Farage Passing Info to Assange: 'GoT or Emails?' 20-01-2018 10:14

Can you hear me now?: NSA can find & track people with ‘voice-matching technology’ 20-01-2018 06:03

Facebook to favor ‘trustworthy’ news sources – Zuckerberg 20-01-2018 01:51

Google Suspends Fact Check Project, Crediting TheDCNF Investigation With Decision 19-01-2018 13:16

House rejects Democratic effort to impeach Trump as shutdown looms 19-01-2018 11:17

‘SH*T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama 18-01-2018 18:56

Davos 2018: What You Need to Know About the Globalist Confab 18-01-2018 06:56

Hidden Legal Clause Could Allow Britain to Remain Part of the Europe Club 18-01-2018 18:18

Soros Feels 'More Than Ready' to Strike Back at His Global Political Opponents 18-01-2018 21:13

Spreading Fake News Instead of Stopping: EFJ Slams Macron's Proposed Media Bill 19-01-2018 02:19

'Unfavorable News and Speculation': Bitcoin Will Rally Again Traders Predict 19-01-2018 09:46

‘No other option’: Ankara will carry out military op in Syria’s Afrin, defense minister says 19-01-2018 09:17

Social media alarm over YouTube revenue rule change 18-01-2018 19:39

European Commission to Issue Plan on Tackling Foreign Fake News 18-01-2018 00:09

The coming 25th amendment play to take down Trump 17-01-2018 09:06

Survey: Americans Very Concerned About Liberal Media Bias, ‘Fake News’ 17-01-2018 20:03

Julian Assange Confidant Offers Rare Glimpse Into the ‘Secretive World’ of WikiLeaks 17-01-2018 21:29

Deep State, in Panic, Tries to Drop Fusion GPS Dossier, As Predicted by QAnon 17-01-2018 10:40

US Senators Ask Gov't to Explain Lack of Foreign Agent Status for Chinese Media 17-01-2018 13:02

Pretty much everyone working at Twitter is politically biased – Project Veritas to RT 16-01-2018 20:13

Pope Francis hit in face by object thrown from crowd before mass in Chile (VIDEO) 17-01-2018 14:01

EU finally realizing it’s also to blame for Brexit – Senior MEP (VIDEO) 18-01-2018 11:28

Buses with Apple, Google employees pelted with stones in California 18-01-2018 08:09

End of world? British scientists challenge UN global warming predictions 18-01-2018 09:07

Trump Announces 2017 Fake News Award Winners 17-01-2018 19:18

Bannon to tell-all again — this time to Mueller 17-01-2018 11:56

From plagiarism to fake news, US mainstream media has lost the plot 17-01-2018 03:10

Tech Giants Take Out Another Prominent Conservative Site=> Right Wing News to Shut Down 16-01-2018 15:50

Mapping Bitcoin's Legality Around The World 17-01-2018 04:15

James O’Keefe: Twitter’s Censorship Algorithm Targets ‘Breitbart Audience’ 15-01-2018 22:00

Swedish MSM Boss to Join EU Fake News Task Force 16-01-2018 01:40

Facebook CEO’s Mentor: ‘Making You Afraid Is Really Good for Facebook’s Business’ 16-01-2018 15:04

BlackRock’s Betrayal: #Woke Wall Street Pushes Leftist Agenda on Corporate America 16-01-2018 18:04

Salvini, Italy's "Farage" Threatens Brussels With "Italexit" Ahead of Elections 16-01-2018 17:32

Net neutrality revival may hinge on 1 vote in Senate 17-01-2018 02:01

'Battle for sovereignty': Swiss party kicks off campaign to scrap Free Movement deal with EU 17-01-2018 00:57

MSM, Twitter balk at Trump’s ‘excellent’ mental & physical health, ‘incredibly good genes’ 17-01-2018 01:30

Never Mind Mueller, Fire Rosenstein Now 15-01-2018 11:45

Ex-CIA Agent: Deep State ‘Terrified’ Of Trump, ‘Want Him Taken Out’ 15-01-2018 14:09

Polexit? New Iron Curtain divides Europe, with conservative East v liberal West 15-01-2018 15:03

Bitcoin price manipulated from $150 to $1,000 by single actor – researchers 16-01-2018 02:22

Soros Pledges Renewed Fight Against ‘Dominant Ideology’ of Nationalism, Says EU ‘on Verge of Breakdown’ 15-01-2018 09:30

Attorney: Google Has “Re-Education” Camps for Its Conservative Employees 14-01-2018 11:39

“Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, @Jack”: James O’Keefe Fires Off Another Ominous Warning At Twitter CEO (VIDEO) 14-01-2018 23:05

Rosemary Jenks: Dems Have ‘Interest’ in ‘Maintaining Status Quo on Immigration’ to Ensure ‘Future Democrat Voters’ 14-01-2018 13:09

PICTURES: Historic German Church Demolished as Mosques Multiply Across the Country 14-01-2018 11:19

Apple facing legal battle in Russia over slowing down older iPhones 15-01-2018 10:39

Trump's nightmare 14-01-2018 14:03

A Major Study Just Ranked Media Bias Around The World 13-01-2018 17:09

Thanks to Tax Cuts, 90 Percent of Workers Likely to See More $$ in Paychecks by February 12-01-2018 21:30

About Half of Germans Dissatisfied With Preliminary Govt Formation Talks Outcome 14-01-2018 06:53

‘We could lose the historic victory’: Farage fears Brexit reversal 14-01-2018 11:52

Facebook stock plunges on news feed overhaul 12-01-2018 15:12

Bombshell Undercover Video: Twitter Engineers Admit Censoring Conservatives 11-01-2018 09:39

Project Veritas Claims Twitter is Suppressing Pro-Trump, Right-Wing Tweets 11-01-2018 22:06

Ecuador Grants Assange a Passport to Travel Internationally 11-01-2018 14:52

French Media Pushing Pro-Migrant Narrative: Claims It is ‘Beautiful’ To Be ‘Invaded By Migrants’ 12-01-2018 02:06

Inside Documents Prove Google Managers Hated Conservatives, Even Kept Blacklist 11-01-2018 13:41

Russia-China Trade Up 20.8% in 2017 12-01-2018 07:53

German Coalition Paper: Parties Vow to Enhance EU in Close Alliance With France 12-01-2018 11:35

US meddling, Kim’s win & bitcoin bubble: Top 5 Putin quotes from meeting with press 11-01-2018 21:36

Facebook makes drastic changes for ‘more meaningful’ News Feed 12-01-2018 05:11

Fake News: Reuters Says South Korea ‘Prepares to Ban’ Bitcoin — Years from Now, if Lawmakers Write a Bill 11-01-2018 05:24

Report: McCain Was Used as Fusion GPS Secret Operative 10-01-2018 11:02

'It Will Be a Hard Day': Merkel on Stalled Government Coalition Talks 11-01-2018 11:37

EU mulls growth into Western Balkans in 2025 but regional disputes threaten ‘ambitious’ timeline 11-01-2018 00:33

Russia’s largest bank opens blockchain lab 11-01-2018 11:03

'My mind is actually changing’: Nigel Farage calls for a second Brexit referendum 11-01-2018 12:02

S. Korea readies ban on cryptocurrency trading as police & tax agency raid exchanges 11-01-2018 03:58

Ecuador Issues Assange a Passport as Plan Develops to Remove Him from London Safely 10-01-2018 15:51

Poll: Voters' perception of economy at record high 10-01-2018 14:43

Steve Bannon Forced Out at Breitbart 10-01-2018 00:23

Special Counsel’s Authority to Be Challenged in Questioning Trump - Attorney 10-01-2018 03:51

Senate bill to reverse net neutrality repeal gains 30th co-sponsor, ensuring floor vote 08-01-2018 13:10

Toyota, Mazda to Build $1.6 billion Plant in Alabama 09-01-2018 17:05

Russian Defense Ministry May Transfer All Computers to Russian Software 09-01-2018 03:23

BBC slammed for paying foreign correspondents more than British ambassadors 10-01-2018 12:21

Tolerance preachers fail to see irony of their own glaring intolerance 10-01-2018 12:23

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites 09-01-2018 12:04

6 Months After Angela Merkel Lectured Trump on Global Warming, Germany Abandons Its Climate Goals 08-01-2018 14:44

Google Bans Alex Jones From Its Properties, Says Lawsuit 08-01-2018 17:58

Sacked Engineer Damore Sues Google For Bias Against Conservative White Males 09-01-2018 09:50

Brexit is going ahead and it’ll cost other EU countries billions – Jean-Claude Juncker 09-01-2018 10:21

