‘Link tax’ and death of memes? EU advances copyright controls

‘Link tax’ and death of memes? EU advances copyright controls

rt.com 21-06-2018 00:26

Memes banned. Remixes outlawed. Parody videos removed. Critics say this would be the outcome of the EU adopting two controversial copyright rules that were just approved in committee.

Wrecking Balls Hit Before The Collapse

‘Can’t work with this woman’: Key ally Seehofer reportedly jabs Merkel over migration

rt.com 17-06-2018 14:18

On the back of the latest round of fighting over illegal immigration, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of Bavaria’s CSU party reportedly castigated Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying he “can’t work with this woman anymore.”

Everything Trump is doing is a miracle, in mathematical terms, but will his luck continue into 2019?

leakslate.dk 13-06-2018 12:18

If just less than 80,000 Americans had decided not to vote for Trump anyway - or if an equal number of Americans had decided to vote for Hillary - we would all be in a quite different situation by now.

Full Text: Document Signed by President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un at Singapore Summit

breitbart.com 12-06-2018 00:02

The following is the full text of the document signed by President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday in Singapore, as retrieved from a photograph of the document as Trump held it up for the cameras, and cross-checked against a copy of the text as provided by the White House to reporters.

Kim Jong-un Invites Trump to Pyongyang for Second Round of Summit - Reports

sputniknews.com 11-06-2018 05:33

According to the South Korean media outlet, ahead of a historic summit in Singapore North Korean leader has invited US President Donald Trump to Pyongyang for the second round of summit in July.

Trump: Will know within "first minute" if North Korea is serious about giving up nukes

thehill.com 09-06-2018 10:37

President Trump said on Saturday that he is "confident" ahead of his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying he´ll rely on his intuition to determine if the leader is serious about denuclearization.


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Trump governmental/operations model for use by other countries

‘Incompetent enemies’: John McAfee blasts ‘poisoning’ attempt from his hospital bed (PHOTOS)
John McAfee says he has survived an attempt on his life after his “enemies” tried to poison him. The cybersecurity pioneer made the startling claim on Twitter and shared images of himself lying in a hospital bed covered in tubes.
rt.com 23-06-2018 11:17

John McAfee Will No Longer Promote ICOs, Cites ‘SEC Threats’
Anti-virus pioneer and crypto evangelist John McAfee tweeted that he will no longer work with initial coin offerings (ICOs) or promote them due to “threats” from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC declined to comment on his statement.
cointelegraph.com 20-06-2018 02:38

Crypto Not Scalable Enough to Be Money, Says Bank of International Settlements
The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has said that cryptocurrencies cannot scale to function as money, in a 24-page article published yesterday, June 17, as part of its annual economic report.
cointelegraph.com 18-06-2018 14:33

Gold Market Mulls Blockchain After Bitcoin Success
Sellers turn to blockchain technology for transactions: Some makers and sellers of gold coins and bars are turning to blockchain, the digital ledger that underpins bitcoin, hoping to add some cryptocurrency luster to bullion trading.
infowars.com 15-06-2018 12:00

Crypto Collapse Accelerates As Bitcoin Miners Turn Cashflow Negative
Another day, another leg lower in cryptocurrencies as FUD spreads, this time on the back of headlines exposing market manipulation during last year´s meltup and collapsing margins for miners as prices tumble below breakevens.
zerohedge.com 13-06-2018 12:35

Circle CEO at MoneyConf Dublin: "We Are at the Beginning of Tokenization of Everything"
Crypto and fintech conference MoneyConf in Dublin, Ireland continues today, June 13th, with a live-stream from Cointelegraph available to watch here.
cointelegraph.com 13-06-2018 14:59

"Capital-topia" - Tokenizing The World One Company At A Time
"With the advent of cryptocurrency’s explosion, it is now possible to bring access to capital to the small businesses that are the backbone of the US economy. The doors to capital open for these small businesses when the securities marketplace merges the JOBS Act with cryptocurrencies..."
zerohedge.com 11-06-2018 22:25



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Trump Franchise

Delingpole: Thirty Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Great Global Warming Scare

breitbart.com 23-06-2018 06:22

June 23 is the 30th anniversary of the great global warming scare.

"Tremendous Potential": Trump Says Peace Initiative with DPRK Already Paying Off

sputniknews.com 24-06-2018 08:07

US President Donald Trump said at the Nevada Republican Party state convention in Las Vegas that North Korea had "tremendous potential", two weeks after his recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

"Arrogant" Macron risks becoming "enemy No. 1" on migration for Italy – Rome

rt.com 23-06-2018 19:25

Top Italian officials lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron, who said migration pressure on Italy seriously dropped over the past year. Macron was branded “arrogant,” and risks becoming a top “enemy” to Rome on migration.

Italy´s Salvini: "We Need A Mass Cleansing, Street By Street, Quarter By Quarter" In The EU

zerohedge.com 22-06-2018 15:33

"...it will be decided within a year whether a united Europe still exists or not, whether the whole thing has no sense any more."

The "Murder" Of Julian Assange

zerohedge.com 23-06-2018 08:00

"Americans are largely blind to the war and financial crimes perpetuated in their name. Part of this is the result of indoctrination through propaganda media... Most don’t care Julian Assange is a dead man walking...They are unable to see the criminal state for what it is..."

Peter Strzok Subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee

breitbart.com 22-06-2018 16:08

House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte subpoenaed FBI agent Peter Strzok Friday — days after an attorney for the embattled investigator said he would testify voluntarily before Congress.