France opens probe into Apple over slowing down older iPhones 09-01-2018 10:21

Donald Trump: 2018 Republican Challengers to Mitch McConnell Establishment ‘Have Scattered’ 08-01-2018 07:38

Trump to Counterattack Deep State in 2018 08-01-2018 11:24

'French people don’t need Big Brother to debunk fake news for them' 07-01-2018 12:09

Merkel starts grand coalition talks as poll show 52% wants her off the ballot in 'new election' 07-01-2018 19:56

Russia-China combined gold reserves could shake US dominance in global economy - expert tells RT 08-01-2018 07:19

Blue State Blues: Why Isn’t Mitt Romney Running for Senate in Massachusetts? 05-01-2018 10:28

US Tech Giants Target FCC Over Net Neutrality Plan 06-01-2018 00:05

Trump-Bannon Battle Heats Up: Former Ally ‘Wants the President to Fail’ 05-01-2018 03:17

Apple: All iPhones, Macs, and iPads Are Affected by Meltdown and Spectre CPU Bugs 05-01-2018 07:41

Trump Follows Infowars’ Lead With ‘Fake News Awards’ Ceremony 03-01-2018 14:18

White House Bans Staff From Using Personal Mobile Phones at Work 04-01-2018 07:55

New Bill Would Force U. Nebraska to Guarantee Free Speech on Campus 05-01-2018 10:19

My New Year Resolution is to 'Fix' Facebook, Says Founder Mark Zuckerberg 05-01-2018 17:26

Four Key Stumbling Blocks in Upcoming Talks to Form German Coalition 05-01-2018 20:59

'Vision of censure: Macron's 'fake news' fighting undermines France's democracy' 05-01-2018 15:51

Instagram tacitly blocks Moscow’s Botanical Garden account with about 300,000 followers 05-01-2018 17:32

Wall Street Journal needs a new Moscow bureau chief - only opponents of Russia need apply 05-01-2018 13:01

Trump disavows Bannon, says former campaign strategist ‘lost his mind’ 03-01-2018 18:27

Case for Trump to Pardon Assange Gaining Momentum 03-01-2018 11:28

Bitcoin Soars Above $15,000 After WSJ Reports Peter Thiel Makes "Monster Bet" 02-01-2018 18:40

French President Macron Demands Anti-Fake-News Law "To Protect Democracy" 03-01-2018 12:55

Deep State’s Plan ‘C’: Murder Donald Trump 03-01-2018 10:39

James Comey Calls for Leaders to Protect Justice Department, FBI (From Trump) 03-01-2018 22:01

An Open Letter to the Editors of The Times and The Herald: From Russia With Love 03-01-2018 19:55

Germans trust cops more than bankers & media, New Year survey finds 03-01-2018 11:16

Will Trump Pardon Julian Assange? 02-01-2018 11:22

Merkel Still Seeking a Government as She Prepares for 13th New Year's Address 31-12-2017 15:53

Freemasons in British police ‘obstacle’ to reform – ex-chief 02-01-2018 10:28

Video: CNN Reporter Holds Joints, Lights Bong for Pot Smoker on Live New Year’s Eve Broadcast 01-01-2018 00:23

‘Humiliated’: 2017 the Year of ‘Demise’ for Europe’s Centre-Left, Declare Left-Wing Papers 29-12-2017 10:43

Wasinger: Trump’s Mastery of Culture Wars 29-12-2017 11:30

Right Wing Populism Could Become ‘New Normal’, No End in Sight For Surge: Tony Blair Institute 29-12-2017 10:50

‘Old friends’ or fascists? Erdogan changes his tune on European Union 29-12-2017 17:07

Hungarian prime minister to address Merkel-allied party 29-12-2017 13:14

Matt Drudge Touts POTUS Trump’s Year-End Approval Rating in Rare Tweet 28-12-2017 21:08

Goldman Sachs expects $5 billion hit from tax overhaul in 4Q 29-12-2017 03:59

30% of Germans & French embrace ‘radical’ United States of Europe concept – survey 29-12-2017 02:45

Five Things Trump Has Done to Fight the United Nations — and Three Ways He Has Surrendered 26-12-2017 16:56

Islamic State Has Lost Most of Its ‘Caliphate,’ Bulk of It Since Trump Took Gloves Off Military 27-12-2017 12:39

QAnon Exposes Dem Conspiracy to Frame Trump, Claims Google’s Schmidt Played Pivotal Role 27-12-2017 10:59

Macron in hot water over labor plan that targets unemployed, not unemployment 28-12-2017 01:41

Spanish parents may spy on kids’ WhatsApp chats, court rules 28-12-2017 05:38

Merry Brexmas: Support for Staying in the EU Collapses to 39 Per Cent 27-12-2017 05:49

Trump’s America Booming as Retailers See Historic Rise 27-12-2017 08:04

Apple facing trillion dollar lawsuit for reducing processing speed of aging iPhones 27-12-2017 14:36

Why Is Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt Technically Serving In The Department Of Defense? 24-12-2017 15:24

Some Are Calling This ‘The Bitcoin Crash’, But Others Believe It Is Just A Bump In The Road On The Way To $40,000 26-12-2017 06:15

Assange’s handle re-emerges after ‘Twitter oddities’ & weird US Navy post 25-12-2017 18:46

Assange’s Twitter account mysteriously goes dark 25-12-2017 10:22

WikiLeaks Founder's Twitter Account Deleted From Microblog Platform 25-12-2017 11:45

EXCLUSIVE: How A Pro-Trump Group Will Troll ‘Morning Joe’ For A Whole Week — First Round Planned For Christmas Day 23-12-2017 22:37

EU Militarizes Africa To Halt Migration 24-12-2017 08:00

Eli Lake: Nikki Haley Rocks UN 23-12-2017 14:05

Nolte: Trump’s Wildly Successful First Year Again Exposes #NeverTrump as Amoral Saboteurs 21-12-2017 10:52

WSJ: Google-Facebook Duopoly Is a ‘Threat to Diversity of Thought’ 19-12-2017 12:35

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic Among Those Defying EU Consensus Abstaining From UN Jerusalem Embassy Vote 21-12-2017 09:57

Is Facebook Using Your Phone’s Camera And Microphone To Spy On You? 22-12-2017 05:07

‘Not the world’s gendarme’: Putin says Russia will scale down military spending 22-12-2017 13:03

Eric Schmidt Steps Aside as Head of Google 22-12-2017 05:40

Developing: Trump Personally Declares War on UN, Doubles Down on Haley Statement 21-12-2017 13:00

Apple sued for deliberately slowing down older iPhones 22-12-2017 11:02

Cryptocurrency Heatmap: A Sea Of Red As Bitcoin Crashes To $10,000 Handle 22-12-2017 08:27

Hillary In The Crosshairs As DOJ Prosecutors Begin Asking FBI Agents About Uranium One 21-12-2017 08:23

Trump: ‘Obamacare Has Been Repealed In This Bill’ 20-12-2017 10:07

Twitter Exec: "No Longer Possible to Stand Up For All Speech" 20-12-2017 10:42

EU Fears ‘Unfair’ U.S. Tax Bill Will Incentivise Companies to Move to America 21-12-2017 05:04

More Tax Winning: Comcast Announces Employee Bonuses, $50 Billion in Investment 20-12-2017 16:48

Hungary Vows to Veto Possible EU Anti-Poland Sanctions 20-12-2017 17:52

EU Extends Economic Sanctions Against Russia for 6 Months - Council of EU 21-12-2017 17:20

Polish president ignores EU sanctions warnings, signs justice reform package into law 20-12-2017 20:18

Facebook drops ineffective ‘disputed articles’ tag in fight against fake news 21-12-2017 15:00

Senate Passes Historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 19-12-2017 21:47

Commissioner in Talks With UN to Put Troops on the Streets of Chicago 19-12-2017 06:30

Big Brother is watching? New Facebook facial recognition spots you even if you’re not tagged 19-12-2017 20:02

EU triggers unprecedented proceedings against Poland, sanctions could follow 20-12-2017 12:18

Half of Germans Want to Scrap Euro, Bring Back Deutsche Mark 18-12-2017 10:50

Fake News: ‘Shock’ Poll Alleges Brexit ‘Remainers’ Now Have 11-Point Lead over Leave… They Don’t 18-12-2017 07:59

Chance of ‘Hard Brexit’ Grows as EU Head Negotiator Rules out Tailored Deal: ‘UK Must Face the Consequences’ 18-12-2017 01:29

American Economic Optimism Soars, Breaks CNBC Survey Record 18-12-2017 09:24

Trump’s ‘Orwellian’ strategy speech: Triumph of the neocons? 18-12-2017 23:08

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy 17-12-2017 02:17

Twitter to Put Warnings Before Hateful Imagery 18-12-2017 18:48

Facebook launches purge of ‘engagement bait’ 18-12-2017 15:01

Assange doubles down on cryptocurrencies to thwart US ‘financial censorship’ 18-12-2017 13:37

French cities overwhelmed by refugee flow, govt must step in urgently – mayors 18-12-2017 12:16

Adoption of Bitcoin Picking Up Speed in Venezuela, Called “Lifesaving” Currency 16-12-2017 03:05

China Uses Cash, ‘Sharp Power’ to Export Communist System 14-12-2017 09:43

Malloch: Germany Demands UK’s Unconditional Surrender on Brexit 15-12-2017 12:51

Facebook Admits Social Media Harmful to Mental Health 15-12-2017 14:06

Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat 16-12-2017 05:15

Harlem Shook: Google Is Using Its Immense Power To Censor Content That Doesn’t Fit Its Political Goals. Everyone In America Should Be Concerned About That 15-12-2017 14:15

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away, 3 or more and you could have a serious health problem 15-12-2017 11:56

Far-right Freedom Party enters Austrian govt as anti-migrant sentiment creeps across Europe 16-12-2017 04:39

Will The Globalists Use The New Net Neutrality Rules To Shut Off Access To Alternative News Websites? 15-12-2017 06:30

Russia & China will engineer bitcoin apocalypse, Saxo Bank predicts 15-12-2017 06:43

Reuters: Finnish Presidential Candidate Would Take Nation Out of EU, Tighten Immigration Rules 14-12-2017 10:13

Assange: Deep State Still Intent on Removing Trump From Office 15-12-2017 07:41

From Trump to Russian 2018 Election: Key Takeaways From Putin's Press Conference 14-12-2017 16:37

EU Leaders Approve Second Phase of Brexit Talks - Tusk 15-12-2017 14:34

The Deep State's Christmas Present To America: Surveillance That Never Ends 13-12-2017 23:30

Fed Says Tax Cuts Will Strengthen Economy and Fed Won’t Stand in the Way of a Trump Boom 13-12-2017 14:06

Do You Know What Is In The Tax Bill That Congress Is About To Pass? 14-12-2017 06:12

Putin’s end-of-year Q&A 14-12-2017 08:57

US has de facto left missile treaty, Russia will not - Putin 14-12-2017 10:03

Wall Street Journal: "Steve Bannon Is For Losers" 13-12-2017 09:18

Farage: Brexit May Need to Be Refought All Over Again 13-12-2017 08:32

Ask Him Anything: Four Things to Know About Putin's Marathon Press Conference 13-12-2017 19:56

Ex-Facebook chiefs deplore its ‘social destruction’ – and it’s got nothing to do with Russia! 13-12-2017 15:55

Caterpillar, Porsche among corporations that paid spy firms to snoop on activists – leaks 13-12-2017 15:38

Tonight! Special Coverage of Alabama Senate Election 12-12-2017 17:29

**Live Updates** Alabama Senate Showdown: GOP Senators to Meet to Discuss Next Steps if Judge Moore Wins 12-12-2017 16:09

Breaking: Soros Bankrolls Trump Sexual Harassment Allegations 11-12-2017 15:03

Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In ‘Deep State’ Intelligence War On Trump 12-12-2017 06:23

Merkel: German CDU/CSU to Promptly Launch Talks With SPD on Gov't Formation 12-12-2017 13:18

Trump’s First Year Debt is One-Third of Obama’s Debt and Most of the Debt is Due to Yellen’s Interest Rate Increases 11-12-2017 07:42

Wilders: The Pew Report on Muslim Migration to Europe is a Wake-up Call — It is Time to Get Tough 11-12-2017 02:36

Czech president brands EU ‘cowards’ over stance on Trump’s Jerusalem move 10-12-2017 13:54

Implosion: WashPost ‘Reporter’ Caught in Anti-Trump Lie 10-12-2017 04:59

Nolte: Media Close 2017 Proving Trump 100 Percent Correct About Fake News 09-12-2017 09:51

Klein: Doug Jones is a George Soros-Tied Radical Leftist Rebranding Himself as Moderate 09-12-2017 11:05

Trump Effect: Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS 09-12-2017 09:43

Merkel’s allies reject idea of ‘United States of Europe’ ahead of crucial coalition talks 10-12-2017 03:58

Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance 09-12-2017 06:29

REPORT: President Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Is Having a Huge Impact On Refugee Admissions 08-12-2017 21:58

Facebook Informs Breitbart Gloria Allred Yearbook Forgery is Fake News 08-12-2017 17:05

Roger Stone: Trump Must Investigate Mueller 08-12-2017 15:54

Crunch Time for Merkel? Grand Coalition Talks Slated for Next Week 08-12-2017 15:17

Watching the Watchmen: First Ever Pentagon Audit Begins 09-12-2017 01:13

Tillerson hints at deal to resolve Arab-Israeli conflict in one fell swoop, Moscow waits in wings 08-12-2017 11:36

The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week 08-12-2017 21:21

Fire and Brimstone: European Media Describe Trump ‘Opening Hell’ After Stating Jerusalem Is Israeli Capital 07-12-2017 11:11

Germany's SPD Votes to Officially Enter Coalition Talks With Merkel's Party 07-12-2017 20:53

‘Refugee quotas are nonsense’: Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic ready to fight Brussels in court 08-12-2017 01:58

Confirmed! Brexit deal brokered between May and EU - no hard border for N. Ireland 08-12-2017 07:18

Huckabee Sanders Vindicated: Bloomberg and WSJ Walk Back Deutsche Bank Subpoena Story 06-12-2017 14:29

Update: House Rejects Dem Vote On Trump Impeachment 06-12-2017 12:18

160 Things Trump Has Done to Make America Great Again Since Taking Office 07-12-2017 03:21

Facebook Offers Child's Play, But Not for My Kids Says UK Health Minister 06-12-2017 19:46

Germany's SPD Leader Schulz Calls for 'United States of Europe' by 2025 07-12-2017 18:49

‘Yes, I will’: Vladimir Putin announces run for re-election in 2018 06-12-2017 14:31

Syria fully liberated from ISIS terrorists – Russian MoD 06-12-2017 16:17

Bitcoin Gains $6000 In 12 Hours - Soars Above $19,000 07-12-2017 11:27

Twitter Allows Death Threats Against FCC Chair Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote 06-12-2017 10:24

Survey: 63% of Trump Supporters Believe Media Are an ‘Enemy of The People’ 06-12-2017 06:16

YouTube to hire 10,000 moderators in major clampdown on ‘bad actors’ 06-12-2017 01:39

Twitter Labels President Trump as Top Nazi and Racist in Search Results 04-12-2017 22:32

‘Go Get ‘Em Roy’ — Donald Trump Phones Roy Moore to Offer Support 04-12-2017 10:01

Calls Grow For Russian Collusion Investigation to be Shut Down 05-12-2017 07:42

Report: Trump Weighing Private Spy Networks To Fight Deep State Enemies 05-12-2017 10:45

Leaks Prove Doomsday Scenario Is Real: FBI, DOJ Staring at Contempt Charges 04-12-2017 12:21

Catalan Pro-Independence Parties to Lose Majority in Regional Elections - Poll 04-12-2017 16:57

EU, UK Fail to Reach Brexit Deal, Brussels Ready to Continue Talks - Juncker 04-12-2017 20:00

'It Was a Perfect Project' - Heinrich Fiechtner Talks About Resigning From AfD 05-12-2017 08:57

Idea that Flynn could ask anything of Russia or Putin 'absurd,' says Kremlin 04-12-2017 12:11

Putin: Almost all Syrian territory freed, including historic Christian regions 04-12-2017 18:18

The DOJ has been investigating the FBI for 11 months 04-12-2017 05:34

Trump Admin Puts UN in Its Place, Says We’re Ignoring More of Their Regulations 04-12-2017 03:27

Trouble Down Under: Australia to probe Facebook & Google 04-12-2017 10:02

Inside the Mitch McConnell playbook 03-12-2017 15:56

Senate GOP repeals ObamaCare mandate 02-12-2017 01:55

Alex Jones: Globalists Will Kill Trump If Unable To Remove From Office 03-12-2017 09:33

You Gon’ Get Caught: Financial Misdoing Charges Mount Against Turkey’s Erdogan 03-12-2017 02:37

Merkel's Staff Rules Out Coalition With AfD: 'We Will Never Accept Their Ideas' 03-12-2017 11:05

CIA Chief Blasts WikiLeaks, Warns Iran Against Attacking 'US Interests in Iraq' 03-12-2017 12:41