Gallup Poll: 62 Percent of Americans Believe Their News Is Biased

infowars.com 22-06-2018 12:00

Through a web survey of 1,440 U.S. adults, Gallup wanted to find out how much “problematic information” people find via T.V., newspapers, radio, and social media: In a recent follow-up survey about American views, Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation reported that Americans believe that 62 percent of “the news they read in newspapers, see on television or hear on the radio is biased.”

WikiLeaks Reposts ICE Employee Database Amid Separation Policy Scandal

sputniknews.com 22-06-2018 15:51

The database was allegedly compiled by a Twitter user, named Sam Lavigne and previously published on several platforms, such as Github and Medium, but was ultimately taken down by the sites.

Council of Europe Urges Hungary to Repeal Part of "Stop Soros" Bill Harming NGOs

sputniknews.com 22-06-2018 21:28

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe urged Hungary on Friday to repeal the key provision of the so-called Stop Soros initiative, Article 353A, as it criminalizes, among others, lawful help to migrants.

Clinton Slams Putin as "Leader of Movement That Wants to Break Up EU"

sputniknews.com 23-06-2018 02:40

Former Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin as a leader of a movement that seeks to break up the EU. The comment comes despite Moscow’s numerous statements that Russia wants to see the EU become a strong and independent partner.

"Leave" Supporters Rallying in UK While Johnson Calls for “Full British Brexit”

sputniknews.com 23-06-2018 15:20

Pro-Brexit supporters took to London streets Saturday for the UK Unity and Freedom march, demanding to "focus on freedom from the EU", The Guardian reported. The demonstration is expected to be opposed by a rival rally, backed by the George Soros-backed group "Best for Britain", which is calling for a second referendum.

Seehofer Warns Merkel Against Firing Him, Threatens Coalition´s Collapse

sputniknews.com 22-06-2018 11:55

Horst Seehofer, German Interior Minister and the head of Bavaria’s Christian Socialist Party (CSU) and Chancellor Angela Merkel have been engaged in a heated debate over the country’s migration policy.

Anti-U.S. Propaganda Has ‘Disappeared’ From North Korea, Tour Guides Say

infowars.com 20-06-2018 12:00

‘In five years working in North Korea, I’ve never seen them completely disappear before’: Anti-American propaganda has reportedly disappeared from North Korea following the summit between the two countries leaders in Singapore earlier this month.

"Refugee Is Not Forever": Ecuador FM Vows to Review Assange´s Asylum Status

sputniknews.com 21-06-2018 07:17

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - Ecuador’s new Foreign Minister Jose Valencia suggested Wednesday that asylum protections granted to fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could be overturned.

UK Worried NATO to be Hurt if Trump Meets Putin Before Bloc´s Summit – Reports

sputniknews.com 21-06-2018 10:02

US President Donald Trump may sit down for talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during his trip to Europe next month.

Circle closed: Merkel, Macron want EU border states to deal with refugees after quota system failure

rt.com 20-06-2018 20:19

With no end in sight to the EU refugee crisis, Berlin and Paris look to put the burden of dealing with asylum seekers on the countries where they first register. The seeming return to ‘old rules’ is poised to split Europe further.

Hungary approves ‘Stop Soros’ law criminalizing aid to illegal migrants

rt.com 20-06-2018 18:59

Hungary’s parliament has passed a law that could see anyone helping illegal immigrants claim asylum in the country imprisoned. The ‘Stop Soros’ law is named after Hungarian-born billionaire and open-borders advocate, George Soros.

Austria to join summit of central European Visegrad Group in Hungary

voiceofeurope.com 20-06-2018 11:51

A summit will be held on Thursday in Budapest with the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group (V4) and the Chancellor of Austria attending, the PM’s press chief said in a statement.

House GOP headed for showdown with DOJ over key documents

thehill.com 19-06-2018 06:00

House Republicans are barreling toward a dramatic showdown with top law enforcement officials after GOP leaders vowed to take action against the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI if they fail to comply with a subpoena request by the end of this week.

Drudge Warns: EU ‘Link Ban’ Could Kill Drudge Report, Internet Freedom

infowars.com 19-06-2018 12:00

EU’s Article 11 would ban fair use – and possibly even links to news stories: In 2015, Internet pioneer Matt Drudge warned that the establishment would try to ban links to news stories without paid permission from the site – and now the EU’s proposed Article 11 could do just that.

The Rise of Right-Wing Europe

infowars.com 19-06-2018 12:00

Europe’s image as a “progressive paradise” is fading away as a growing number reject globalism: Europe is embroiled in an ideological civil war; the survival of the continent and all of its cultures hang by a thread.

Will Hillary Be Jailed? How Republicans are Weaponizing Horowitz Report

sputniknews.com 19-06-2018 18:32

US policymakers on both sides of the political spectrum have weaponized Special Counsel Robert Mueller´s probe and Inspector General Michael Horowitz´s report in an ongoing battle for power. However, the political fight may become a detriment to the country´s national unity.

US Exit From UN Human Rights Council Shows Double Standards - Foreign Ministry

sputniknews.com 20-06-2018 13:15

Previously, Ambassador Nikki Haley stated that the US is withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council, as it is "not worthy of its name," also stressing that the organization is biased against Israel.

"Specter of Mussolini" evoked as Italy’s Salvini orders full census & expulsion of Roma ‘illegals’

rt.com 18-06-2018 22:53

Italy’s interior minister and leader of the right-wing Lega party, Matteo Salvini, has told his officials to “prepare a dossier” on the country’s Roma and plans to expel the undocumented among them. The move has provoked outrage.

‘Free Tommy’ protests: Letter urges people to ‘come together’ to defeat UK’s resurgent far-right

rt.com 20-06-2018 09:33

Protests surrounding the imprisonment of ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson have caused over 50 prominent figures to collectively voice their concerns in a letter to the Guardian, urging a “defence of our multicultural society.”



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