Who Is Jared Kushner: Trump loyalist or Kissinger protege? 02-12-2017 12:37

ROGER STONE: Mueller Used False Intelligence From Joe Biden & Susan Rice To Charge General Flynn 01-12-2017 20:12

CNN Pushes Hard Left, Soros-Funded ‘Hope Not Hate’ Alarmism After Trump UK Tweet 01-12-2017 11:20

Limbaugh: Timing of Flynn Charges ‘May Not Be Coincidental’ — ‘Look at All the News It Has Swept Off the Front Pages’ 01-12-2017 11:00

Spain Declares Disinformation Campaigns as Threat to National Security 02-12-2017 02:23

Polish website allows residents to report ‘slander’ against country by foreign press 01-12-2017 20:58

Hungarian PM Orban says George Soros will interfere in election, vows to stop him 02-12-2017 02:35

Why the Michael Flynn “Scandal” is a Giant Nothingburger 01-12-2017 12:28

Live: They’ve Got It! GOP Reaches 50 Senators in Support of Tax Bill 01-12-2017 08:05

Exclusive — Roy Moore Campaign to Jimmy Kimmel: If You Want to ‘Mock Our Christian Values,’ ‘Come Down Here’ to Alabama to ‘Do It Man to Man’ 30-11-2017 10:53

Stone ‘trolling you silly’: WikiLeaks’ Assange to ‘fake news’ CNN 30-11-2017 20:53

Growing private sector use of facial scanners worries privacy advocates 01-12-2017 08:04

No Rush: German SPD Not Hurrying to Form Grand Coalition With Merkel's CDU 01-12-2017 14:55

Google, Facebook and Drudge: What the new titans of media mean for America 30-11-2017 13:50

Russian lower house to ban access to all US reporters – lawmaker 01-12-2017 11:03

400 US Marines leaving Syria 30-11-2017 12:07

BREAKING: O’Keefe Strikes Again=> WaPo Reporter Admits Russia Story “F*cking Crap Shoot…Maybe it Doesn’t Exist” 29-11-2017 08:23

Pollak: There’s Not Much Left of the Roy Moore Accusations 28-11-2017 11:56

Senate Budget Committee Approves GOP Tax Bill 28-11-2017 12:45

Ajit Pai: ‘When It Comes to an Open Internet, Twitter Is Part of the Problem’ 28-11-2017 16:16

EU President: Without Millions of African Migrants, Europe Will Be Lost 28-11-2017 09:26

The Washington Post Congratulates Themselves For Not Falling For Obvious Hoax 28-11-2017 05:22

Blowback: CNN Pushes Effort to “Ban the Term ‘Fake News'” 27-11-2017 10:44

Soros-Funded Groups Claim Repealing Net Neutrality Is “Racist” 27-11-2017 10:45

Russia to launch ‘independent internet’ for BRICS nations - report 28-11-2017 10:00

Donald Trump Challenges CNN International Coverage for Spreading ‘Fake News’ 26-11-2017 13:26

Bitcoin crushing US dollar & governments can do nothing to stop it - Max Keiser 27-11-2017 11:07

Blue State Blues: President Trump’s Lawyers Are Violating His Sixth Amendment Rights 24-11-2017 06:47

'Best Option': Merkel's Ally Supports Renewal of German CDU/SPD Grand Coalition 26-11-2017 15:22

French banks have ‘good reasons’ to close Le Pen party’s accounts, finance minister says 26-11-2017 02:03

Google’s de-ranking of RT in search results is a form of censorship and blatant propaganda 26-11-2017 10:25

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’ 25-11-2017 10:44

Bitcoin, Ether Soar To New All-Time Highs; $10,000 In Sight 25-11-2017 09:09

Hayward: How China’s Viral Authoritarianism Infects the West and Threatens the Enlightenment 25-11-2017 06:00

YouTube Suspends High-Profile Accounts in ‘Technical Error’ 24-11-2017 08:50

EU Army: ‘Continental’ Defence Force Progressing at ‘Full Speed’ 24-11-2017 06:55

Bokhari: Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the Real Threat to ‘Net Neutrality’ 24-11-2017 09:45

Black Friday Has Stolen Thanksgiving 24-11-2017 12:09

The Nuclear Option: Trump Proves Himself a Fearless Warrior Sticking with Moore 22-11-2017 14:19

Most Europeans Want Better Relations With Russia, Not Sanctions War – Poll 23-11-2017 11:20

Germany's 'Grand Coalition' Woes Continue: Martin Schulz Urged to Start Talks 23-11-2017 12:24

JFK archive confirms existence of false flag plan to start war with USSR 22-11-2017 15:00

Trump Says AT&T-Time Warner Merger Is ‘Not Good for the Country’ 21-11-2017 14:57

Palin appeals dismissal of New York Times defamation suit 21-11-2017 12:19

Merkel's Future Hangs in the Balance as Half of Germans Favor Election Rerun 22-11-2017 14:48

‘We’re talking strongly about bringing peace to Syria’: Trump after hour-long phone call with Putin 21-11-2017 17:59

The great reckoning: media and politics rocked by sex scandals 21-11-2017 11:52

‘Google’s plan to isolate Russian media is an act of information warfare’ 21-11-2017 03:29

Warm embrace: Assad in surprise Putin meeting ahead of Moscow’s talks with Turkey, Iran 21-11-2017 05:12

As Bitcoin Tops $8,200, Only 39% Of Survey Respondents Say It's A Bubble 20-11-2017 09:45

AfD Leader Urges Chancellor Merkel to Resign as Coalition Talks Collapse 20-11-2017 14:41

Report: Twitter to Start Sanctioning Users for Their Offline Behavior 17-11-2017 12:48

Google Launches Colossal Censorship, Disinformation Campaign Under Cover of Night 18-11-2017 23:07

Journalists to launch digital currency to fight fake news 19-11-2017 08:48

Why People Will Happily Line Up To Be Microchipped Like Dogs 18-11-2017 07:31

Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they? 17-11-2017 22:28

State Dept authorizes sale of $10.5bn missile defense system to Poland 18-11-2017 03:48

Negotiations Into Extra Time as Merkel Tries to Hammer Out 'Jamaica Coalition' 17-11-2017 16:52

NBC: Having a Child ‘Is One of the Worst Things You Can Do for the Environment’ 16-11-2017 16:53

Anti-Trump groups fund ‘trust indicators’ to combat ‘fake news’ on social media 17-11-2017 11:16

Bitcoin Breaks Through $8,000 Following Massive Head Fake 16-11-2017 22:35

Average Bitcoin investor would sell at $196,165 — or 26x current value 16-11-2017 15:47

Please Help Us Fight Back=> Associated Press Is Targeting Gateway Pundit — Actively Working to Remove Us from Facebook 15-11-2017 18:18

Lavrov Accuses US, Coalition of Hindering Work of Russian Aviation in Syria 16-11-2017 13:33

MSM outlets fall for Zimbabwe parody account in coup coverage 15-11-2017 16:10

May's Attack on Russia 'Attempt to Demonstrate UK's Importance' on World Stage 14-11-2017 20:05

Sputnik Mundo Deconstructs and Destroys Fake News Published By Spain's El Pais 14-11-2017 21:58

EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Launching Anti-Poland Sanctions Mechanism 15-11-2017 16:08

Democrats Grill Sessions Over Rejection of AT&T-Time Warner Merger Democrats Urged Him to Reject 14-11-2017 13:07

'Meddling'? The US State Department's New Program To Take On Hungarian Media 14-11-2017 02:00

Nigel Farage calls on EU to investigate George Soros funding, collusion 14-11-2017 11:56

Matt Drudge Slams Washington Post Over Allegations of Being a Russian Shill 13-11-2017 23:13

EU on the Brink: Hundreds of Thousands March in Catalonia to Demand the Release of ‘Political Prisoners’ 12-11-2017 08:37

Official Dawn of EU Army: Brussels Signs Off On Military Plan, Hails Historic Day Without UK 13-11-2017 06:02

Tough times for Theresa: PM faces horror week as Government ‘smells of decline’ 13-11-2017 09:05

Crypto Chaos Explained - Bitcoin Crashes As 'Cash' Tops Ether For First Time 12-11-2017 11:32

EXCLUSIVE – Mother of Roy Moore Accuser Contradicts Key Detail of Daughter’s Sexual Misconduct Story 12-11-2017 05:41

BUSTED: WaPo Failed To Disclose Roy Moore Accuser Worked As Sign Language Interpreter For Hillary & Biden — Openly Supports Doug Jones 10-11-2017 16:24

On the same page? Putin & Trump cross paths at APEC and chat cordially 11-11-2017 07:50

Putin and Trump Confirm Committment to Syria's Integrity, Defeating Daesh 11-11-2017 09:28

Russia will implement retaliatory measures over US actions against RT next week 09-11-2017 23:58

'Coup d'Etat': As RussiaGate Probe Staggers On, Legal Fees Drown Trump Advisers 10-11-2017 20:00

Russian Embassy Slams Spanish Media Over Fake News About Events in Catalonia 10-11-2017 23:35

MARK LEVIN Exposes WaPo Hit Piece on Judge Moore As Complete Fabrication 10-11-2017 00:24

Bitcoin Price Doubles in Troubled Zimbabwe 08-11-2017 15:00

EU’s Juncker Appears to Attack ‘Poison’ of Catalan Nationalism 09-11-2017 10:16

No doubt Brexit is happening: May issues leave date, time, and stark warning for bill blockers 10-11-2017 09:24

Vault 8: WikiLeaks Begins Publishing Source Code for CIA Hacking Tools 09-11-2017 15:58

DOJ Obama Loyalists Hijack AT&T Negotiations to Protect CNN’s Zucker 09-11-2017 15:32

Sean Parker unloads on Facebook "exploiting" human psychology 09-11-2017 11:56

Deep State & DOJ Plot to Sell CNN to George Soros in AT&T Acquisition of Time Warner 08-11-2017 18:17

Kremlin on Trump´s Call for Joint Work on N Korea: In Line With Moscow´s Stance 09-11-2017 14:03

Le Pen stripped of immunity, accuses French lawmakers of persecuting opponents 09-11-2017 02:18

Elite Media Harassment Scandal Expands After NPR Chief Is Accused of Covering Up Complaints 08-11-2017 07:36

‘Saudi anti-corruption purge was endorsed by Washington’ 08-11-2017 18:13

Dems Win in Dem States That Voted Dem in 2016 08-11-2017 14:00

Murdochs weigh break-up of media empire 08-11-2017 12:11

‘Disaster’ for the Establishment: Merkel Government Coalition Talks in Disarray, Snap Election Looms 07-11-2017 04:44

Strike, Mass Protests Shut Down Roads and Railways In Catalonia 08-11-2017 07:04

CNN Repeatedly Cited Groups Accused Of Terror Ties 07-11-2017 21:47

Trump-Putin meeting in Vietnam ‘highly likely’ – Kremlin 08-11-2017 12:14

NATO wants Europe’s civilian infrastructure ready for war 08-11-2017 05:12

MI6, MI5 & GCHQ in court over mass surveillance practices 07-11-2017 16:13

Bannon: ‘The Middle East Is on a Knife Edge in the Last 48 to 72 Hours’ 07-11-2017 13:15

CNN Just Got Caught In Second Huge Lie This Week That Will Should Their Viewership Plummeting 06-11-2017 20:31

Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown 06-11-2017 10:22

Very Fake News: CNN Selectively Edits Trump Quote on Japanese Auto Production in U.S. 06-11-2017 07:16

Steve Bannon: Pelosi Will Try to Impeach Donald Trump if Republicans Lose the House 05-11-2017 06:27

Sen. Rand Paul’s injuries far more severe than initially thought 06-11-2017 06:02

Almost 60% of Finns oppose NATO membership – Gallup poll 05-11-2017 21:02

Trump Era: Saudi Purge Signals Death Of Bush/Clinton Globalism 05-11-2017 13:13

Trump Plans to See Putin in Asia Amid Scrutiny of Campaign Ties 05-11-2017 08:32

Bjork’s Latest Album Available Only With Cryptocurrencies, Shows Adoption 05-11-2017 07:15

It’s Been A Spectacularly Bad Month For Hillary Clinton: Here’s Why 04-11-2017 17:06

MATT DRUDGE TWEETS: Donna Brazile ‘Haunted’ By Seth Rich Murder — Feared Snipers Would Kill Her Next 04-11-2017 14:46

L.A. Marches Against Trump — Where’s the March Against Sexual Abuse in Hollywood? 04-11-2017 09:00

May's Final Days? Dozens of British Conservatives Want PM to Step Down 05-11-2017 11:00

Shock Report Predicts EU Collapse By 2040 04-11-2017 15:21

LEAK: Google Employees Defend Discrimination Against Conservatives 03-11-2017 11:13

GOP Tax Plan Imposes a Big Tax on the Big Banks 03-11-2017 14:47

Is Brazile Using a Spy Tactic Called “Limited Hangout” in Her Anti-Clinton Tirade? 03-11-2017 07:28

‘Putin is very important’: Trump on possible meeting with Russian leader at APEC summit 03-11-2017 16:53

Network newscasts don't mention Brazile Clinton-DNC revelations 03-11-2017 09:04

Trump: ‘I’m Very Frustrated’ I Can’t Order DOJ To Investigate Hillary 02-11-2017 21:20

Delingpole: Trump Vindicated; Now Even the UN Confirms That the Paris Climate Accord Was a Complete Waste of Space 01-11-2017 12:58

Warren: I Agree With the Notion That the Democratic Primary Was Rigged 02-11-2017 13:58

Disgruntled Twitter Employee Temporarily Deletes President Trump’s Personal Account 02-11-2017 21:21

Twitter Jumps Ship, Admits It Suppressed Clinton Scandal 02-11-2017 13:27

Ex-DNC Head Sacrifices Clintons as Dem Civil War Expands, Just As Infowars Predicted 02-11-2017 15:12

Deep State Threatens Anti-Trust to Protect CNN’s Jeff Zucker in AT&T Acquisition 02-11-2017 12:39

$7k Bitcoin Traders Gaze At Moon As Analyst Predicts $5k Correction 02-11-2017 10:10

Study: 43 Percent of Americans Say Supporting First Amendment is Racist 01-11-2017 18:20

Protesters Interrupt Live Broadcast in NYC With “CNN is ISIS” Sign 01-11-2017 12:24

Moscow May Declare US Media Outlets in Russia 'Foreign Agents' 01-11-2017 23:28

Westminster sex scandal: May picks new defense secretary as Fallon resigns 02-11-2017 10:35

Twitter, Google & Facebook grilled by Senate, try hard to find 'Russian influence' 01-11-2017 23:20

Majority of Americans want right to express unpopular opinions, even if it offends – poll 01-11-2017 11:52

Trump Picks Powell To Be Next Fed Chair 01-11-2017 16:36

Is Facebook Secretly Listening to Your Conversations? This Video Says Yes 01-11-2017 14:32

Kelly: Mueller Probe ‘Is Very Distracting to the President’ – ‘Let the Legal Justice System Work’ 30-10-2017 20:49

Roger Stone: Twitter’s Techno-Fascism Erasing Humans From Internet 31-10-2017 11:00

Tech Giants to Senate: Russia Didn’t Influence 2016 Election 31-10-2017 16:46

No evidence of RT manipulating YouTube during US election – Google 31-10-2017 10:53

Dershowitz: I Don’t Think Mueller Will ‘Get’ Trump – ‘I Don’t Think They Have Anything’ 30-10-2017 17:04

EU Financial System Has 'Terminal Cancer' - Economist 31-10-2017 12:45

‘Russian election posts’ 0.74% & 0.004% of content – Twitter & Facebook reveal size of ‘campaign’ 31-10-2017 00:17

Netflix Pulls Plug On "House Of Cards" Next Season After Kevin Spacey Sex Scandal 30-10-2017 15:28

Tony Podesta Resigns from Podesta Group as Mueller Probe Heats Up 30-10-2017 12:09

Americans don't trust tech firms, feds to police Russian election meddling 30-10-2017 10:30

Time: Trump's Cabinet 'Wrecking Crew' Is 'Dismantling Government As We Know It' 29-10-2017 08:37

Guardian: ‘Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in an unholy alliance’, Farage Ridicules 29-10-2017 08:24

Smartphone use among young Brits falls for 1st time, figures show 30-10-2017 08:47

Trump Confirms "All JFK Files Are Released" After Latest Clash With Spy Agencies 28-10-2017 23:10

German SPD Leader Demands New General Election If Merkel Fails to Form Gov't 28-10-2017 20:29

‘Soros network’ in Brussels plots creating ‘Europe of mixed population’ – Hungarian PM 28-10-2017 19:05

False Flag Terrorist Bombings, Murder Plots, And More: The Stunning Revelations In The JFK Assassination Files 27-10-2017 21:31

Orban Launches Intelligence Probe Into George Soros' "Open Society" Network 27-10-2017 21:50

Gorka: Deep State Withholding of JFK Files “Stinks to High Heaven” 27-10-2017 07:12

Facebook Bans Infowars From Livestreaming Videos 27-10-2017 13:46

Will Austria and Hungary Form a New Powerhouse in Europe? 28-10-2017 12:57

Catalonia Considering Cryptocurrency Post-Independence, Advised By Ethereum Creator 28-10-2017 11:03

Trump's Storm Is Lashing The Halls Of Corruption 26-10-2017 03:10

Reddit reveals new anti-hate policy targeting Nazi, white-supremacist groups 26-10-2017 14:00

Google & Soros-backed ‘fact-checkers’ join forces to control news search results 26-10-2017 22:22

Twitter bans all RT advertising, citing ‘election interference’ 26-10-2017 14:26

Diligent media fact-checkers fail to notice Ukrainian president’s fake tweet 25-10-2017 11:46

George HW Bush apologises after actress claims he ‘sexually assaulted’ her from his WHEELCHAIR in this photograph 25-10-2017 05:39

Delingpole: Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth 24-10-2017 06:17

Establishment Republicans Fall Like Dominoes: Luther Strange, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake Gone 24-10-2017 17:59

Mueller Now Investigating DEMOCRATS After He Discovers SHOCKING Link They Had To Kremlin 24-10-2017 17:43

Trey Gowdy Officially Cleared to Go After Lynch, Clinton 24-10-2017 04:58

How NATO Uses "the Russian Scare" to Justify Alliance's Eastward Expansion 24-10-2017 15:12

Twitter bows to Congress, announces political ad ‘transparency’ ahead of Russia testimony 25-10-2017 00:34

‘RT is accused & guilty of providing content that appeals to people’ 25-10-2017 04:40

RINO McCain Joins Dems, Sponsors Bill to Regulate Facebook, Breitbart, Drudge 23-10-2017 14:44

‘Pay to play’: Facebook rolls out nightmare scenario for publishers on its network 24-10-2017 06:54

‘Never underestimate the power of the dark side’: Orban goes Star Wars on EU ‘migrant invasion’ 23-10-2017 21:39

Germany: Full Censorship Now Official 23-10-2017 21:47

Gold Spikes On Massive Volume After Trump's Fed Chair Comments 23-10-2017 14:39

MRC President Bozell Blasts Network Censorship of Clinton-Uranium Scandal 23-10-2017 09:58

Weinsteingate Comes to Brussels: EU Parliament ‘An Absolute Hotbed of Sexual Harassment’ 22-10-2017 06:07

'It's All About Money': It's Hard to Pin Down Tech Giants With Regulations 23-10-2017 17:22

FBI director says agency couldn’t hack into nearly 7,000 encrypted devices 23-10-2017 12:49

When Governments Get Intrusive, Bitcoin Provides Way Out 23-10-2017 07:50

Number Of Bitcoin Miners In Venezuela Swells To 100,000 22-10-2017 22:15

"Czech Donald Trump" Wins Landslide Victory 23-10-2017 02:00

Report: Former Democrat FEC Chairman Calls for Americans Sharing ‘Fake News’ to be Fined 19-10-2017 12:48

Catalan officials won’t follow Madrid orders, but will of Catalan people – region’s spokesman 23-10-2017 06:58

Trump: Syrian victory in Raqqa is a “critical breakthrough” 21-10-2017 16:42

Trump Wall Already Working…Illegals Caught in Prototype Construction Zone 21-10-2017 12:13

Catalan leader: Madrid’s steps toward direct rule are ‘worst attacks’ since Franco’s dictatorship 21-10-2017 19:05

Donald Trump Previews Release of Classified JFK Files 21-10-2017 06:34

Currency Wars: Private vs. State-backed Crypto 20-10-2017 17:15

Merkel Upbeat on Brexit Deal Amid Talk May Has Agreed $47 Billion 'Divorce Bill' 20-10-2017 15:37

Bitcoin Breaks $6,000 Barrier, Market Cap Now Exceeds $100 Billion 20-10-2017 22:50

Hungary Fears ‘Soros Influence’ in Election After Open Borders Activist Injects $18bn into Foundation 20-10-2017 03:50

Putin: Hillary Behind “Russian Collusion” Hysteria And Elites Disrespect Trump Voters 19-10-2017 15:06

Establishment Republicans Appear to Be Hoping for Democratic Election Wins 19-10-2017 09:19

George W. Bush Slams America’s Obsession With “Conspiracy Theories,” Bashes Trump 19-10-2017 11:25

Moscow will respond immediately if Washington moves against Russian media - Putin 19-10-2017 15:57

BREAKING: O’Keefe Drops 4th Video in NY Times Series Exposing Company Culture of Trump Hatred 19-10-2017 08:17

How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 3: 90% Of What You Watch On TV Is Controlled By Just 6 Giant Corporations 18-10-2017 19:55

Twitter Plans Aggressive Crackdown on ‘Hate and Abuse’ with New Update 18-10-2017 14:22

Facebook, Twitter and Google Deserve Scrutiny, but Not the Way Congress Wants 18-10-2017 17:21

‘Fake News' Gains Ground: Half of US Voters Believe Media Lies About Trump 19-10-2017 02:20

Glenn Greenwald Slams Liberal Media for ‘Extreme Groupthink’ 18-10-2017 12:25

James O’Keefe Busts New York Times Editor Explaining How Paper Sets Anti-Trump Narrative 17-10-2017 09:23

Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case 17-10-2017 23:38

Death Star: George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations 17-10-2017 09:53

Trump Promises McCain, “I Fight Back, and It’s Not Pretty” 17-10-2017 16:15

Report: FBI Uncovers Confirmation of Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Uranium Deal with Russia 17-10-2017 09:22

BREAKING: O’Keefe Drops Third NY Times Undercover Video – Takes Down Homepage Editor Des Shoe 17-10-2017 07:37

“Tick Tock”: Huge Story on Hillary/Russia Set to Drop Tonight 17-10-2017 05:45

Move To Digital Currencies Accelerates As PBoC Successfully Tests Algos For Digital Money 16-10-2017 23:38

Poland says no thanks to $9.2bn credit line from IMF 16-10-2017 10:29

White House: Saudi King Praised New Iran Strategy in Call with Trump 16-10-2017 01:51

Populists Set to Thrash Traditional Parties In Czech Vote 16-10-2017 07:12

Nestlé Removes Christian Cross from Greek Yogurt Packaging 15-10-2017 09:59

‘Cold creepiness’ – Assange on Clinton after she calls WikiLeaks ‘Russian intelligence subsidiary’ 16-10-2017 07:41

Did Morgan Stanley Buy Millions Of Fake YouTube Views? 13-10-2017 17:25

In Historic Result, 31-Year-Old Wins Austrian Elections, Worst Result For Establishment Party Since Hitler Rule 15-10-2017 11:35

Is Blockchain-Driven Bandwidth the New Super Currency? 15-10-2017 06:08

America Fights Back: Record Number of Patriotic Cord-Cutters Tumble TV Stocks 13-10-2017 09:37

German Soccer Team ‘Takes a Knee’ in Show of Solidarity with NFL Players 14-10-2017 14:17

Microsoft used personal data of Windows 10 users without consent – watchdog 13-10-2017 16:29

PAPER: Sen. John McCain May Kill POTUS Trump’s ‘Once-in-a-Generation’ Tax Plan 12-10-2017 21:12

Bitcoin Tops $5800 - Up Over 20% Today Amid China Rumors 12-10-2017 22:31

China Launches Yuan-Ruble Payment System 13-10-2017 12:15

TAKEDOWN: Tucker Carlson Just Said the One Thing NBC was BEGGING Him Not To 13-10-2017 03:05

Russia to Withdraw From NATO Act If US Keeps Boosting Presence in Europe - MP 12-10-2017 19:15

US withdraws from UNESCO, cites ‘continuing anti-Israel bias’ 12-10-2017 13:11

‘Google and YouTube now shape the news cycle around the world’ 12-10-2017 17:12

Trump ends Obamacare subsidies that ‘cannot lawfully’ be paid 13-10-2017 03:20

$5k Forever! Bitcoin Price Surges To Claim New All-Time Highs 12-10-2017 08:15

Why The European Union Is Doomed To Fail 12-10-2017 03:30

How The Euro Keeps Defying Doomsayers 12-10-2017 06:05

Disney, Weinstein Company Could Face Harassment Lawsuits as Scandal Widens 11-10-2017 05:37

Money, Money, Money: Sweden to Become World's First Cashless Society by 2023 11-10-2017 16:19

Almost Half of Germans, French, Poles Think US Interferes in Foreign Elections 12-10-2017 10:30

Russia to regulate bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies 11-10-2017 10:48

Trump threatens 'fake news' networks with licence removal over 'made-up' NBC report on nuclear arms 11-10-2017 18:15

YouTube can meddle with search results & manually doctor trends – Project Veritas 11-10-2017 21:55

CNN Weinstein Panel Explodes When Carpenter Invokes Clinton Sex Scandals, Cover-Ups 10-10-2017 18:06

SCOTUS Backs Trump, Dismisses Travel Ban Challenge 10-10-2017 20:07

New German Coalition in Peril as Potential Partners Clash over 200,000 Annual Migrant Limit 10-10-2017 02:58

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Proposes to Save $33 Billion with Repeal of Obama-Era Energy Plan 10-10-2017 13:53

'Lose-Lose Strategy': Czech President on EU Anti-Russia Sanctions 10-10-2017 16:10

Click and Tired: Social Media Overuse Takes a Physical Toll, Study Finds 11-10-2017 02:01

CNN to continue broadcasting in Russia as long as US HQ doesn’t incite it to breach laws – watchdog 10-10-2017 15:08

Putin: Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks, including financing of terrorism 10-10-2017 15:21

Catalans ‘a bit disappointed’ by another delay after ‘300 years’ of waiting for independence 11-10-2017 05:09

WOW! James O’Keefe Reveals to POTUS Trump That He Has Undercover Tapes of the NYT 10-10-2017 08:10

Bitcoin Briefly Flash-Crashes On Russia 'Ban' Headlines 10-10-2017 08:23

Trump to Expedite the Death of Obamacare; Healthcare Stocks Clown-Punch Lower 09-10-2017 11:06

Hungarian PM: ‘The EU Insults Member-States, Abuses its Powers, and Eats from George Soros’s Hand’ 09-10-2017 07:22

Are Scotland and Catalonia’s independence struggles symptoms of EU oppression? 10-10-2017 11:53

Millions of French workers go on strike against Macron labor reforms 10-10-2017 13:20

Pop Goes the Liberal Media Bubble 06-10-2017 05:00

Rush Limbaugh: Steve Bannon Is ‘Taking Over the Role of the Republican Party’ 08-10-2017 20:43

Moscow May 'Mirror' US Restrictions on RT With Measures Against US Media 08-10-2017 16:00

It’s Not ‘Evil’ If We Do It: Google Accused in Trade-Secret Theft Lawsuit 09-10-2017 02:51

White House: Trump is the one 'keeping the world from chaos' 06-10-2017 15:31

Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years 07-10-2017 07:44

'West's Shadow' Behind All Terrorist Groups, Including Daesh - Erdogan 08-10-2017 16:24

Anti-Russia sanctions may be lifted soon – Saudi FM 07-10-2017 19:40

Governor Brown Makes California A Sanctuary State 05-10-2017 15:45

YouTube "Tweaks" Its Search Algos After Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Go Viral 06-10-2017 19:20

Trump: ‘Strong and Brave’ Hungarian PM Orbán Is ‘On My Guest List’ 06-10-2017 07:10

Hannity: Dems Using Vegas Mass Shooting to Undermine the Second Amendment 06-10-2017 14:28

Gorka: Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State Could Help Repair State Department ‘Subverted’ Under Obama 06-10-2017 12:50

Late-Night Hosts Ignore Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal 06-10-2017 13:35

'Soros Plan': Why Hungarian PM Blasts US Billionaire for Destabilizing Europe 06-10-2017 20:05

Op Ed: Wikileaks Allies Have Been Systematically Targeted, Defamed 04-10-2017

Growing majority believes global warming is happening 06-10-2017 09:10

Bill O'Reilly knocks Clinton off top of NYT best sellers list 05-10-2017 15:47

Round 2: Hungary PM Orban Launches New Offensive Against ‘Mafia’ Boss George Soros 05-10-2017 12:16

The Catalan Chain Reaction 06-10-2017 03:30

The Big Banks Are Coming For Bitcoin 06-10-2017 04:15

Senate Intel Chair: Some News Outlets Will Have ‘Egg On Their Face’ For False Russia Reporting 05-10-2017 12:00

You Can't Sit With Us: Germany's AfD Party Placed on Bundestag's Far Right 05-10-2017 19:25

Putin: Saudi King’s Visit to Russia a Landmark Event 05-10-2017 13:53

‘Unacceptable!’ RT pulled from YouTube prime ad list in US without notice 05-10-2017 08:33

CNN may lose license in Russia if violations not eliminated – watchdog 05-10-2017 20:24

US Congress wants to drag out anti-Russian investigation, experts tell RT 06-10-2017 00:28

Why the Euro Took a Dive After Merkel’s Re-Election 04-10-2017 13:22

EU goes after Amazon & Apple over unpaid taxes 04-10-2017 14:56

Soros Strikes Again: Mega Donors of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Leaked 04-10-2017 09:08

Mark Zuckerberg Begs for Forgiveness After Facebook Accused of Influencing Election 03-10-2017 07:32

Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not Integrable’ 03-10-2017 01:55

Steve Bannon: ‘End of Everything’ for Trump if He Embraces Gun Control 03-10-2017 11:59

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IMF Head Foresees The End Of Banking As Bitcoin Surges Above $4400 02-10-2017 10:56

4 in 10 German students don’t know what Auschwitz is – survey 28-09-2017 20:54

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Hyperbitcoinization? Bitcoin Trades At 85% Premium In Zimbabwe - Priced At $7,200 27-09-2017 13:57

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Did Trump Read 1984? He Woke Up the Proles by Slaying the NFL 27-09-2017 13:44

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‘Tell him France isn’t a monarchy’: Twitter mocks Macron over ‘elected king’ comment 27-09-2017 16:40

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Was Facebook Pressured Into Finding "Something" To Implicate Russia? 26-09-2017 22:00

Border Wall Prototype Construction Begins 26-09-2017 12:10

Donald Trump Deletes Tweets Supporting Luther Strange 26-09-2017 20:58

Russia to Focus on Blockchain in Future - Deputy Minister 26-09-2017 13:41

Files Show US Authorities Focusing on Antifa Instead of Far-Right Groups 26-09-2017 19:15

Coal Exports Banned? No Problem: North Korea Goes Bitcoin Mining 27-09-2017 02:28

France's Macron Seeks EU Joint Armed Forces 27-09-2017 06:10

Washington Abuses NSA Mass Surveillance Program to Maintain Global Power 27-09-2017 08:35

Stone Releases His Opening Statement Before House Intel Committee Appearance 25-09-2017 21:36

Google Search Results Appear Broken – Many Simple Queries No Longer Make Sense 25-09-2017 08:56

Abe Announces Japan Snap Election, Will Face New Challenger 25-09-2017 07:13

Russians & Chinese Are More Worried About 'Fake' Content Than Americans 25-09-2017 20:10

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months for Teen 'Sexting' 25-09-2017 17:56

AfG Accuses Mainstream Parties of Organizing Post-Election Protests 25-09-2017 19:03

An Insider's View Of The Bitcoinization Of Venezuela 24-09-2017 15:00

Trump Denies Knowledge Of Potential Assange Pardon 24-09-2017 20:33

Antifa activists protest in Germany as right-wing AfD enters parliament for 1st time (VIDEO) 24-09-2017 21:44

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Obama is Funding the Anti-Trump Resistance Through Massive Mortgage Money Shakedown 23-09-2017 13:13

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Trump Bars Breitbart From Alabama Rally As Feud With Bannon Escalates 23-09-2017 21:15

AfD Regional Leader Says Germany Should Leave EU, Balance Ties With Russia 23-09-2017 17:30

Social Media Becomes New China's Obsession 23-09-2017 21:47

Ecuador Prolongs Asylum for Wikileaks Founder Assange 24-09-2017 07:35

Who’s who: Federal election kicks off in Germany 24-09-2017 07:15

Florence & the MAY-chine? Britons ridicule PM’s Italy speech as Brexit hangs in the balance 22-09-2017 16:21

‘Bikinis & bees’: The worst and best of Germany’s political posters this election (PHOTOS) 23-09-2017 07:45

‘No trace of Russians’: US far-right aiming to influence German election, analysts say 21-09-2017 13:40

NATO is seeking to revive Сold War climate - Lavrov at UNGA 21-09-2017 18:37

Bitcoin sinking on concerns over Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown 22-09-2017 10:07

"Bitcoin Jesus" Says Another Network Split Is Coming In November 20-09-2017 19:55

Digital-Currency Milestone: Somebody Just Bought A House With Bitcoin 20-09-2017 21:55

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Wikileaks Publishes "Spy Files Russia" Detailing Russia's Mass Surveillance System 19-09-2017 10:48

Delingpole: Climate Alarmists Finally Admit ‘We Were Wrong About Global Warming’ 19-09-2017 06:23

Hungary Set for Fresh anti-Soros Blitz 19-09-2017 13:08

JPMorgan involved in bitcoin-related trading while boss calls it good for drug dealers & murderers 19-09-2017 09:51

BBC again accused of undermining Britain with anti-Brexit coverage 19-09-2017 15:49

Time to fix US-Russia relations, Trump’s speech ‘remarkable’ – Lavrov after talks with Tillerson 20-09-2017 00:19

"Most Draconian Measures Ever": China Expands Bitcoin Crackdown Beyond Exchange Trading 18-09-2017 08:13

UK Electoral Commission Suggests Banning Internet Trolls from Voting 18-09-2017 12:59

KASSAM: Theresa May Wants More Web Censorship Instead of Tackling THESE Real Migration Problems 18-09-2017 08:28

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Are Facebook And Google The New Colonial Powers? 18-09-2017 10:55

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EU Plan to Hike Taxes on Internet Giants Meets Resistance 17-09-2017 20:26

Hannity on Trump’s Reported Amnesty Cave: Must ‘Keep His Promise or It’s Over!’ 13-09-2017 22:24

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Protego 07-09-2017

Trump’s Historic Opportunity with the Federal Reserve 07-09-2017 11:01

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YouTube accused of CENSORSHIP over controversial new bid to ‘limit’ access to videos 02-09-2017 09:23

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‘Lost years’ & ‘stagnation’? Doubts linger as longtime leader Merkel on way to securing new term 02-09-2017 05:35

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Russian govt wants to protect public from bitcoin trading as it resembles ‘financial pyramid' 29-08-2017 09:25

‘Economic censorship’: YouTube bans advertisers from Ron Paul videos 29-08-2017 03:01

Vietnam Plans To Legalize Bitcoin By 2018 27-08-2017 21:30

Germany Shuts Down Major Alt-Left Extremist Website 27-08-2017 00:43

No regrets: Merkel defends open-door policy as election draws near 27-08-2017 18:26

EXCLUSIVE–‘Like the Last Scene of Star Wars’: Sebastian Gorka Compares Battle Against Globalist Cabal to Rebel Alliance Fighting Evil Empire 26-08-2017 21:09

Fed-Up Editor Goes Rogue at WSJ, Alters Front Page Story… Libs Furious 26-08-2017 03:29

In Furious Attack, Poland Slams "Arrogant" Macron, Says "You Won't Rule Europe" 25-08-2017 14:17

Disciplining the President: West Wing Gushes Leaked Details About How Aides Locking Down Information Flow, Controlling Donald Trump 25-08-2017 16:02

‘Troops don’t solve conflicts’: German opposition slams govt report on $25bn army deployments 26-08-2017 13:04

Senate Declares War On Assange 25-08-2017 01:38

Pamela Geller: Too Much Power over Free Speech in the Hands of a Small Number of Big Tech Companies 24-08-2017 08:26

ROGER STONE: Impeach Trump … GET READY FOR CIVIL WAR 24-08-2017 11:47

'Lying to Congress': Trump lashes out at former spymaster over CNN comments 24-08-2017 16:00

Civil war in Syria ‘de-facto over’ – Russian defense minister 24-08-2017 05:07

Germany ‘will not automatically side with US’ in war with N. Korea - Merkel 24-08-2017 10:59

EXCLUSIVE – NSA Whistleblower: Russia ‘Hack’ of DNC Server an ‘Outright Lie’ 23-08-2017 08:54

Exclusive — As Ethics Scandal Plagues Wire, Associated Press Files Official Government Request Digging for Dirt on Breitbart News 23-08-2017 11:24

Hallmark Channel Booming As Viewers Reject Anti-Trump TV 23-08-2017 15:09

Germany brings home gold reserves ahead of schedule 23-08-2017 17:14

Fake News: Reuters Issues Retraction after Labeling Antifa ‘Peace Activists’ 23-08-2017 17:56

DON’T MESS WITH REX: Tillerson’s STONE-COLD Ultimatum To Pakistan Will Have Them Breaking Out in Sweat 23-08-2017 20:33

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Could This be the Beginning of the End for Facebook? 22-08-2017 13:42

Zuckerburg Vows to Remove Any ‘Post That Promotes or Celebrates Hate Crimes’ from Facebook 21-08-2017 17:24

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Loneliness, Isolation Are Bigger Health Threats Than Obesity 22-08-2017 13:25

PayPal Bans Conservative Sites After Soros-Funded Group Attacks Them 21-08-2017 22:08

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It’s Time To Audit The Fed 21-08-2017 10:03

Pope says Migrants More Important than National Security 21-08-2017 18:11

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PM Medvedev closest to Putin in fresh rating of influential Russian politicians 21-08-2017 10:40

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‘Unchained’ Bannon Reveals He’s ‘Going To War’ After Leaving White House 18-08-2017 15:54

Trump Jr. Follows Julian Assange, Sparks Media Panic That A Presidential Pardon Is In The Works 18-08-2017 14:11

Bitcoin Cash Soars 70% Overnight Amid Bitcoin Uncertainty & China Crackdown 18-08-2017 13:26

Google Diversity Director Admits "Change Takes Time" After Female Employees Blast "Repressive Culture" 18-08-2017 15:55

Report: White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Out 18-08-2017 12:15

TRUMP STRIKES BACK: Last Night Trump Just Kept his BIGGEST Promise About China 19-08-2017 02:18

‘Shameful’ Theresa May rejects 9/11 survivors’ appeal to release Saudi Arabia terrorism report 18-08-2017 11:14

Krieger Warns "Nazi Fears & 'Hate Speech' Hysteria Are Being Amplified To Attack Civil Liberties" 17-08-2017 22:15

Expert: Skyrocketing Price of Bitcoin Likely to Undergo 'Tulip Mania' 17-08-2017 04:30

Leaked 2003 Zuckerberg IMs Show Sick Agenda From the Beginning 17-08-2017 06:08

Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down Secret Group Used By Pro-Trump Facebook Employees 16-08-2017 17:53

Why Elites Are Winning The War On Cash 16-08-2017 19:00

Why Was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour 'Political Activists' In Charlotte Last Week? 16-08-2017 16:45

Facebook Monitors User’s Phone Habits Using Free VPN App 16-08-2017 14:56

Germany to Introduce Gender-Neutral Urinals For Men & Women 16-08-2017 07:30

Charlottesville Staged Confrontation! 14-08-2017 11:55

Assange Denies Russian Involvement in DNC Email Leaks, Promises More Details 17-08-2017 08:38

EU Won't Hit US With Counter-Sanctions Despite Business Losses - Russian Envoy 17-08-2017 09:08

Russia cutting dependence on US dollar – economy minister 16-08-2017 14:01

JUSTICE IS SERVED: What The FBI Just Announced Has Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Sweating Bullets 15-08-2017 19:37

Washington and Beijing set up military dialogue mechanism to reduce ‘risk of miscalculations’ 15-08-2017 23:54

"The Real Flippening" - Bitcoin's Now Bigger Than Paypal 14-08-2017 15:30

4 Times Google Was Linked Directly to Hillary Clinton 14-08-2017 13:30

Merkel: UK’s Decision To Ban Diesel-Powered Vehicle Is The ‘Right Approach’ 14-08-2017 13:38

FBI Expands Hillary Clinton Email Investigation After Confidential Messages Discovered 13-08-2017 16:02

Merkel to UN: ‘European Union Can Take 40,000 More Migrants’ 13-08-2017 08:48

McMaster ‘Detonated’ Over Memo that Warned of Political Warfare Effort Against Trump 12-08-2017 18:59

Britain says Brexit talks should move to next phase, as ministers show unity 13-08-2017 10:56

Trump suspects Bannon of leaking, putting job in jeopardy 12-08-2017

Drudge Dumps Trump After Charlottesville Riots and Deadly Racist Attack 12-08-2017 21:00

Infowars Launches, Your New Source For Bombshell News 11-08-2017 16:43

YouTube’s ‘extremist-tackling’ technology misses mark by removing wrong content 13-08-2017 08:18

Alert: Google “Revising” History… Try Searching This US President 11-08-2017 14:55

Bitcoin hits all-time high of $3,550 on global exchanges 11-08-2017 17:08

US senators call on Trump not to sanction Venezuela oil imports 11-08-2017 10:22

Google’s Worst Nightmare 10-08-2017 11:02

Breaking: Trump Finally Makes His Move Against Hillary 09-08-2017 11:21

‘Censorship is for losers’: Assange offers fired Google engineer job at WikiLeaks 09-08-2017 22:53

‘€75,000 on one trip:’ Top EU officials under fire after info request reveals travel costs 10-08-2017 04:45

Leaked Memo: Soros-Funded Media Matters Is Working with Facebook and Twitter to Kill Pro-Trump Articles 08-08-2017 15:50

Russia Launches $100 Million Bitcoin-Mining Operation 09-08-2017 02:45